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Free erotic stories by fuzzyb2 on AdultRead

Doing Eva Ch. 06

interracial fuzzyb2 2018-08-31

Kati the proceeded to tell me the story of how she had surprised Ray while he was fucking Eva in the sun room. More than that, I was pretty sure Eva and Ray would not have wanted to share that much 'reality' with Kati. That was apparently okay with Kati as she stood up and moved in front of me as I sat on the edge of the bed. As she stood there, no longer dancing, I watched her reach up to her cotton briefs, one hand on either hip, but not moving from the bent-over position. With the underwear laying at her feet, Kati kicked them backwards towards me, but missing my cock this time. Kati sat up a bit, my cock still buried in her, and held me tightly.

Doing Eva Ch. 01

interracial fuzzyb2 2018-08-22

The doubts and questions kept me guessing until finally, the day came and I headed into town for our lunch date — and I hoped Ray would not be available. Eva was wearing a very tight, slightly short leather skirt, the ever-present heels and a very tight fuzzy white sweater that showed off her generous chest, right down to the slight bulge of her nipples. She turned me away from her and as she pulled my shirt completely off, she leaned in to let me feel her massive tits glide down my back — just firmly enough for me to know what was up, if you will. I told Eva to look up (stupid me, she took her mouth off my cock).


Doing Dad's Girlfriend Ch. 06

first-time fuzzyb2 2018-08-01

We finished out dinner and I was starting to get ready to leave when Adrianna put a hand on my arm, telling me to hold off a bit. "Well, maybe, but that's okay — I am having a really good time just hanging out with you." I was sincere but disappointed because when Alexa had arrived I had started to think about a wild night with the two of them. Behind me Alexa said in a soft voice, "Happy Birthday, Thomas. Then Alexa said, "and this is Mei." And she stepped forward as Brooke stepped back. "And now, let me introduce Mei," said Alexa as the other girl stepped closer. "Thank you, Thomas," said Brooke, and I had the sense to be quiet and let them get on with their exploration.

Doing Dad's Girlfriend Ch. 07

first-time fuzzyb2 2018-05-17

My most recent experience with Alexa and her daughter Adrianna had been via their most amazing birthday gift of two 18-year-old virgins, including the sweetest little Japanese exchange student, Mei. When we parted company, Brooke was still inexperienced having only lost her cherry to a jerk of a boyfriend just before we met, but I did not have the pleasure of showing her how a gentleman treats a lady. I must have said something right because Adrianna grabbed my cock in one hand and starter to suck on me like a wild woman. Alexa was staring right at her daughter as she continued, "we are all beautiful women here, Brooke, and I am honoured that you would let me be with you, you know, like this."

Doing Anna

group fuzzyb2 2018-05-06

Anna was about 10 years younger, but I couldn't be sure because she had the kind of tight body that came with good diet and energetic workouts (yoga and stuff, not just sex). The bench she was getting moved looked exactly like the one that Ray had been reclined on to fuck all those women at the party. I saw Jackson and Ray do the same thing, but William seemed comfortable with is growing member making a long ridge along his fairly tight pants. Not wanting to lose a second of her show, we each worked out pants open, sliding down our zippers almost in unison, but never taking our eyes off Anna's body.


Campus Frolic - Thanks Eva

group fuzzyb2 2018-04-07

I watched as Erica fucked her friend, repeatedly thrusting her hips forward, each time burying the rubber cock into the other woman. As this was going on, I felt Erica slowing down her fucking until she pushed deep into Bethany's pussy and stayed there. As Erica and I started up our full range of motion again, Bethany pulled away and made her way onto the chair, straddling my face with her 18-year-old pussy. I took me cock into my right hand — it was thick with Erica's pussy cream — and started stroking the shaft as if I was all alone watching a porn movie. When I finished, I simply dropped my softening cock onto Erica's messy tits and said to Bethany, "lick that up, would you?

Doing Eva Ch. 04

first-time fuzzyb2 2018-03-26

Her granddaughter, Kati, was expected to arrive in a couple of weeks and take up residence with Eva and Ray in their home. "What did you tell her exactly?" I wondered as there was a lot Eva might have said that I couldn't believe Kati would be ready for. I wondered if there would be a chance to get naked with Eva, maybe while Ray kept Kati busy. Of course, the trust that Eva had put in me to look after Kati meant nothing was going to happen, but at least I could ogle and fantasize, and yes, masturbate, all with no guilt associated with wanting an underage girl.

Doing Rebecca

group fuzzyb2 2018-03-20

The lights were still very low, but I got a look at the woman who'd surprised me so: it was Rebecca. This was almost too bizarre for words, but I caught up right away and replied, "Great fuck, Veronica — we should all be so lucky to meet beautiful women this way." "Veronica lives about two hours away but I knew she would enjoy a little party with just the three of us so I convinced her to visit for a few days," explained Rebecca. "Many people have confused us as twins and we have been able to pull off some little tricks because of it ('remember high school math?' she said to her sister conspiratorially) and the time Veronica did my husband of course.


Doing Eva Ch. 07

group fuzzyb2 2018-02-27

It was a good arrangement, especially since we were able to meet and fuck at her grandparents' home; they were completely okay with our relationship which was now fully 'friends with benefits' with neither of us being exclusive. That was quite a night. The event was coming up in less than a week, and on a Thursday evening, odd for a party, I thought. Are we all okay with that?" That is worthy enough, but we also try to make the night memorable for you all." Eva looked around the room, seeing nods of agreement — lots of women knew what was coming, even if we didn't. Are you okay with that line-up?"


Doing Eva Ch. 04 Pt. 2

first-time fuzzyb2 2018-01-17

Kati knew how to respond: she took my hand and pulled it towards her breast, cupping it underneath so I could feel its heft. As my erection started to come back, Kati took the shaft in both hands and held it straight up with only the purple knob sticking out of her fist. I felt it pulsing in anticipation; it bobbed above her bushy triangle and as I leaned in bit closer, Kati took it in one hand and pulled me towards her pussy. Kati squealed in delight and took both hands to rub my cum all over herself, finishing with her big, soft tits.