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How I Earned My Place in the World

bdsm WillieTurner 2018-08-09

As she was untying me, Cheryl asked me a most surprising question, "Tell me, what do you want out of this relationship? Noticing my failing erection, Cheryl took my penis in her right hand and stroked it gently, "lay down." she said. "I've been thinking along similar lines." Cheryl said softly, "I'm pretty sure I love you about as much as you love me, and I wanted to make sure how you felt about it!" Because of our concentration we didn't hear Karen, one of Cheryl's friends I didn't know very well, come up on us. Cheryl turned towards Karen, smiling, "It's pretty simple, really, you make your boyfriend understand that if he wants any sex, he has to do anything you want!"

A Cousin's Love

bdsm WillieTurner 2018-08-03

Lori slapped me hard across the face, "I said, Put down my shoes, remove your clothes, and submit to a sound spanking! Lori's voice was very gentle, as she took hold of my penis, and stroked it between the bars of the cage, one, two, three times, and then gently pulled it down between her knees so that I was bent over her lap with my butt in the air, "On some level, Bobby, you know you deserve this spanking, that you need this spanking to make things right between us." I wanted to say, "Yes, Lori", but she had told me to shut up,and I didn't know if I could talk, or not.

Short Takes

bdsm WillieTurner 2018-05-24

Janet was proud of the care with which she had trained him in the appropriate social graces for male slaves. Janet called the boy back into the living room, and ordered him to use display #6, which required him to lie on his back, fully erect, with his head at her feet. Janet looked down at the slave who not had not been given permission to rise and was laying there with his dick fully erect and with his face displaying some confusion. Once the paperwork was done, the strange woman pulled what appeared to be a well worn collar and leash out of her oversized purse put it on the boy and led him out the door while he sobbed in confusion.

A Change in Our Relationship

fetish WillieTurner 2018-05-19

I pulled away from Charlie and stood up, my left foot trapping his erect penis to the floor. "You are my Slave, are you not?" I asked as I moved my foot from his erect penis. "No" I said, "We both expect you to obey me at all times whether you are in slave mode or not. "And that makes you my obedient husband, but a slave has no right of refusal. If he refuses to obey her, if he is no longer able to meet her needs, their relationship is over, and the slave must eventually be discarded." Charlie began to tear up, "Mistress, I have been your slave from about the second week I met you, whether you knew it, or not.

During the Blizzard

bdsm WillieTurner 2018-04-26

"No!" I said, "I love it when you tie me up and ride my face like that." "Well," she said, "it just so happens that I love tying you up and riding your face like that just as much as you do!" She noticed and smiled at me, "I like even more, that I know I can tie you up and sit on your face whenever I want!" This time instead of the sweet young woman in love, I saw a huntress examining her prey, "I think you know the answer to that question, don't you?" "And you know, we BOTH like it when you come big, don't you?" "Good Boy!" was all she said, as she set about to fuck me hard.

The Benefits of Winning

bdsm WillieTurner 2017-11-27

"Yes" she said, "But when I win, you have to admit you LIKE being my pussy whipped boy, and as long as we are together you have to do whatever I want, and not just during sex, either. "Well" she said, "If I agree to let you be my slave, that means the contest ends immediately, and you will spend our time as a couple doing whatever I tell you to do, including any oral clean-up after I fuck you. She untied his hands from the head board and then tied his arms behind his back, before she sat in her desk chair across from the bed on which he was lying, "No orgasms for you until you clean me thoroughly with your mouth, you got me so wet, it's dripped down my leg, so you will start at my feet and work your way to my pussy."

My Long Night Ch. 01

bdsm WillieTurner 2017-10-13

Sharon sat at one end of the sofa in the Living room with her long, slender legs stretched out along it; her feet bare, except for her stockings. After a short period of time, Sharon draped her left leg over my neck and shoulders and said, "These are new stockings, maybe you should remove them." After I removed the first stocking completely, Sharon said, "Do you want to sniff them?" Apparently, I smiled lovingly at her a bit too long, because Sharon said gently, "Don't you have a job to do?" I reverently raised her bare foot to my mouth and kissed the underside of her toes "Sorry!" I said and then began to massage her feet with a bit more vigor.