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Free erotic stories by kilo78704 on AdultRead

my wifes niece

first-time kilo78704 2018-11-24

We had a bathroom that was connected to our bedroom closet and to my surprise when I went to change out of my work uniform I noticed she had left the door cracked. My heart started pounding like it was going to jump out my chest then I heard the shower stop and the curtain open. I could feel my cock starting to swell as the thought of seeing her nude was in my mind. Then it happened she passed in front of he cracked door with nothing on just a quick glimpse I had to see more,I slowly started to walk closer and there she was bending over I could see her puffy pussy lips nice and plump. Then I hear my wife calling me but the whole night as we sat across from each other I couldn't stop thinking about her pussy.