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Free erotic stories by charity69 on AdultRead


voyeur charity69 2018-11-18

I will not be talking during your time with him but I reserve the right to stop this if you or I become uncomfortable.” Mac kisses me softly, nibbling on my lower lip, saying, “go to him, sweetheart.” Fisting my hair in both hands, tilting my head back, drinking at my lips, our tongues tangle as we explore each other's mouths. I lie back on the bed, spreading my legs as Brice takes the seat opposite Mac who is shucking off his clothes as quickly as possible. I fail to see how this is going to help but eagerly suck my husband deep, hollowing out my cheeks he strokes my mouth while Brice continues fucking me.

The Bikini Tree

first-time charity69 2018-11-17

I looked up as Mark pulled our tubes closer to the shore then wrapped his arms around me. My mind still going a mile a minute, I turned to look up at Mark who smiled as he brought his lips down to mine. Mark looked deep into my eyes and whispered, “Are you ready baby?” Mark held himself deep for several long moments, then he began rocking in and out of my pussy, I had no idea what to do but I needn't have worried as my body did. Amazing sounds of pleasure and the look of pure ecstasy on his face, then the feel of hot ropes of cum shooting deep within my core.

The Dance /Daddy's care

bdsm charity69 2018-11-12

From the moment, she said yes Master tonight she had me enthralled the way she moved towards my whip the sighs and moans as the bright flash of pain drew her deeper into her submission. And then my beautiful Submissive rose from the bed and slid to the floor kneeling at my feet, placing her trembling hands palm up on her spread thighs, Her beautiful and very wet pussy was on display for me. “Cum for me baby,” I commanded as I buried my tongue into her pussy flicking her clit back and forth slowly and deliberately dancing the edge with her. Her trembling legs finally gave way, so I lay her gently back on the bed never taking my mouth from her sweet pussy.

The Dance

bdsm charity69 2018-11-10

His fingers pulled and rolled my nipples as he cupped the full mounds in his hand he whispered in my ear. All mine.”  One hand moved away and I heard the tiny bell as he pulled the nipple clamps from his pocket. Waiting. The whip struck, deathly silent until the crack against skin bloomed hot and sharp. I watched from above as her back pressed outwards instead of flinching away from the bite of the lash she craved it, danced for it, so beautiful the couple was that it brought tears to my eyes, which I realized were rolling down my face wetting my skin. Beautiful in his intensity, then his body relaxed, he dropped the whip, strode across the stage and uncuffed her with trembling hands.