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Free erotic stories by celticbtrfly on AdultRead

(Wax) Play With Me

bdsm celticbtrfly 2018-12-04

(I'd made the mistake of not tying up my hair once, and trying to get the wax out of it without losing clumps of my hair was not an experience I wanted to repeat.) After pulling my hair up and out of the way and using his bathroom facilities, I undressed completely and laid face-down on the sheet. Josh was doing something off to the side, but I soon felt him near and looked over as he took my hands and brought them above my head, tying them together and hooking them to the under-the-bed-restraint system he had under his mattress. By this time, I was squirming in my restraints, and desperately wanted the heat of the wax to be felt dripping down my pussy. The skin there was so sensitive, and the wax felt like hot fingers touching every inch of the smooth skin at once.

Tie Me Up

bdsm celticbtrfly 2018-11-25

If you want to play, you'll have to be the one to tell me." Josh started to stand and I stopped him, placing a hand on his arm. I turned, and rope shaking in my hands, made my way over to Josh. I glanced away, feeling panic starting to set in, and I felt Josh touch my cheek. At the first taste of him, I didn't want to stop kissing him and reached for him, and grumbled a little when he pulled away and took my hands in his. Later, after being unwrapped from my rope couture and wrapped in a robe, I found myself sandwiched between my two guys on a couch, relaxing as Josh stroked my hair as I rested my head against his chest and Paul held my hand.

Our One-Time Threesome

group celticbtrfly 2018-11-23

Mel took the opportunity to slide her hand down between the lips of my pussy, over my clit, and slid two fingers in me. I finally reached my goal, and nibble and gently teased her labia with my tongue adding a little more pressure with each stroke until I felt her hands in my hair, and I moved my mouth and tongue to cover her clit, sucking on the nub while flicking it with my tongue. I began rubbing my clit, feeling pleasure flow through my body as I watched as Mel circled her tongue around the head of his cock as she stroked him. Mel gave me a hungry look, and wasted no time diving in, thrusting her tongue into my pussy, and fingering my sensitive clit.


My First Night at a Sex Resort

group celticbtrfly 2018-11-16

I leaned my head back against the wall, and closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of my smooth, drenched pussy walls around my fingers. I opened my eyes at the sound of a zipper, and watched Alicia working her way out of her jeans while she kept a hand on my thigh. I gently pulled her lips apart so that I could see her pussy closer, and ran my finger over her clit, hearing her moan. "You have such a pretty pussy." Alicia complimented me in a whisper as she ran her fingers over my lips, spreading them open. I felt the bed shift, and looked over to see Pete pulling his boxers off and watching his 9 inch, thick cock spring free.


Making New Friends

group celticbtrfly 2018-11-16

I felt the man who had been sucking on my breasts move away and a moment later, I felt the smooth head of a large cock gently push against my mouth. As the orgasm subsided, the fingers filling me pulled away, but the tongue gently continued taking long licks over my labia, dipping inside me occasionally, and avoiding the clit to allow me to recover. I slowed my movements as my husband continued to thrust up into me and our friend slid one, then two fingers inside my ass, slowly pumping in at out as he leaned against me and started kissing and nibbling on my neck. A moment later, the friend's fingers pulled away and a few moments later, I felt the large head of his cock pushing up against the opening to my ass.

The Club Ch. 03

lesbian celticbtrfly 2018-11-04

I groaned as I felt her mouth move from my neck to my breast as her hand slid down my body and gently pulled my legs apart a little. After several minutes like this (which felt like an eternity), Ana began sliding three fingers in and out of my dripping pussy, twisting and curving so that she was rubbing against my g-spot as she wrapped her lips around my clit, sucking and thrashing my clit with her tongue. I heard Ana's breathing changed as her hips started bucking back against my mouth and fingers, and moved the hand fucking her faster, twisting to rub against her g spot.

The Club

group celticbtrfly 2018-11-01

While I enjoy the reactions that I can get giving a blow job, I've never been particularly turned on by them, but there was something about the perfect mouth wrapped around these cocks and the look in her eyes that made it thoroughly enjoyable to watch; this woman obviously enjoyed sex. Paul was kneeling by my head, and I reached up and wrapped a hand around his glistening cock, pulling him down to my mouth. As I started to try to swallow Paul's cock, Luke began to finger fuck me, sliding two of his thick fingers in and out, while his thumb played with my clit. I moaned around Paul's cock in appreciation, which led to Luke adding a third finger, stretching me and filling me up.