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The Two Rooms at the Back

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-30

I used to tell myself “I’m just going to go watch a little porn” as I went into the next room where all the video booths were but really, deep down it was to rationalize my love for the anonymous (and very hot) sex that I knew I would find. A mouthful of cum from some unknown cock, being bent over and fucked in a dark little room by someone I would never see again, it made me so turned on I was almost shaking as I stepped into the darkened hallway lined with booths. I licked his cock head and sucked the sensitive reddening meat, bobbing up and down and feeling his smooth cock stroking the roof of my mouth as it went deep into me.

Another Boring Friday Night

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-27

After a night of beer drinking, a woman I knew from high school had invited me to crash at her place instead of walking home. Watching him bend to step out of his pants, I admired his lovely ass and felt my cock stir. I savored the feeling of his stiff prick sliding in and out, the sound of his hips slapping my smooth ass and the fevered rocking of our bodies together. He handed me the lube and assumed my former position, head down, ass in the air. My cock was a little thicker than his, I thought, about eight inches with a large mushroom head. With each push I felt his cum being squeezed out of my well-fucked ass.

Too Long Between Visits

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-26

When I walked in the back door of his house Jim hugged me and gave me a kiss, first slightly reserved but when he felt my mouth open for him we kissed full on with tongues searching while his hands slid down to grab my ass and pull me into him. When he was all the way inside me I began rocking my hips and rising up on my legs, drawing him out of my tight slick ass and then settling down onto him and driving his cock back into me. Once inside me he let his weight settle on top of me and started thrusting … sometimes easy long thrusts and then suddenly hard strong forceful thrusts that made me groan and my body rock under his.

Surprise Visit

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-21

I was just returning from a drive one late afternoon and as I came into town I saw the shop of my friend, Dick. Dick was a little surprised and we started to make small talk. He showed me around the first floor … living room, kitchen, spare bedroom … but not upstairs. A few drinks later I’m starting to wonder what’s going on then he asks me if I’d like to spend the night. “You can sleep down here in the spare room,” he says. We go into the spare room and Dick finds a blanket for me as there is just a sheet on the spare bed. “Okay, I’ll see you n the morning.” Dick left the room closing the door behind him.

Filling In The Gaps, Part Two

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-20

I drove there and was waiting in my car when a young man jogged up in shorts and t-shirt. “Are you meeting Dean?” Stephen asked. Dean had a tube of lube in his hand and was covering Stephen’s cock and rubbing it between his butt cheeks. Stephen held Dean’s hips and started to thrust. I leaned into it so that each movement he and Stephen made thrust Dean’s cock into my mouth. Stephen’s hands held onto Dean’s hips to steady him each time he thrust his big cock upward. With Dean’s cock still in my mouth I felt each twitch and squirt of Stephen’s orgasm. With both men finally exhausted and Dean’s cock shrinking out of my mouth, we all uncoupled and lay back on the mattress.


gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-18

I reached toward Hank, took hold of his cock and stroked it a few times. We lay on the couch sucking each other’s cocks and making our own moans and slurps to compete with the sexual sounds coming from the film. Laying me on my back, Hank climbed over me so he straddled my cock, grasped it in his hand and guided it as he lowered himself onto me. While I had loved the sex we’d had yesterday and loved the feeling of his cock inside me I really really wanted to taste Hank’s cum. With every forward thrust the head of his cock rubbed across the roof of my mouth and every time he pulled back I sucked to keep him inside me.

My First Threesome

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-15

While David put on a condom and lubed himself and my ass, I turned my attention to Jay. I kissed his beautiful body … his cock, his belly, his sensitive nipples and finally our lips met for a deep probing kiss. I looked down at Jay’s cum covered belly and then up at Jay. With a quick smile I lowered my head to his body and began licking all his cum from his belly and the end of his cock. I could tell he was already close and this time I was not going to be deprived of that wonderful feeling, that instant when hot salty cum shoots out of a man’s cock and deep into my mouth.

A First Time for Everything

first-time biguy2play 2018-11-12

I thought nothing at all of sitting in this older man’s darkened bedroom, on his bed next to him in my underwear until Dick’s hand reached over and stroked the front of my white cotton briefs. “Does that feel good?” Dick softly asked, stroking my hidden cock gently but with purpose. I’d stroked my own cock enough times to know the answer and the two beers made it even easier to enjoy this. I watched Dick’s face fill with pleasure and lust, intent on the cock fucking my tight virgin ass and I felt my own lust build. With one hard push to get as deep into me as he could, Dick’s cock exploded cum inside me.

New Bucket Seats

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-11

Like other times when he’d gotten me to drive somewhere … jockeying cars from one place to another, picking up parts, or just letting me drive something fast … when I got behind the wheel, he started playing with my cock. I got the feeling he knew how much I had enjoyed him cumming in my mouth and it wasn’t long before the next time. I watched his face when he came and felt his cum shoot into me, his hard cock spasming and his hips thrusting to get as deep inside me as he could. I thought of the feeling of his cock in my mouth and figured I would need someplace private to suck him off so I turned up a side road and headed towards a spot I’d used for beer parties.

Not Shy Anymore

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-10

I found a video that looked pretty hot and nervously opened the door and stepped inside. He leaned down and started to suck, slowly letting the head push through his lips and deep into his mouth. I found myself thinking instead of the older man who had seduced me a few months before, thinking of the feel of his cock in my mouth and how his cum had tasted. A man in the corridor had seen me leave the first booth and when I stepped into the second and left the door open, he quickly followed me inside. His cock finally stopped spasming and he pulled away, letting it slip from my mouth.

Early Morning Delight

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-09

I began sucking and tonguing as his cock grew harder and longer in my mouth. With it fully erect, I started moving it in and out of my mouth and each time it slipped from my mouth I squeezed my lips around it and sucked harder. My legs were pinned between his chest and mine, his arms on either side of me supporting his weight and he began thrusting hard into my ass. “Oh yes,” I thought, “give me every drop.” Spent and breathless, he pulled out of me, his cock still hard and the tip of the shining condom filled. I pulled the condom off and slipped his cock into my mouth to suck the last of his cum from it as it melted in my mouth.

Fun After Work

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-08

On my first visit there alone I was very embarrassed and when I finally chose a movie to watch I had left the door slightly opened (so passers-by would know I wasn’t doing anything ‘naughty’!) A man had opened the door and asked to join me. When the second man came in, locked the door and offered a blowjob I just said ‘no, let me do you.’ Surprised he consented and I eagerly went down on him and he gave me a hot mouthful of cum in return! I would look out the crack in the door now and then, wondering where he had gone … looking for his return … while playing with my hard cock through my opened jeans.


gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-08

The car stopped and Trevor turned to join Craig watching the back seat action just as Jeff’s cock started to stiffen in my mouth. I knelt by the couch in front of Craig and took his cock into my mouth while my right hand stroked Jeff. Trevor got up and Craig took his place while my mouth turned its attention toward Jeff. “Oh yes!” Craig exclaimed as his cock head pushed past my sphincter and into my already slick ass. Just then I felt Jeff under me stiffen and grab my hips and then ram himself deep into me … and then again … and then finally hold me the third time, his cock into me as deeply as he could reach and his wonderful cum shooting into me.

An overnight Stop

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-08

It was kind of expensive but we figured we'd offset the cost by sleeping overnight in the van before picking up the fridge the next morning. I began to fondle myself and through the crack in the door I could see this stranger smile as he watched me. He began moving his hips to push his sweet cock into my mouth. God, it had been too long I thought and I started sucking and licking this wonderful meat, treasuring the deep strokes across the roof of my mouth and into my throat. His hips began to jerk and I felt his cock harden and then shoot a long jet of milky cum that filled my mouth.

The Bookstore is Closing

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-06

After discovering how easy it was to use the video booths to find cocks to suck, I had made this a frequent after work stop, and now what? Inside this little private booth, this man’s beautiful cock invited me like a Siren to taste what was forbidden elsewhere. The flood of sensations; hot smooth skin, sweet and salty precum on my tongue, his swollen head pressing up against the roof of my mouth as I took him deeper. Helplessly I stood while my cock pulsed shot after shot of my cum into this stranger’s mouth and heard him slurping and swallowing my seed. He finished sucking and licking the last droplets of cum from my cock and stood up next to me, close to me.

Can't Resist the Urge

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-04

When I experienced the taste and scent and throbbing of a cock exploding in my mouth and the pungently salty flavor of cum that first time I knew I would love to suck men’s cocks. I lay down on the bed now, needing a little breather, naked next to the man whose orgasm still flavored my mouth. I had barely stopped cumming when I felt the familiar hard thrusts and stiffening body of Chris beginning to shoot his wonderful load into my ass. I lay on top of Terry remembering the sweet taste of both men’s cum as Chris finished and finally rested against my bare ass.

Double Delight

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-04

I felt his hand reach inside the back of my jeans to cup my bare ass. Usually my visits to these booths were far different and almost always ended with a man's cock in my mouth and me swallowing his cum. "Yes, god, I would love that!" I hadn’t had a lot of experience with anal sex but times I’d had a cock inside me I had loved it! The sensation of him behind me, his hands on my hips while he pushed in and out of me and I stroked myself, was something I had never experienced before. The feeling was sending sensations through his cock and he straightened up to pound it into me fast and hard and then stiffened up like a statue as his orgasm gripped him.

Filling In The Gaps, Part One

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-04

I still yearned for the femininity of being Samantha and the taste and feel of hot cum and hard cocks. For a long time I got by with dressing up in private and masturbating with the dildo I’d bought but eventually I’d had enough and turned to the personal ads on the internet. I loved the taste of him lingering in my mouth and the hot load of cum he delivered. He slid into my mouth holding my head now with both hands and began fucking me. When his cock began spasming I pulled away slightly so I could swallow. I milked the remainder of his cum from his shrinking cock before he pulled away and began dressing.

Part Two - Friends Reunited

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-04

When my friend, Terry, retired from the army, he moved back to the cottage next to the lake his grandparents had owned. Terry pulled his cock from my mouth, suggesting that we swim back to the cottage. As the feeling rose in me and into my cock, Terry could see the look on my face and the desperate need I had then. Rolling half over Terry, I took his cock into my mouth again. I knew Terry and I were still sexual, even more than in high school, and whenever I wanted to visit my old friend (with the full approval of my wife) our ‘accidental’ sex was pretty much guaranteed!

Filling in the Gaps, Part Three

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-02

I longed for that sweet salty taste and the sexy way a man’s cock grows hot and stiff just before delivering his cum into your mouth. Stephen had told me sometimes rooms became available when people checked out late and asked if I’d be up for joining him again. Stephen took my cock along with his together in his one hand and started stroking both. I lay back, at times with my eyes closed in another world but also watching, watching a man who knows and loves sucking cocks. When my orgasm took me, that runaway train burst from the head of my spasming cock and filled Stephen’s waiting mouth with the cum that had been too long captive.


first-time biguy2play 2018-11-01

When my hand went inside her panties, she lifted up and slipped them down her legs. Shelley would keep her legs pretty tightly closed, just letting me rub my cock on her mound. I felt the wetness of her on the tip of my cock and without hesitation slipped easily into her. We began rocking together, her pussy wet, her legs wide spread and willing and my cock more and more eager to bury itself there. Anytime I thought of that wonderful rush as my cock first entered a woman and remembered the wet heat of pussy surrounding cock I wanted that feeling again and ‘virginity’ just seemed like such a useless word.

The Elevator

gay-male biguy2play 2018-10-31

I found some women’s lingerie in the lost and found, bras, half slips and panties that guests had left and started trying them on in the bathroom in back of the front desk. He moved from his corner of the car to mine and started to place a tentative kiss on my cheek when I turned my head to meet his lips with mine. I remembered the feel of his kisses, the gentle caress of his hands across the cool nylon of my slip. His hands found my body covered in its silkiness and he smiled and began fondling my nipples through the slip. My half erect cock still held up the hem of my slip and oozed another droplet of cum.