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Free erotic stories by mark5air on AdultRead


voyeur mark5air 2018-09-22

I was laying on my bed on my back, stroking to a Penthouse, when I had a thought to have my s****r catch me.( she was slender had a great chest and I had spied on her getting off several times). I could hear her walking down the hallway as I was stroking. Then I could hear one of the drawers slowwlllly open, then close. Then the next slooowllly open, all the while I was stroking and getting even harder and hotter knowing she was watching. I began stroking faster bucking my hips into my hand then finally let loose, shooting cum all over my stomach and chest. I could tell it was then that she walked away as I heard her bedroom door close.

s*s-in-law's white night shirt

mastrubation mark5air 2018-07-05

Every time we went to the beach I would sneek looks at her big beautiful tits straining under her bikini top. As I looked over I realized I could see her nipples and aerola's right through the shirt. I started getting hard right away and couldn't peel my eyes from her. Though i think she knew i was watching and was putting on a little show for me. After breakfast I went to take a shower and just couldn't hold back any more. When i got in I filled my hand with hair conditioner and started stroking faster and faster imagining Lynn standing there big gorgeous tits swaying and bobbing as her moved and seeing her erect nipples was too much. I still jack off thinking about.

Outdoor masturbation

mastrubation mark5air 2018-04-10

For years I would drive up to the local mountains and back into the woods. I love to sit on a rock or log while flipping through the mags and stroking myself through my jeans. After a while, feeling more and more horny, I would strip off my clothes. The feeling of the cool mountain air with the warm sun on the skin felt sooo fantastic! laying out on the rock or in the grass was incredible! Finding a nice big rock to lay back and stroke myself on. Feeling the cool rock along with the breeze and the sun while stroking my hard cock faster and faster I couldn't take it any more.

Watching through the hole

mastrubation mark5air 2018-03-07

(it was a thin sheet of plywood) there was a small hole in the wall in which I could see her bed. I would get down on my hands and knees ( the hole was low on the wall ) and watch in awe as she would lay on her stomach humping her hand. So many times I was humping the air faster and faster. Though some times I would grap a pillow and put it between my legs and hump that. A few times I actually started cumming without even touching myself, but the feeling was so intense I had to finish off by stroking. There were times I could swear she had 8 to 10 orgasms.

Holding her tit

voyeur mark5air 2018-02-08

My wife was upstairs in bed while I was getting more and more horny. The warm water mixed with a little soap and sliding my hand up and down my hard shaft felt great. My wife was sound asl**p, so I slid into bed quietly so I wouldn't wake her. Carefully I reached over and extremely slowly eased my hand onto her soft breast. While holding her tit I slid my other hand down into my shorts and pulled my cock out. I started stroking slowly, but I was so horny I knew I wouldn't last long. Slowly I eased my hand back off my wife's warm soft tit and rolled over and fell into a deep satisfied sl**p.