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Renee's Internship

mastrubation _O2_ 2018-12-04

I'm sure we can dream up some yummy experiments for us both to try.” Lauren had a gleam in her eye as she said that, knowing Renee didn't have a clue what she was alluding to. Lauren took her time getting ready for bed, the thoughts she'd had all day about Renee raced through her mind. It wasn't long before Renee's light was extinguished and Lauren heard faint snoring coming from the young woman's room. In her mind, Renee would at first be shocked by Lauren writhing on the bed, the blue toy working its magic between her legs, then a smile would replace the shocked expression as she walked towards Lauren to join her in achieving that blissful state.

A Week to Remember

voyeur _O2_ 2018-12-04

Vicki took Cherise's hand and pulled her somewhat reluctantly to a chair that Susan had managed to sneak out to the middle of the room. She told my daughter her she was going to get even, but Susan just doubled over laughing as Debbie began removing her chaps and shaking her ass in front of Cherise. Susan and Cherise walked them to the door while Vicki and Debbie stood around waiting. I could hear Debbie's encouragement, "That’s it, baby,” then a long pause, “suck mommy's boobs,” a moan then, “you're such a good little girl,” then finally, “mommy likes that." One arm left Susan's shoulder so Debbie could caress my girl's hair and gently stroke her face as she nursed her little heart out, smiling the entire time.

Chatters Anonymous

humor _O2_ 2018-11-28

My wife and I had been married almost twenty years at the time. My darling wife, Laurie pretty much lost interest in sex over the last five years of our marriage. I ventured into chat rooms, found social networking sites, made some online friends and discovered cyber sex. I put off meeting Susan until one Saturday in May. We met at one of the local malls that my wife didn't frequent. I introduced Susan telling Laurie she was one of my online friends. Laurie was nice and joined us for another thirty minutes picking Susan's brain about things we talked about and some details about herself. They talked when I wasn't around, discovering intimacies about each other like Susan and I had done.

The House Sitter Chapter 4

group _O2_ 2018-11-28

Dave held the door open watching Lani and Karen talk. Karen sat down at the kitchen table sipping her wine and thinking about after dinner along with what Lani had said. Finally, Dave just sat at Karen's side facing Lani after the two women took their seats in each lounger. Dave managed to get himself undressed while watching the love of his life and Lani kiss, moan, and gently sway back and forth, completing the dance imagery. Karen grinned watching Lani carefully get on the bed, turn her back to Dave and straddle him. Lani wanted to show her what she had learned making love to Sam. She didn't mention anything thinking it might be a bit too kinky for them to hear.

Montana to L.A. Chapter 4

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-27

Kelsey and Janelle slipped out of their clothes and swam for a bit while Emma and Jordan talked. Jordan having finished being soaped down by Janelle returned the gentle bump to Kelsey knocking her from the water. They were facing Janelle talking; Jordan took the hint bumping Kelsey back to the delight of Janelle who stood there holding the washcloth full of body gel, watching as the girls bumped each other back and forth. Donny managed to look over at the ladies briefly and Janelle thought she saw Kelsey smile back at him out of the corner of her eye. Emma having finished brushing her teeth slipped her hands around Jordan's waist as she peeked over her shoulder into the mirror, “I like how you introduced me as your girlfriend to your old high school friend.”

My Camping Trip

group _O2_ 2018-11-26

“Yes, we went down to the pond just after lunch and had a nice swim.” Cherise smiled as she pulled Sandy a bit closer. The girls looked a bit worried as the coyotes let out different cries, trying to locate each other for the evening hunt. If I didn’t know better I’d have sworn, Cherise hugged me just a bit longer than Sandy. Cherise showed off the main course, “We wanted to thank you properly for being such a good neighbor last night, Jay.” Sandy, not wanting to miss what Cherise had discovered, turned so her sweet pussy was directly over my anxious mouth. Cherise would pause from sucking on me and take a moment to suckle Sandy's nipples while stroking me with her hand.

My Aunt Barb Chapter 4

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-23

When Barb moved to Portland I had no idea my life would undergo such a dramatic change. The slight intoxication I felt with the wine had been replaced with an intense feeling of desire to please the woman who now lay naked next to me. My tongue, along with my finger worked inside her like two pistons in a well-oiled machine. I lay there, my face between her legs, cheeks drenched in her sweetness, gently licking and kissing her pussy. After Ping left, I sat down and had a long talk with Barb. Barb gave me a ride home and I spent the rest of the weekend pondering how I was going to deal with Michael.

The House Sitter Chapter 1

first-time _O2_ 2018-11-22

Dave let Samantha and Lani know Karen would be a few minutes, suggesting that they check up on the dogs who could be heard but not seen. Lani smiled after looking to see what Samantha was doing, she noticed some slight tan lines around Samantha’s breasts and smiled to herself. “You have nice boobs too girl, I know some who wouldn’t mind having those.” Karen reveled in the way Lani made love to her breasts, it didn’t feel odd at all having this beautiful young woman enjoying her body the way she was. Lani had offered her the couch if they over indulged, which both Karen and Dave liked hearing since they didn’t want Samantha drinking and driving.

A Week to Remember Part 2

group _O2_ 2018-11-22

When they returned we sat around talking about the wedding, Susan's work schedule, and things they would like for dinner the following week. They each in turn kissed me good bye, Cherise planting a sloppy one on my lips before heading out while Susan was putting the finishing touches on her pretty face. Cherise snuggled closer to me, whispering in my ear, “It's okay daddy, Susan and I set this up because we love you.” I know it's naughty but you're so good to Cherise and me, well, we thought you'd enjoy this after what you saw on Friday night.” Cherise waiting until Susan was in place, watched as my darling step-daughter began moving up and down me.

Renee's Internship Part 2

mastrubation _O2_ 2018-11-22

“Well, in lieu of that “other” release, I work out.” Lauren looked for Renee's reaction hoping her hint wasn't too crude. “Thanks, I'll figure something out.” Renee walked to the gym fridge, grabbed a bottled water, picked up the remote, selected some music then began her treadmill session. After roughly thirty minutes Lauren walked past Renee, smiling as she did reminding her she'd be in the sauna. Renee took a spot close to Lauren, blushing a bit more as she loosened her wrap, laying it on the bench then sitting down. With that, Lauren began working her fingers over Renee's leg, kneading the muscle in one direction then another. “Do you mind me going a bit further than I was supposed to?” Lauren asked, this time more like a whisper.

The House Sitter: Chapter 2

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-20

She stood under the shower head letting the warm water cascade down her body, eyes closed enjoying how it felt. Lani then kissed her way up the inside of Samantha's thigh skimming over the swollen moist lips, pausing to blow her warm breath on them. Samantha closed her eyes deciding to enjoy rather than fight the notion in her mind, Lani felt good down there, deep inside Samantha knew this was right. Samantha pressed her head deeper into the pillows, her hands wandering over herself, massaging her breasts, her tummy and eventually slipping her fingers through Lani's damp locks, attempting to steer Lani to her spot. Samantha brushing Lani's cold wet hair back from her face gently kissing her, their eyes glossed over with a combination of love and lust.

Montana to L.A. Chapter 2

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-20

Jordan and Emma were in the shallow end talking when Janelle and Kelsey walked out. “Shall we?” Emma asked while she took her hand leading Jordan out of the water to join Kelsey and Janelle. After a few minutes, which seemed like an eternity to Kelsey, Emma grasped Jordan's hands as they talked. Janelle thought about moving, but it had been a long time since she felt another woman or girl against her, so she just let Kelsey enjoy. Think of Emma, how she kissed you, what she looked like, then do whatever you want that feels good.” Janelle turned on her side to face Jordan, her breasts brushing against the young woman felt good.

The Cruise Singer Part 4

group _O2_ 2018-11-19

Amanda arched her head back letting her hair dangle as Monique kissed her bare skin down to her lower back. Monique cupped Amanda's face with her hands, looked deep into my wife's eyes. I lay there hoping not to go off in their hands when Amanda took a break from tongue wrestling Monique to suggest to her she ride me. When Amanda had finished Monique grinned as they both slipped off the bed to remove their panties, leaving their stockings on. Monique saw Amanda's reaction and moved up the bed to kiss her. We could both feel Amanda getting close to her climax so Monique went back to kissing her with more enthusiasm if that were possible.

The Awakening Part 2

mastrubation _O2_ 2018-11-18

Laura gently pushed one finger between her lips as she visualized herself kissing Susan knowing Julie was probably doing the same thing. The two women lay there smiling in each other's arms as she spoke, "Well, I guess things went okay?" Susan and Julie looked at each other and giggled. A quick thought about having Rachel as a lover flashed through Laura's mind, as she looked Julie in the eyes. Laura has told me so much about you and Julie I feel like I know both of you,” she said as she held Becky's hand with both of hers. Susan followed Laura taking one last look as Becky's shapely rear end and lovely nylon covered legs went to change into something less formal.

Winter Love Part 4

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-17

“This is Julia’s idea, Leslie; I don’t have to stay if you don’t want me to.” Maddie looked past Leslie to Julia to help ease the situation. Leslie slowly turned to face Julia, looking her in the eyes with a love she had never thought possible. Maddie closed her eyes and sighed with delight as Leslie slipped her tongue over her deep pink areola, slowly tracing it with the tip of her tongue. Leslie continued focusing on Maddie’s breasts; she began by slipping her mouth from breast to breast, enjoying the feel of the young woman’s skin on her lips and tongue. Once Maddie caught her breath, she thanked Julia and Leslie, motioning them both to hug and kiss her.

Montana to L.A. Chapter 1

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-17

Janelle’s visits seemed like Christmas to Jordan and Kelsey, complete with presents and stories of her life in L.A. Diane in turn sent pictures of the girls’ birthdays, parties and their vacations to keep their “aunt” updated. Janelle told Dave that the girls both thought a trip to Los Angeles would be fun; something their mother had wanted them to do but never had the chance. Jordan felt a bit guilty buying the clothes also but rationalized to Kelsey that Janelle had the money and if she didn't want to spend it, she would have said something. After dinner when they were relaxing by the pool, Jordan waited until Kelsey went to bed before asking Janelle about the night before.

Montana to L.A. Chapter 3

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-16

“So, what you're saying is we're all to blame for this little love triangle?” Janelle stopped crying as she looked at each of the girls in turn. “I want to spend time with Emma,” Jordan said taking a stand to see if Janelle would fudge on her position. Jordan closed her eyes, waiting to be taken; the softness of Emma's kisses soothed and excited her at the same time. Jordan caught her breath, turned to face Emma, “I think I love you.” When Emma had calmed enough to talk in complete sentences Jordan guided her love back to the stable and an anxious Maggie. Jordan took the lead, turning Emma's face to hers outside the shower's flow.

Renee's Internship Part 3

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-14

What she saw pleased her, Renee was busy working, talking with the staff and fitting in like Lauren had hoped. After her hug and a kiss on Lauren's lips, she turned to Renee with a gleam in her eye sizing up the lovely young woman. Renee was enjoying Devina's undivided attention; her hands seemed to spend a lot more time on her since Lauren had left for the restaurant. She knew Lauren wouldn't be back for a couple of hours and the vibes she'd felt from Renee during their time alone were now being explored to their fullest. Devina shifted her weight placing Renee against the shower wall, her hands exploring the girl’s firm curves as they breathed into each other’s mouth.

The Cruise Singer Part Deux

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-12

Monique walked over to her, placing her hands lightly on Amanda's cheeks she tilted the woman's face to look at her own. Amanda's anticipation grew, licking her lips as she watched Monique tease her she patted the bed wanting her lover to hurry and join her. Looking up and down her naked body Amanda smiled to herself debating whether to wait until Monique woke or to gently bring her back by starting another love making session. They talked about quite a few things including Jay. Monique was slowly convincing Amanda that including him in their love making would actually smooth over any rough edges or bad feelings on his part.

Self Employment Perks

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-11

I wondered if she had implants but didn’t have the nerve to ask, her breasts seemed a bit too large for her body shape and size. She smiled looking me up and down, “Hello Marla, I’m Yvette nice to meet you.” She extended her well manicured nails to shake my hand. Looking down as I followed her, I enjoyed the way her cheeks moved in those tight jeans, I was hoping she didn’t notice my gawking at her rear as we headed through the house to the backyard. She looked exactly like a stripper from the Sopranos TV show, long sensuous legs, her calves accented by her shoes, firm large round breasts that begged for attention.

Renee's Internship Part 4

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-09

She'd thought about altering Renee's routine at work and this would be a good time to discuss how things were going and if her intern was getting what she needed from the experience. Renee closed her eyes, a shiver shot through her as Lauren kissed and massaged her body with her own. Soon they would have their talk regarding their new roles as intern and mistress, the thought pleased Lauren in a multitude of ways and it also scared her slightly that she might fall in love with Renee, something she had never contemplated with any of the others. Renee paused between suckles, looking up at Lauren who was enjoying her attention she asked, “Am I your baby girl, Mistress?”

The Cruise Singer Part 3

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-09

Amanda stood motionless alternating between looking at Monique and closing her eyes as Evette continued her delicate task. Monique kneeled next to them on the floor, taking the penis in her hand she helped guide Amanda between Evette's legs. Evette smiled, dropping her head back onto the bed she moaned as Amanda slipped the long black plastic penis into her. Evette wrapped her legs around Amanda holding her in place, no broken English now all her words were in French which Monique translated for her lover. Evette's reactions were similar, her tight muscles contracted as she fell back on the bed, her head nearly hitting the sprawled body of Monique who was laying perpendicular to the lovers, lost in her own orgasmic cloud.

Ms. Danielle's Finishing School Part 2

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-03

"You have a mean backhand Ms. Clisson; you earned those points," Michelle replied, not looking at either Veronica or Emily directly. Danielle placed her hand on Veronica's and smiled while the waiter set their dinner salads down and brought another round of martinis. While Danielle and Veronica sat at the country club having dinner, Emily and Michelle were having their own "first date". Michelle was about to introduce Emily when both Veronica and Danielle sat upright flinging the covers off them both. Danielle slid closer to Veronica and wrapped her arm around her shoulder kissing her cheek then smiling back at Emily. "Have you made a decision, sweetness?" Danielle asked, her hand brushing Veronica's breast and looking for a reaction from Emily.

My Last Summer Before College Chapter 3

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-03

“Are you going to tell mom and dad?” I wondered, noticing the grin on Maggie's face. We sat there for at least an hour as Jolene and I took turns telling my sweet sister how we eventually got together and fell in love. Maggie sat though it all looking like she wanted to ask questions but she just kept looking at us as we talked, mesmerized. I promised both Jolene and Maggie I would tell mom and dad after dinner. I could tell Maggie was uncomfortable with Lisa's boobs that close to her face so I asked that she stop doing that. The horses needed to be fed so Maggie and I headed out after breakfast leaving Jolene and Lisa.

My Last Summer Before College Chapter 2

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-02

What's on your mind that has my girl so concerned?” Her hand brushed the hair from my face as she gave me a concerned look. I was prepared to be mad, angry, hurt but in her arms, her lips and body against mine, all I could feel was a rush between my legs and my heart about to beat out of my chest. I could have sworn by that kiss that you missed me, but now you look like you've got some bad news.” Mom said she comes over here and when she gets home she's happy like I used to be when I stayed here, in your bed, making love to you.” Working my way to my knees, I bent forward placing my hands under her ass, my face buried between her legs.

My Last Summer Before College: Chapter 1

lesbian _O2_ 2018-10-30

Maggie was excited, she loved horses, Jolene picked up on that, spending more time with her brushing and explaining things. When we got home dad called Jolene to set a day and time to look around. Mom and dad wanted to see what her place looked like and what we were going to do. Jolene helped boost each of us into the saddle, her firm hand on my tush pushing me up felt odd but nice at the same time. It takes a lot of work to stay like this, I enjoy it, and I love the looks I get when I do show off.” I'm debating because mom told me the last time I called that Maggie was spending some Saturday nights out at Jolene's.

My Aunt Barb Chapter 3

first-time _O2_ 2018-10-30

Barb looked me over, making me feel a bit self-conscious. The three of us managed to get through the front door without incident, then into the elevator still locked onto Barb, giggling our way to the waiting limo on the street. By this time the liquor was having its effect on me, I was feeling pretty good, comfortable with Ping and Barb, not caring at all about my sexually selfish boyfriend/fiancé. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Ping kissing Barb's cheek. Ping's delicate touch along with her smooth gentle kisses created a warmth between my legs like no other I had ever experienced. Kat, my sweet love, Ping would like to get to know you better. I'd never kissed Barb like that but I think I might again some time.

The Awakening Part 1

lesbian _O2_ 2018-10-30

She could tell the young woman enjoyed her touch by Julie's reaction, especially when Julie closed her eyes and leaned over a bit to allow Susan a better look. Susan’s hands felt so good on Julie’s legs, she slowly and gently massaged the young woman from the outside of her thighs inward and down to her knees then back to the bottom of her shorts. Laura stood and walked behind Julie; her hands massaging the young woman’s shoulders as Susan took Laura’s position between Julie’s legs kneeling in front of her. Susan slowly separated their lips and began kissing Julie’s neck, the young woman giggled and delighted in Susan’s playful nibbling.

The Cruise Singer Finale

mature _O2_ 2018-08-16

During a lull in the conversation, Monique asked if it would be okay to send a couple of our Eiffel Tower pictures to a woman she'd met last year who lived in Eugene, Oregon, about an hour and a half away from us. That delightful feeling on the head of my dick was something I couldn't and didn't want to control, so I went off in Monique sending her over the edge. We were sitting around trying to decide what fun we were going to start with when Monique gestured with her finger for Amanda to come over to her. We relaxed our hold on one another, Monique quietly slipped into the bed while Amanda and I remained hugging and kissing.