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Free erotic stories by Trainman2k on AdultRead

My Pleasure Is You

mastrubation Trainman2k 2018-11-27

You glance back down and see me still slowly stroking and rubbing my finger over the fat flange of my rock hard pole and know that I am working myself very near to orgasm. As you listen to me coax my balls closer and closer to forcing their load out in what you know will be several forceful and massive gushes, you slip your finger into your wetness and tease your hard clit. Seeing the load of cum I had discharged made you wish it was at least going in your throat, but you were pleased as you looked again at the monitor and saw the cum covered picture displayed there.

Springtime In Pennsylvania

mature Trainman2k 2018-11-27

She was done mowing by the time I had trimmed the length of the driveway and as I turned around to walk back to the garage, my eyes ran across her yard and devoured her body with a lust for the flesh she so graciously exposed. I remember her asking me something about one of the shrubs in our yard, and a bit of the walk down the driveway with her beside me, but my most vivid memories are of what happened after we got to my house. It was indescribable, the sensation of the cold beer, her soft lips, and warm tongue, all injecting intense pleasure into my body.

Vivacious Vixens

group Trainman2k 2018-11-17

My cock has been wanting you again for a long time, and having Wendy here with us is an even sweeter icing on the proverbial cake. "Give me your answer, NOW!" I say in Wendy's ear with firmness again in my voice as I grab her long hair and pull her head back. "I better feel your tongue on my balls, Wendy!" I proclaim as I begin pumping back and forth in your ass. Pounding you mercilessly I feel Wendy licking my balls several times as they swing rapidly back and forth above her. My time for resisting has passed and so I pull my cock out and unload by sliding the tip of my cock up and down between your ass cheeks while Wendy licks at my rapidly emptying sac.

Young Blood Runs The Hottest - Part II

anal Trainman2k 2018-11-04

Having been holding onto her hips, I leaned over her a bit and slid my hand around her, not stopping until my fingers were stroking over her hard little clit. ""My God that was incredible!" she finally said as I continued enjoying having my softening erection being fondled by her inner muscles and the soft flesh of her ass cheeks. Watching her walk away in the dim moonlight, those long, smooth, perfectly tapered legs that formed one of the most incredible asses I've ever enjoyed, made me wish the night was just beginning. Pausing only long enough to tell her to get on her knees, I soon had my face pressing hard against the back of her thighs as my lips and tongue exploded with the fury of a wild animal attacking her young pussy.

I Receive The Ultimate Gift

first-time Trainman2k 2018-11-02

Maybe it was the wine, or the mental closeness I felt with you, or the physical desire to enjoy your body, but something made me start spilling out a confession like I was a chicken-shit mobster being interrogated by the cops. There was one part of me that had more quickly awakened; which was a fact I was oblivious to until I stood up and felt it's familiar straining as it pushed against the fleece of my sweats Instantly I knew that you couldn't have helped but seen the tent pole I surely made with my erection pointing straight upward under my sweats as you walked up to the sofa. We continue to explore and enjoy each other and I soon feel my hot flesh pressing through your silk doorway to the untouched heaven I have dreamed of for so long.

A Blunder Leads To Bliss

group Trainman2k 2018-11-01

"I'm Wanda's sister, Wendy," she said as she slid her chair over and offered me a place between her and the lady that had just moments before been rooting for my ass to be relocated somewhere above my shoulders. With nothing to say as a response to Sue, I turned to Wendy and asked if she knew whether or not Wanda was going to be here tonight. When it came time that we had to leave, I heard Wendy ask Sue if there was any place open where we could go for some cheesecake. You remember the rule, don't ya Mister Commando Man?" Sue asked me, obviously thinking I was trying to bullshit my way into Wendy's pants.