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The Game

bdsm XVX 2017-12-21

That and where ever she was damm cold. She stood in a white room with a molded white table and chair that looked like part of the floor. One end had a computer screen with one green and one red buttons under it. The other end had a series of red drawers. The screen beeped. Its cold in here” She tried to open the drawers. No answer and the screen beeped. She tried to find a door or any means of escape. Let me call him and he can pay your ransom.” Again the screen beeped. Her father and her where on the outs. The screen beeped when she finished speaking every time. She stared at the screen.

The Dip

bdsm XVX 2017-10-14

The company was going to farm out some samples and run sea trails to test on Petrolox. In fact Petrolox development was going to be on hold until her return. Then a sinking feeling and then back up like she was bobbing in the water. You stole Petrolox from me but I was going to have it absorb water like a sponge for water tight ships and sewers. Rhonda was not going to give in to Julie yet. “If I am going to be like this for a year. It’s going to slowly leech the water from your skin. “I hope you like a freshing dip.” Said Julie. “Because this is the last thing you going to feel for a very long time.