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justin grimbol

Free erotic stories by justin grimbol on AdultRead

Tracy's Butt Cheeks

anal justin grimbol 2018-08-09

So this strange butt cheek humping was the only way I could get off. I figured the "let's try and just be friends" thing was a bunch of bullshit. Tracy said that she wanted to spend the night and I figured that meant she wanted some hanky-panky. As soon as the night started, I knew Tracy was not interested in getting her butt cheeks humped, sitting on my face, or any other kind of sexual activity I missed. I looked forward to a night of humping butt cheeks. This time I had no hopes of humping her butt cheeks. Tracy and I had sex, then went to bed. Before she left she asked me if I remembered the first time I had tried to kiss her.

This Funeral Smells Like a Pussy

anal justin grimbol 2018-03-28

He told me I had scared one of our campers badly; that I should have just asked to go home in the first place---instead of sleeping in the bathroom. I didn't want to go home early and explain to people that I could no longer hack it at a job that was normally occupied by lazy teenage girls. Instead I just sat there feeling like I was at a fucking strip club, only I couldn't get a lap dance for twenty bucks. I got home at twelve thirty, like I normally did. It looked more like a normal room, only it was dusty and felt dead. "Don't you want to tell your friends that you came in my ass hole?"

Desperate Debby

group justin grimbol 2018-02-12

Her pale butt cheeks and swollen lips had filled my head, leaving no room for Zoë. She would rub it on her lips, like it was Chapstick, and my penis would love the affection. Scotty sat at the end of the table drawing Lauren. My penis was erect, and fit in between Laurens butt cheeks. Scotty's tongue went into her mouth while her butt grinded against my penis. "Hey lets all kiss at the same time." Scotty looked at me like I was insane. I wanted to kiss her, but Scotty's penis was in her mouth. The cum flew right over Lauren, hitting Scotty in the chest. "I need to see my Daddy!" I felt like driving straight through the woods that stood on either side of the road.

Bobby Wants It In His Butt!

anal justin grimbol 2017-12-27

"Holy shit you taste so good." "mmmm I want it in my mouth." "I want it so bad; please put it in my mouth." "Put it in, I want your dick in my ass." "I want your dick in my pussy and ass and mouth, all at once." "HOLY SHIT I'M GOING TO CUM!" "I want the dildo in my pussy and you penis in my ass." "Hey baby, lets use the dildo, like we did last night." "Whose dick do you want this to be?" "Whose dick do you want this to be?" "mmmm yeah I want to suck his dick while I fuck you." Come on baby he wants you to suck it." "You want it in your ass baby."

Drunk Fuck

anal justin grimbol 2017-11-26

Half way into it I got that feeling, that told my brain that I needed to shit. I walked to the bathroom looked at my naked body drinking that iced, smoking that cigarette - I put the iced tea down and played with my dick till it got hard. Then the feeling came back, and I remembered that I needed to shit. At points I was so tired that I felt like I was going to pass out right there in the kitchen, waiting for the washer to wash and the dryer to dry the sheets I had defecated on. "Listen," I said, "I think I just want this shit to dry and then I'm going to pass out."