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Free erotic stories by laradirtygirl on AdultRead

Dirty truck stop group fun

group laradirtygirl 2018-11-23

After a few seconds he began to ride my ass, pain soon gave way to pleasure as he fucked my tight brown hole deep and hard, every so often he would pull his cock all the way out showing my gaping asshole to the other drivers before thrusting himself back inside me. Watching this proved to much for the driver giving me the mammoth ass fucking and he pulled out, leaving my ass gaping wide open, before thrusting his cock into my face, I forced his helmet into my mouth and began to suck him for all I was worth.

Horny photo session

anal laradirtygirl 2018-11-20

Thinking about them showing their tits and spreading their legs began to bring that horny feeling back and I could feel my pussy becoming wet as Jim snapped away. As Jim snapped another picture of my wet pussy I leaned forward onto my knees catching him by surprise. The feeling of being spit roasted by 2 horny guys was to much as soon I was screaming with Jims cock in my mouth as I came. I sucked my pussy juice from my boyfriends cock as Jim fucked me in the ass. This caused Jim to pick up his pace as well and soon he began to groan as I felt his explode in my ass.

Taken by a stranger in public

anal laradirtygirl 2018-11-19

I wasn’t far from town when I felt a hand on my hip, the guy quickly guided me into an old concrete bus stop we were passing, “Shhhh,” he told me, “I noticed you at the ball, you are hot as fuck,” He was slurring his words slightly and I could smell alcohol on his breath. But… Then I felt it, the bulge in his suit trousers, by the time I had let my mind drift, in my drunken haze he had pulled me tight into him and was kissing me, one hand on my ass as he thrust his stiff cock into me. I pulled my gown back down, left the bus stop and started walking into town again as warm cum ran from my ass.

Naughty weekend

anal laradirtygirl 2018-11-12

With Chris sucking my nipples and my hands franticly rubbing my clit and finger fucking my wet pussy it wasn’t long before I was screaming as I came right there and then on the back seat of the taxi as the driver watched me. Without saying a word I opened the night porters trousers and pulled them down, along with his underwear, exposing his young 18 year old rock hard cock. The feeling of his cock in my ass and his hands on my clit were too much, I screamed as I came yet again, my ass tightening round his shaft, his pace quickened even more and with a grunt he came inside me, I felt his cum fill my tight ass shooting deep inside my the hot spunk forcing its way deep into my ass, this made me cum harder still.

Horny dogging session

group laradirtygirl 2018-11-07

When I went back to sucking my partner I felt him run his fingers up and down my soaking wet slit covering them in my juices. He positioned himself behind me and began to run his helmet up and down my pussy lips coating it in the spunk mixed with my juices that was leaking from my well fucked cunt. I braced myself as he eased his thick spunk covered cock past my ass hole and slowly slid his length inside me. He began to tell me that he was going to cum, he grabbed my hair as I felt him explode inside me firing shot after shot of spunk deep into my ass hole.

Black guy holiday fuck

interracial laradirtygirl 2018-11-01

I took great pleasure in stripping out of my bikini top to sunbathe on the beach, pretending not to notice the looks I was getting from guys and girls as they checked out my large breasts. I walked inside and could hear Romey whistling to himself as he cleaned the large shower cubical at the far end of the block. I managed to reply, quickening his pace again I felt his cock begin to throb and he groaned as he began to pump his hot spunk deep inside my well fucked pussy filling me up with it causing me to shudder as another massive orgasm tore through me.