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Free erotic stories by leppy80 on AdultRead

Self Loving - Masturbation For You

mastrubation leppy80 2018-12-03

My left hand slides your dress strap off your shoulder and down your arm, my mouth gently kissing your shoulder. My lips gently kiss your body as I move to your left shoulder, releasing the second strap of your dress. My left arm supports your back as my right hand massages your ass, my right middle finger teasing your anal sphincter. I can feel you tensing up in my arms and suddenly, with a violent shudder, you orgasm on my tongue with your ass clamping hard on my finger. I can feel your tongue on my ass, licking and poking my ass hole, while your hands grip my hard leaking cock.

How I Lost My Virginity - An Unexpected Threesome

first-time leppy80 2018-11-27

Sam and Chris had been out the night before and had ended up bringing two sisters, Sarah and Edith, back to our house. Moving forward a couple of weeks, to the evening before the night that it all happened, Sam and I headed to the pub straight after work. Sarah looked hesitant, pausing and looking at me, and then back to Sam. Suddenly she slid down off the couch and sat on the floor, spreading her legs, revealing her pussy to me for the first time. Sam stood up and slid my couch against the door, and walking back to Sarah, positioned himself between Sarah's open legs and slid his now erect again cock into her pussy.

My First Experience

first-time leppy80 2018-11-26

Laura came to stay in my house with two other females after they enrolled in a local college campus. Initially I felt no attraction towards her, but that changed as time went on and we got to know each other. Laura and I started flirting, while her room mate was flirting with my friend Greg. She grabbed at my crotch and her eyes opened wide as she gasped, "Oh my, what have we here?" Laura leaned back against the wall and spread her legs, pulling me in towards her and grabbing my arse and started grinding her crotch onto mine. I stood back and pulled down my pants, grabbing her hand and placing it on my now rock hard, ready to explode, cock.

Confessions Of A Massage Therapist (Part 2)

mature leppy80 2018-11-20

I turned and led the way to my treatment room, opened the door and Samantha followed me in. Samantha gave a little grunt from time to time, and I checked to make sure she was okay, getting a whispered, "Yes" in return. Before I could react Samantha, with a slight brush of her right hand, tugged at the towel covering her. Samantha lifted her self up on the table and turned over, the towel covering her dropping to the floor. Samantha sat up and look at me, and took in the sight of my fully erect cock. Samantha removed her finger from my ass and stood up, pulled me in close to her and gave me a deep, passionate kiss.

Remembering Sarah - Our Night Of Sizzling Passion

anal leppy80 2018-11-07

By now Sarah had stopped sucking my cock and was now moaning and gasping as I worked my hand between her ass and pussy. Not needing a second invitation, I spread her ass cheeks with both hands and guided my cock inside her red, wet, swollen, puffy pussy. I reached around underneath Sarah with my right hand and rubbed her pussy, coating my fingers in her juices. I pulled my rock hard cock from her pussy and placed it at the entrance of her ass, gently pushing forward to gain entrance to her anal cavity. I pushed in hard and deep and held my cock in place as I shot my cum load deep inside Sarah's ass.

Confessions Of A Massage Therapist (Part 1)

mature leppy80 2018-10-30

As a massage therapist for the last number of years, I have gained much satisfaction from knowing that my hands have helped people and made them happy. We left our garrison mess fairly tipsy, Nicole had been grabbing my eye throughout the night, staring straight into my eyes across the room and smiling broadly like a cheshire cat every time our eyes met. A few of the guys took turns on the treatment table and I gave them a quick back massage. Both hands started working each of her shoulders and she let out a little moan of pleasure. As I got off the table, Nicole asked "Did you enjoy that?"