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Todd Webley

Free erotic stories by Todd Webley on AdultRead

Angels and Unicorns

bdsm Todd Webley 2018-07-02

Matt handed Angela two smaller straps which looked like short dog collars. Matt and Tim stood either side of Sampson, they took the front two straps which were hanging from the pack saddle and fed them through loops on the side of Angela's chest belt. Matt and Tim fed the rear two straps which hung from the pack saddle through loops on the side of Angela's waist belt. Matt and Tim then attempted to pull each of the front and rear straps in turn so Angela would slide up and down along the length of Sampson's belly. As had happened yesterday Matt and Tim lifted Angela up under Sampson and buckled her into place.

Angels and Unicorns 2: Todd Returns

bdsm Todd Webley 2018-07-01

We haven't spoken since last summer." Angela was treating me like a long lost friend even though I had only met her a few times over the three days I spent at the farm. "Most of them sent photos of themselves sitting on huge things to show they were capable of taking him." Matt had an expression on his face a little like Angela did when she was telling me about Sampson pissing inside her. He was carrying a large bundle of leather straps which looked very like the harness set Angela and Sampson were wearing. Matt replied "Yeah she'd catch hypothermia if we left her out there all day." Then turning to me "We only have one coat and it's designed to fit Sampson and Angela.

Real Life Restraint: Rachael

bdsm Todd Webley 2018-03-24

Judging by the sudden wide eyed facial expressions and tight lipped muffled squealing noises, it was obvious that nipple stretching was very painful for Ray. However, it never stopped us completing sex. Even before I got the chance to read any literature to inform me of how anal sex worked I knew the anus had to be involved in sexual pleasure. I know someone will ask, "What does it feel like to have a three inch wide bottle inserted in your anus?" It's quite difficult to describe. Due to my years of experimenting with my own anus I knew that it was very possible to have anal sex without any pain.

Real Life Restraint: Tanya

bdsm Todd Webley 2018-01-06

I had been through some black times in my life, this wasn't the worst, but if things didn't look up soon, it was going to be. She said she had read my advert and that she was 27 years old, lived in the same town I did, liked BDSM, was submissive in character and hoped I would like to reply to her. Tanya drank every drop and as I pulled out of her mouth she looked back down at the table and resumed her position. I asked him if he worked with a girl called Tanya and he said he didn't any more as she had moved to another state with her boyfriend and was planning to get married.