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Free erotic stories by jack1107 on AdultRead

Mum's Friends Chapter One

mature jack1107 2018-11-29

Debbie then went down on Paul’s flaccid cock as Paul fingered Debbie’s wet pussy. Debbie looked at Paul innocently and said,”I hope that you are not angry with me for starting before you, but I wanted my cunt wet for you when you arrived.” Debbie was smiling and looking at Paul she said, “Are you going to fuck me hard tonight? Paul said nothing but went over to Debbie who started to suck his cock. Debbie said, “I have bad news, Paul, Kay got a call, and she had to meet an old friend tonight. During the meal, Debbie said, “I was thinking Paul, do you have any space at the Center where you could create an Auction House?”

Addiction Chapter One

mature jack1107 2018-11-25

After the last dance Kay hugged and kissed Paul on the cheek and said, "That was wonderful, I haven't had so much fun for years.” They got home and had a super forty-five-minute session with Kay giving Paul a lovely titty fuck in foreplay. Donya and Paul worked on Ann, and she came thirty minutes later. When they got to the house, Paul messaged Ann and Kay saying they would eat in the French restaurant close to Kay’s house and he and  Donya would be there for Champagne at six.  Kay replied, “It would be great if you did Bunty, Mags and me together with Donya and Ann helping out in case you needed to cum inside Donya.

Mum's Friends Chapter Four

mature jack1107 2018-11-05

Mags gave Anji a kiss on the cheek and Paul a full passionate kiss with her tongue deep in Paul’s mouth then left. It read: “Hi guys, I have had a pleasant chat with Jill who fully understands what is happening with young Kay. Paul, you have to phone Gibson Air’s office at the Airport tomorrow at eleven thirty to confirm the details of the flight. Paul had noticed how Anji had been playing footsie under the table with his leg; he replied,”I would love that. Paul bent Anji over the sofa then went inside her pussy doggy style. Five minutes later Jane replied, ”I'm like Anji, the harder and rougher the better.

Addiction: Chapter Two

mature jack1107 2018-11-04

Five minutes later his phone rang; it was Val. She said, “One of the partners here has been fleecing Donya for years. Donya then said, “I would like to have a word with Mags and Val this evening to make sure everything is in place for Monday. Donya asked if they should go now, but Val said to wait for Mags as she might want something.  Val and Mags started unpacking the boxes, while Paul and Donya went into the lounge. Bunty and Donya packed the dishwasher, and they went into the lounge where Val and Mags got comfortable. Donya replied, “I honestly don't know; several years ago I asked about the quality and was told it was the best value for money to buy from the airline caterers.

Mum's Friends

mature jack1107 2018-11-04

May said, “Paul, I am so sorry I came so quickly but watching you fuck Sue aroused me, I think if Sue and I had you we could do a lot of interesting things, would you like that?” May then did the same with her pearls; she too got about eight inches inside her, May said, “That feels wonderful Sue, Paul after you have fucked Sue, you can have me the same way.” Sue and May went down on Paul; they spent a lot of time on his cock. Sue was sucking May’s tits, May was also adjusting her pearls for maximum stimulation and rubbing her clit, May was gripping now, she had cum a lot, ten minutes later Paul came, he and May felt his squirt; May was moaning with pleasure.

Mum's Friends Chapter Two

mature jack1107 2018-10-31

She was very knowledgeable and very popular. She was very knowledgeable. They shared a vast property portfolio. All are nearly sold, so I need somewhere to store the contents. I could give you several entire rooms from different periods.” She knows what she is talking about. I could live from the profits that I make from this trip for a year. After the pieces are sold, the profits would be divided by thirteen. We would all share the same profit. Do you use the Mercedes for transporting the pieces you buy?” How quickly can we be paid? Do you need any further working cash as I would charge you two percent above bank rate?