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Cocktail lounge: the consummation

lesbian Thehoncath 2018-12-04

Amy relaxed, pulling her red dress down, crossing her legs and making herself comfortable, as Cathy sat opposite. As Cathy leant over, her large breasts swung easily, free, fully visible to Amy, who found herself aching to touch them. She took Cathy's nipples between her fingers, twisiting them as she would with her own; gently at first, then harder. Cathy lowered the other strap of Amy's dress, biting her other nipple, leaving hickeys across Amy's smaller tits. Cathy's skilled fingers curled inside Amy's vulnerable cunt, caressing her velvet walls, fucking her hard. Amy moaned, blushing, feeling the fingers taking her hard. Cathy moved, getting Amy onto all fours, her dress up, her ass on show. Cathy obliged. Her fingers, wet with Amy's cunt cream, touched her dark star hole.

Cocktail lounge: the seduction

lesbian Thehoncath 2018-11-29

"No, Miss Cathy, I sure wouldn't." Lola's smile seemed aimed at Amy, who felt uneasy in her presence. "One of the things I teach girls is how to avoid women like Brenda." Even as Cathy spoke, Brenda was parting her legs, and from Amy's position, affording a view of her panties. Cathy smiled. "Let's see, you are red-faced, staring at her, and your nipples threaten to rip a hole in your top. The elevator opened - straight into Cathy's suite. Amy's first impressions were that it was huge, opulent, a bank of windows facing the city skyline, which twinkled in the dusk. Cathy touched her chin, looking at her. "I doubt it is only your nipples that are excited. Cathy looked hard at her, taking her finger and placing them under Amy's nose.

Light in Winter, part one: Call me Kate

lesbian Thehoncath 2018-11-29

Katherine Ann wrote well, and like my lost love, handled even bad things with a lightness of touch which spoke of a kind and caring heart. Katherine and I had been in constant touch since the funeral, and to my delight, she had filled me in on so many details of Kate's life; it was almost as though she was giving me back my lost love. "You have a lovely house, Cath, and I'm so happy you are sharing it with me." She smiled, that same broad grin which Kate had won my heart with. I felt her tongue playing with my clit, sending electric shocks through my body.

Controlled By My Cleaner 2

lesbian Thehoncath 2018-11-18

Most girls, finding their teacher answering the door in a maid's outfit, with mussed up make up and a strong smell of cunt, would have been taken aback – but not Jordan: "Can we come in miss?" And with that, she and her mum came through into the sitting room. From the bathroom came the voice of Ella: "Who was that, slut?" A wicked glint came into Jordan's eye, and I swear she licked her lips; the woman I took to be her mother (but, as it turned out was her step-mum) looked at me with what I can only describe as lust.

Spa day - with a difference

lesbian Thehoncath 2018-11-11

Miss Cath was a medium-sized brunette in a white tee-shirt (which, Belle noted, showed off her boobs to some advantage) and a short tennis skirt, which performed the same function for her legs. "Fine," said Belle, her breasts swaying as she walked to the opulent-looking shower room, which seemed more like a suite, with benches, hoses and goodness knows what else. "Let Bertha take the strain, Belle, she will take care of all your needs." Cath was smiling. "Your ass needs cleaning too, my dear." Cath explained, as Belle felt the nozzle of the enema machine enter her asshole. Suddenly, Belle felt Bertha's hands wiping her ass as though she was a little girl. As she pressed the girl-cock in, Belle moaned, or at least, that's what it sounded like, Cath thought.

Controlled by my cleaner

lesbian Thehoncath 2018-10-31

She was five foot nine, with good legs herself, most of which were on show as she was wearing her normal cleaning gear of blue denim shorts and a yellow teeshirt, her hair wrapped in a headscarf; she looked at me, hard.  She was my cleaner, a young Polish immigrant on minimum wage, whilst I was a deputy head teacher at a girls' public school from, if I said so myself, an upper-class background; why was I even having a conversation with such a woman? Come to that, why was my stomach doing somersaults, and why was I so tongue-tied; and why was she smiling that superior smile? I realised, suddenly, my position; here I was, standing in front of my cleaner, calling her my "mistress" and stripping to my bra, and now, with my skirt off, my knickers and tights.

Controlled by my cleaner 3

lesbian Thehoncath 2018-10-30

"I think she's liking this ladies, her clitty is sticking out, look." Ella opened my lips, parting them so that Jordan and Anna could see - my labia peeled back to expose my arousal to my pupil and her mother. "Come on girls, plenty of time for that later, but we have business to deal with first - and before you get any ideas, Ella, cross me and you'll have a sore arse, as Jordan will tell you." Anna's voice had an edge to it "Right ladies, stand away, she's going to have her arse spanked." And with that, Sylvie's hand came down hard on both cheeks.

Wife and Lover

lesbian Thehoncath 2018-03-01

It was typical of Kitty that she boldly went up the Kate, sat next to her and turning toward her and smiling, said: As Kitty caressed her nipples with her mouth, slowly stretching them, and flicking them with her tongue, Kate's moans grew louder and more insistent, Leaving a finger playing with her left nipple, Kitty slipped down between Kate's open thighs. Kitty licked along the inside of Kate's thighs, inhaling her scent, her fingers rolling on a nipple. My teeth went back to grazing Kate's nipples, but looking down as I sucked on them, I could see Kitty's blonde head bobbing as she sucked.