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Free erotic stories by leggielibby on AdultRead

Indian Summer

lesbian leggielibby 2018-12-03

Amy groaned aloud at this, a deep groan of animal pleasure and I could see her nipples hard against the soft material of her tee shirt, her panties now soaked and clinging to her lips. I released her foot to change legs, but she slid her foot back to my breast and used it to caress me, catching my nipple between her big and second toes, gently catching and squeezing my nipple, sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body. I gently drew her hood back, her clit like her labia was an outie, constantly poised to aid her pleasure, I’ve known her to cum just from wearing tight shorts.

Three Days Before Christmas

lesbian leggielibby 2018-12-02

With that Jill turns and takes hold of my upper arms, then leans forward to kiss me again, firmly this time, her tongue parting my lips, running over my teeth, probing my mouth, which is still fizzy with champagne. Cupping my face Jill lifts my head from her breast and leans back on the couch before lifting and parting those long red legs, “You like?” She asks, her voice deep and husky with lust. Jill’s finger fucks me, hard and fast, I’m screaming, thrashing on the floor, as my orgasm takes my breath away, I can hear her shouting, “CUM Lucy, CUM for me.” I’m naked, the stocking has gone and Jill is holding my face to her breast, stroking my hair, planting little kisses on my forehead, “Hi Hun,” she smiles at me.

Seat 23E

lesbian leggielibby 2018-11-30

Penny was waiting for me at the galley area, “You look like you need rescuing,” she smiled at me, and I swear my pussy throbbed in response. I felt her hand slip beneath my skirt, her fingers lifting and stretching my thong tight against my pussy, she was flossing my slit. Her hands gripped my butt cheeks and pulled me forward to meet her advancing face, her tongue lapped hard against my slit, I squealed in pleasure as she sucked my lips between her own. Sweet and syrupy it oozed from her core, and I wanted more, stiffening my tongue I pushed deep into her pussy as I lifted her legs higher spreading her thighs apart.

Rachel And Sami Go Camping

lesbian leggielibby 2018-11-20

“This is going to be an awesome week,” chorused the Aimee and Lisa from the back seat as they locked lips in a long deep kiss, their bare breasts mashed together. I looked at Sami, she was staring trance-like at Charlie whose tee largely transparent from the being wet had tented over her firm full breasts. Now naked she paused to run a hand between her thighs, letting her fingers trail through her slick lips before raising both hands to cup her breasts, and then grip her swollen nipples between thumb and forefinger. Lisa had pushed her covers clear and was already naked, she was tracing the outline of her pussy lips, lightly, while she watched Charlie and Sami.

A Hard Nights Work Part 2

lesbian leggielibby 2018-11-19

We don’t want to disturb the neighbours, do we?” As she speaks so she rhythmically swipes my ass, the light stings building into real pain as each new swipe hits a previously tenderised spot. A long groan escapes my lips as my ass is invaded, stretched, a sharp hot pain and then throbbing and a sense of being so, so full. “Turn to face me.” She sounds more tender and I turn in to a long tongue laden kiss, her hands caressing my sides, stroking my hot ass, still throbbing from the flogger and now full of cold steel. My senses are overwhelmed, my ass freshly flogged and bunged and now my nipples burning and all I want to do is cum, my clit throbbing, like toothache, with need.

New Friends

lesbian leggielibby 2018-11-18

I froze, all I could hear was the zipper parting and then the dark silk fluttered to the floor leaving Julie in her sheer black thigh highs and heels, no panties and no bra as such, just two strips of adhesive tape to hold her firm breasts in place. Julie smirked and slowly drew a finger along the line of her pussy, “Oh Fuck, Sophie, look what you’ve done to me,” with that she quickly stepped forward and wiped her juice across my lips, slipping her finger into my mouth. Then it stopped and Julie was holding me in her arms, my cheek against her breasts, our cum mixing and drying on her skin, “Sophie, I’m pleased to tell you that you are most definitely lesbian,” she whispered, “Oh, and I very much think I love you.”

A or B ? Part two

lesbian leggielibby 2018-11-17

“Fuck yes, please make me cum,” that’s all the invitation a good girl needs, so I started scissoring her pussy, stretching her wide, then filling her deep, curling my fingers to catch her every inner surface before pulling my fingers clear and leaving her wet hole gaping. Isabelle took another sip of her wine before leaning forward to kiss me softly on the lips, her full wet mouth met mine, and we twirled tongues. “It takes a little getting used to, but I love the feeling this gives.” Isabelle had moved to look me in the eyes and gently kiss my face as she ensured I was okay.

Healing Myself

lesbian leggielibby 2018-11-13

I could feel myself heat up, a warmth that started deep inside me and washed up through my body, colouring my face as I caught myself staring at Becky. “So, that’s it, basic but comfortable.” Becky headed toward the jetty and I walked with her, “I check the flags morning and evening so if you need anything just let me know.” As the storm moved away across the sea leaving just the rain to fall I turned to Becky, “Guess it’s time to turn in, you own this place so you know there’s only the one bed, so are you happy sharing or...

Rachel and Sami

lesbian leggielibby 2018-11-09

I slipped out of my tee shirt and started to stroke my breasts, gently lifting them away from my body, feeling my fingertips dragging on the sensitive undersides. The following day started off as usual but after college when we went up to our room to kick back and work on our assignments Sam was very quiet. “It will give Sam a chance to show her new look,” Mum said as she hugged her. “You look gorgeous, Sam. Nobody will notice Rachel.” She smiled at me as she said this. So more snipping and this time my fingers were parting her lips, stretching her out to make the hairs rise and, I admit, stroking a little more than was strictly necessary.

Carla's Party

lesbian leggielibby 2018-11-07

Nurses, policewomen, angels, fairies and me as an elf in a tight green tee shirt with maroon shorts cut high on the cheeks, heavy knit green thigh socks with black knee boots and a silly little elf hat. I turned to reveal myself to Christine, bare except for my long socks and the red pearl thong. She turned her head and inhaled deeply before running her tongue along my pussy lips, the tip applying pressure to each pearl and I shaked with lust, my knees weakening. Then her strong fingers were in my pussy, stretching me and tapping my clit. “Oh fuck yes!” Then she pushed the plug in, cold hard and solid, just shoved in hard and I’m gone, I lost it, my body was on fire.

A Hard Nights Work

lesbian leggielibby 2018-11-01

It was my second week waitressing at a new sports bar, and I was still trying to feel comfortable in the new uniform: black baseball boots, thigh high black sports socks, really clingy Lycra shorts and a silky skin tight basketball vest that was knotted beneath my breasts. I struggled to push away but her hold was firm and then she stepped back and looked at me; amazing deep green eyes glinting with amusement and defiance. I could feel the leather rubbing against my lips, see my juices smearing along her shin and on the knee as I fucked her leg. As her breath returned she staggered off the keg, and kissed me hard on the lips, tasting herself as she cleaned my face.

Rachel and Sami have a sleepover

lesbian leggielibby 2018-11-01

Sami, Charlie and I while Aimee and Lisa spread towels and heated the wax. A beautiful warm clinging heat enveloped my mound as Aimee applied the wax, followed by the pressure of her fingers as she firmed the cotton square against my throbbing lips. As I looked they parted and Sami dropped her head to Charlie’s pussy, she pulled her dark lips open to reveal a bright pink core. Sami had the rabbit vibe deep inside Charlie’s pussy, each touch of the ears against her clit sending another wave of ecstasy through her toned body, her six pack rigid in her pleasure. Lisa used one hand to stroke from pussy to anus, smearing cum and lube between the two orifices as Aimee quivered and groaned.

The Christmas Draw

lesbian leggielibby 2018-02-12

I watched fascinated as Bex opened a black silk blindfold and carefully tied it around my lover’s head, she then gathered Jen’s long dark hair and top-knotted it, “We don’t want it getting caught in the straps,” she explained. Opal took my hands and pulled me to my feet before slipping the fastener and dropping my skirt to the floor, “Sweet cunt Libby, sweet cunt,” she cupped my wet mound, looking me straight in the eye as she said it. Eventually, I sat up and looked about the bedroom, Bex and Opal were now entwined in a long lingering embrace, Cheryl and Debs were cuddled up on the bed, and my darling Jen, naked and cum smeared was gently stroking my hair and peppering my neck with light little kisses.