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Free erotic stories by Torquatus on AdultRead

Pure Filth! Part Three

bdsm Torquatus 2018-11-25

She—playing the role of Artemesia, her dark alter-ego—had insisted that it was time to open up the Brandon-Alana couple and to include others in their love-making. While Kevin prattled on, Brandon could hear the licking and groaning sounds of Alana preparing Omar’s and Robert’s cocks. With very few words—these guys had been a team before—the three of them lifted and arranged Alana, so that Kevin was under her on the carpet, with his cock in her rear hole, and Robert lay on top of her, with his erection sliding easily into her vagina. Omar pulled his cock out of Alana’s mouth, shooting arcs of white from his black cock onto her breasts and her belly and at that moment Brandon groaned and fell forward onto his wife as he discharged deep inside.

Pure Filth! Part Four

bdsm Torquatus 2018-11-25

“It’s sweet of you to come,” said Alana as she embraced Liz, kissing her on the cheek and then admiring Liz’s long gold-chain earrings, each with a tiny ball of jade at the end. After a while, Liz said, “Of course, I’ve always thought that once in my life, with the right people, I would want to try something like that. And, on top of that, Alana realized that her slight, very slight, jealousy of her husband’s co-worker, would be well served by making Liz look like a cheap slut, down at the heels, and ready to pose for porn. “Sweet little Liz,” Alana said soothingly, whispering, “you are my fuck-toy now.

Pure Filth! Part One

bdsm Torquatus 2018-11-17

As he grasped his shriveling cock in his ice-cold hand, he watched his wife walk towards him in her blue and white halter-top sundress, her sandals clicking on the vinyl floor tiles, her natural light blond hair brushing her bare tanned shoulders. In the next few days, every time that Brandon came home from work there seemed to be new cartons of things delivered by UPS or FedEx. He helped Alana by taking them down to the basement, to a large unfinished area that they were thinking of making into a recreation/exercise room. Just after he watched Rod and Sean finish off by masturbating and sending most of their foamy loads into the blonde wife’s mouth and the rest onto her face, hair, and breasts, Artemesia stepped between Brandon and the screen.

Rear Window

voyeur Torquatus 2018-11-08

In videos, George enjoyed very much seeing a girl’s fine hand press against the crotch of her partner’s panties, making a patch of damp appear. Down below, thankfully, the boy sucking had released the cock from his mouth, and shifted so that George could see his tongue flicking against the cockhead. While he continued to stroke with his right hand, George put his left index finger to the very tip of his glans and brought it, coated with pre-cum, to his own tongue. Much better, George could be on his knees between them, alternating between them both, sucking the brown-haired boy’s testicles into his mouth and then the blond’s, comparing them.

Bookstore Secret

gay-male Torquatus 2018-11-01

There was no one around, and I happened to pick up a large handsome book that turned out to be filled with pictures of naked men in hard-core sexual action, man on man, sometimes in groups. It was second-hand and not really expensive for something so beautiful, but the embarrassment of taking it to the cash register and especially of waiting in line holding such a large book that was so obviously…well, homoerotic…just was not thinkable. “That’s a beauty,” he was saying, “I love the way the head is just starting to push its way into the mouth, and you can see that little drop of pre-cum on the lips…”

Meeting Greta

lesbian Torquatus 2018-10-30

The water felt just right, so warm, and Greta's hands were gentle and firm at the same time. I bent my head forward and took her left nipple into my mouth, at first just lightly, feeling its sheer size against my lips. Greta put both her hands on my shoulders caressingly. I sucked the nipple into my mouth and at the same time flicked my tongue against the tip. My left hand was on Greta's right breast, and my right hand went down between my own legs, pushing against my swelling clit. When we got down to just our panties I knelt and pressed my whole face against the wet cotton, rubbing myself crazily against her sex, even masturbating her with my nose against her big, hard clit!