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Free erotic stories by earthandair on AdultRead

Binding Love Ch. 01

bdsm earthandair 2018-09-02

"Please...Sir..." she managed to gasp out, biting her lip, every movement she made inching the orgasm and the pain closer. His lips travelled down, His teeth grazing her skin as he covered every inch between her chest and her belly button, where His tongue traced along her bikini line as she moaned in frustration and arched, pushing her pussy into His face. Her legs spasmed and her back made a bow as His tongue penetrated her, softly licking her pussy lips, tasting her, before His teeth grazed her clit. Her head came just under His chin, and she started to undo His buttons, spreading the fabric of His shirt and trailing kisses over His skin, biting every other one, and feeling a little thrill through her slit at every gasp.