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Office Stalking

lesbian YourSexiLexi 2018-12-01

I walked over to the drawers she was looking at and was pleasantly aroused to learn that Erica wore size 36DD bras, and apparently XS panties. I quickly purchased them and headed home, the whole time dreaming of what Erica would look like wearing the bra and thong I purchased. Curious, I casually walked over to her cubicle, and found the post-it notes spelled out "Y-E-S-!" I nearly had an orgasm right there, until I was suddenly struck with the thought that I would finally have to reveal myself has Erica's secret admirer. "By then, I knew the extent of your fantasies about me, wanting to see me naked and wondering if my pussy was shaved and all, so I decided to see how far you might be willing to take things.

Office Stalking - ch.2

bdsm YourSexiLexi 2018-11-17

Erica continued, "Now, my lovely pet, I want you to sit on the floor in front of that toilet, spread your legs and masturbate. You are not leaving this bathroom until you have an orgasm and there's no telling who may come in before you're done." Erica lifted herself up onto the sink counter and crossed her legs, watching me. I closed my eyes and began to twist and pull my nipples with my left hand as my right hand continued to pump my fingers in and out of my now sopping pussy. I allowed myself to think it was Erica's hands playing with me which, surprisingly, was easier than I thought. Sensing my orgasm was near, I slid a third finger into my pussy and began to roughly play with my breasts.

Office Stalking - ch. 3

bdsm YourSexiLexi 2018-11-08

Erica walked me to the passenger side of her SUV and tied the leash off on the side view mirror, then she went to the rear of the vehicle, lifting the tailgate. Once the hatch was closed, I slid Erica's keys into my drenched pussy, secured the cuffs around my ankles and then my wrists, leaving me on my knees, arms spread above my head, facing the hatch of the SUV. I noticed, as Erica climbed in the SUV to unlock the cuffs around my wrists and ankles that she had changed her clothes and was now wearing a black silk robe with a pair of heeled slippers.