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Free erotic stories by kayeleff on AdultRead

Jay shows the way

interracial kayeleff 2018-11-09

Kissing me passionately in the door way we didn’t make it any further before he started removing my clothes. “Ohh baby really likes it.” He groaned, sliding two, then three fingers in my drenched hole, stretching it out so he could shave the more intricate areas of my lips. He took hold of his fleshy cock and slipped it around my lips, making it wetter but he didn’t enter me. The orgasm washed over me, the sensation like I was peeing as juices flooded out of me all over his cock, he thrust fervently into me as I screamed out his name. We were both moaning and shouting and as I brought myself to another orgasm I clenched my buttocks around his rigid cock and felt him tense.

A fantasy shared..

group kayeleff 2018-11-04

As Michael slid down my body to bury his face in my aching pussy, Chris began kissing me, massaging my breasts and rolling my stiff pink nipples between his fingers. Stroking Chris’s smooth balls I sucked on his cock like I was starving, he was fucking my mouth as his friend was tongue fucking my pussy. I could feel the orgasm building inside me and as Chris pounded my hungry mouth and Michael sucked on my pulsing bud I started to cum. Lifting myself higher to allow Michael breathing space I was aware that he was probably sucking Chris’s balls and licking his cock as it pumped in and out of my aching cunt.