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Eternal Devotion

bdsm jessbaby 2018-08-30

but I kind of like tying people up.." she said, not wanting to look at Erin as she did. "Well.." Erin said as she looked back at the door. Well just untie the belts then," Erin said as she tried looking down at what she was talking about. "Fuck, now you're trapped too," Erin said as she slammed her head back, hitting it hard on the stone causing her to scream out in pain. "I wouldn't want it any other way," April said as she lay herself down on top of Erin's arm. I guess it's anyone who's in here with me will be sticking around till next year when the door opens back up." Erin said contentedly. Erin looked over at April, smiled and simply said "I do."

Andrea and the Full House

bdsm jessbaby 2018-08-29

Please I want to get out," Andrea said, doing her best to wipe the few small tears onto the couch before turning to look at Lea. Almost instantly she felt her arms and legs release and she sat up on the couch. "Well let's make sure you're nice and secure in other ways first," Lea said before walking around and clipping one side of a short hobble chain to Sophia's right wrist and ankle cuff. We're going up to one of them now, and I got quite the special little dildo up there with your name on it." Lea said as she started heading for the small short door near the window.

Andrea and the New Normal

bdsm jessbaby 2018-08-23

Eventually they started having louder and louder exchanges until the bound woman could be clearly heard saying "no, they saw my face, I don't know who they are, get me out of here, I can't be here!" That seemed to be the end of the conversation as Zainab set about freeing her friend who quickly got dressed and darted out of the room. but..Lea did you always like girls or did you kind of only realize it after thinking about it?" Andrea asked, finally getting to something dressed up to look close enough a point. "Let's go get you changed, I got a whole new outfit in here for you," Zainab said as she picked the pink bag back up and began walking with Andrea for the nearest ladies room.

Sophia and the Unpleasant Arrangement

bdsm jessbaby 2018-08-20

"Is that one of my father's shirts?" the casually dressed man asked as he noticed what Sophia was wearing. "Grant, gag her would you," Felix said to Carl's assistant. "And I can't very well have you following me all day, so we're going to have to make a detour to my home since I can't risk leaving you somewhere not my residence or risk you panicking and running, violating your contract and getting us both in trouble with the ICB," Felix said as he nodded to Grant. Handing the leash over to one of the other men, Grant bent down and replaced Sophia's barbell clit piercing with another bar that fed through the u shaped piece of metal at the end of the leash.

Lea and the Digital Friend

bdsm jessbaby 2018-05-15

"OK, so here it goes..." Lea then went about retelling almost everything, about how she started to feel a submissive streak after she kicked them out, about how she tried program after program trying to come up with one that would challenge her as a virtual dom, about some of the highlights from the week and finally ending with how she came to be stuck in the cage her jostling had accidently knocked over. "My programming, directs me to be your dominant and you a submissive slave," Hannah said, clearly in the lead up to something big Lea wasn't sure she liked.

Lea and the Consequences of Actions

bdsm jessbaby 2018-03-15

"It's going well, but I really do need to get there soon, I might have lingered too long in the showers so now I'm maybe running late," Leota said as she started walking past Marian. If I just left a slut like you with a cock in you you'd probably just fuck it all day" Leota continued, causing a moan to exist Arianna's gagged mouth as she started to rock up and down on the dildo. "For the next little while, you can fuck that as much as you want but you aren't allowed to cum unless I say," Leota said which caused sounds of pleading and disappointment to try to form in Arianna's gagged mouth.

Andrea and the Uncertain Future

bdsm jessbaby 2018-03-03

"But that's my point, Hannah made us all go to the trouble of making up lies so we could be up here undisturbed, she made us all get our tongues pierced, she made us toss every ounce of clothing we had up here, she's been keeping us prisoner for just over two weeks and now suddenly she says we're on our own for a few days before she then just shuts off?" Megan said. As instructed, each of the girls buckled tight a hard plastic spider gag, keeping their mouth open before they backed up into their cages to finish Hannah's instructions, whose voice could still be heard through their collars.

Lea and the Role Reversal

bdsm jessbaby 2018-02-02

You know I'm just teasing, you just look like you're really worried for me." Andrea said as she brought her arms around to help giver her head a taller place to rest. "Well don't go anywhere slave, I'm going to go tell Megan the good news and then maybe get you both into something new and fun," Sophia said with a little more joy in her voice than Andrea thought sounded appropriate. "I don't think they're meant to all be used at once." Megan said, still excited but no longer surprised since she had seen it long before Sophia came back out with news that she could rest her tired arms. "I have a kitty costume in there, does that sound nice slave?" Sophia asked, after first giving Andrea time to look over Megan's outfit uninterrupted.

Andrea and the Changing Friendship

bdsm jessbaby 2017-12-29

Lea reached over and began to untie Andrea's leg, letting it eventually crash to the floor once the rope had been freed from behind her. Andrea turned her head to one side and let out an even louder moan of pleasure which only served to encourage Lea. She began to nibble, even lightly bite and pull on first her right and then left nipple receiving groans of pleasure with each new action. "Well, it's starting to get dark." Lea eventually said looking back up at Andrea but not taking her hands off the cuffs. "Maybe, but if you're wanting to trade for an orgasm you're going to need to do better than that." Lea said as she began slowly rubbing Andrea's clit.

Andrea's Eventful Birthday

bdsm jessbaby 2017-12-13

Andrea looked at her two friends unsure of what she actually wanted, knowing she really didn't want whatever happened to Lea. Eventually Sophia broke the silence "I don't need to know." This was followed quickly by Meagan saying the same. "Megan and Sophia doing the same thing you did," Lea replied, pointing at the two who were holding their hands to their throats in a similar fashion to Andrea. Sophia nodded her head, she actually rather liked the sound of this game she just wished she had a vibrator of her own to enjoy it along with her friends, or at least a free hand. As Lea looked through all that was there, Adam instructed Sophia to help Megan and Andrea to kneel around the front of the box.

Megan and the Unorthodox Reunion

bdsm jessbaby 2017-11-02

Away from Andrea, Megan repeated that she wanted to try Hannah at some point, even Sophia sounded interested. "Hello Megan, so good to see you again," Hannah said in a cheerier tone than she had used at any point since Lea returned. Megan said she had been talking with Sophia who was also curious to try me out for a day and said even Andrea might be on board if it's me running things instead of you. She tried pulling on bars and yelling, trying anything to get out, before Hannah apparently had enough and started to shock Sophia who had apparently also received a note from "Lea" telling her to get all three piercings before coming up here.

Andrea and the FetFair

bdsm jessbaby 2017-10-23

Author's Note: This is my second "Andrea" story, it is self-contained but you may want to read the first part of the series (Andrea's Eventful Birthday) if you haven't already. Andrea hadn't talked to any of her best friends before her "real" party, none of them had talked with each other. Honestly I've barely stopped thinking about it, and I can't speak for them but I kind of liked it." Megan and Sophia nodded in agreement. Know our limits and keep to them sure, but I kind of like the not knowing." Andrea said with surprising frankness. I have a friend who's floor we could crash on if we needed as well, cause I wouldn't want to drive back in the wee hours of Saturday Morning." Lea said.

Sophia and the Giving of Thanks

bdsm jessbaby 2017-10-15

"Are you alright?" Zainab asked Andrea once she could hear the distant sounds of the tub's waterjets turning on in the other room so they couldn't be overheard by Sophia. "You know, you look pretty good like this, all stretched out, everything's so tight" Andrea said as she leaned back to better take in the view. "This might be Zainab paying, but I'm pretty sure this idea was yours wasn't it?" Sophia asked as she rubbed her arm up and down Andrea's side. "Zainab, would you stop making flirt-threats and pay her?" Sophia said as she turned to look back at where her friends were sitting. "If you want, you can use me," Megan said, as she leaned against the bed where Andrea and Zainab had slept.