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The Adventures of Anastasia Sapere

bdsm kinky_girl 2018-11-05

Are you a dirty girl who likes her ass spanked for being bad?" She doesn't answer me, but the flush in her cheeks tells me all I need to know. "Now, sit down, spread your legs and finger that sweet juicy cunt for me." I thrust harder and deeper into her, bringing myself and her to the brink of orgasm when I feel her cunt snap tight round the strap on, holding me to her she screams out and I feel the force of her cumming as her juices hit the dildo. Sophie parts my thighs and holds my tender lips open with her fingers, licking the cum from my pussy.

The Adventures of Anastasia Sapere Part 2

first-time kinky_girl 2018-11-04

Feeling the rush of heat through my body, I close my eyes and think about this afternoon at Sophie's house. "It's okay baby, I've got you, just let go and cum for me, I want to taste your sweet...." he urges me and I don't hear the end of what he has to say as that's all the encouragement I need. Levi's toned arms become vice like around my young body, my words clearhly spurring him on, as he holds me down in position harshly and truly fucks me. I don't know how much time has passed with him mercilessly drilling into me but I'm jerked back to reality as he grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls me hard back into him, grunting that he's about to cum in me.