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Free erotic stories by medicdave on AdultRead

My Teacher the MILF

mastrubation medicdave 2018-09-03

Opening up on the screen was a picture of Mrs. Brown laying on a bed naked. When I got home I couldn't wait to see the picture of Mrs. Brown again. Then there were also pics of Mrs. Brown sitting on a cock, and sitting on a mans face. I took out the one picture of Mrs. Brown and Mr. Olson that I had put in my backpack separate from the others and laid it on the table. After class she told me that she had talked to Mr. Olson and that I should turn over all the pictures to him and that I would not be disciplined.

2 MILF Teachers Part 3

mature medicdave 2018-08-27

While Kate was licking my cock and June was on my face I heard another female say that it was enough. Rhonda said that I better leave a lot of saliva on the dildo or my ass wasn't going to like it. She then started stroking my cock and told June to sit back on my face, As June was sitting on my face and Rhonda stroking my cock I felt the head of the dildo penetrate my ass. Then Rhonda told Kate and June to lick me clean and make sure to share the goods with me. I told her "It wasn't bad." Rhonda still had the dildo in my ass, But hadn't been moving in a bit. Kate and June had started licking and sucking my cock as Rhonda fucked my ass with her plastic dildo.

My Revenge on s*s

mastrubation medicdave 2018-08-24

The next weekend Babs was getting ready to go to a bar and told Mom and I to make sure we were good subjects and she may reward us when she got home. But she had to stop talking as Mom sat down on her face and told her to start lapping her ass. She came again as I was fucking her and Mom put on a strapon and started sliding it in her ass. We came back and Babs was laying there still tied to the bed Mom picked up a feather and started rubbing Babs sides with it. Mom went and got a large towel and slid it under Babs and told her go ahead.


2 MILF Teachers Part 2

mature medicdave 2018-08-18

Friday before break I told Kate and June that they should get us a room for a few days at a nice resort. My cock got hard and Kate started sucking me while June was rubbing my nut sack. As June came all over my finger I shot a load into Kates mouth. Both Kate and I were on the couch naked watching as June answered the door. I pushed Kate back on the couch and leaned over and started licking her pussy lips. I held it there not moving out and looked over and June was sliding a dildo in and out of her pussy as she watched us. June came on my face and I shot a load up into Kates pussy.


hardcore medicdave 2018-07-30

One Saturday I was doing a game and I saw this gorgeous lady in the stands. When I got there she answered in a robe and said she was heading for the hot tub. We went into a gorgeous backyard and the hot tub was emitting steam. When I turned around and she saw my hard on. She laid back and spread her legs and said "Time to return the favor" I dove into her pussy face first. She got me to slow down and I was tongue fucking her pussy. After about 20 mins she rolled me over onto my back and strattled my face and she started grinding her pussy into my face...

s****rs Return

lesbian medicdave 2018-05-15

So Mom, Aunt Judy, and I decided that we had better have me move back into my room for a while at least until my s****r Barbara (Babs) had either left back for college or knew about our living arrangements. As I continued fucking Judy bent over the sink mom started playing with my nut sack as she licked my asshole. Judy said Oh no dear, and your mom taught him really well on how to please a lady using his tongue.....Babs said Really now. Judy told Babs how I had come with mom lickig my asshole and Babs said she was glad that I liked it.

Mom II

mature medicdave 2018-05-06

When I came in Mom told me that Aunt Judy's Husband had left her and that she would be staying with us for a few days. When I came home Mom and Judy had already opened a bottle of wine and were working on it pretty good. My cock was getting hard and I started rubbing it when the door opened and My Aunt Judy and Mom walked in the bathroom. I was trying to cover myself when My Aunt said your mom told me you were pretty good at eating pussy. Judy got off and Mom positioned herself over my face and settled in while I started lashing her pussy with my tongue. When she got off, Judy laid back on the bed and Mom started eating her pussy.

My First MILF

mature medicdave 2018-04-22

I tried to tell her I just saw her when she reached over and rubbed my crotch. As I stood rubbing oil on her shoulders with my crotch inches from her face. She said I see you like feeling my body.... After gulping her drink she reached over and pulled my shorts down then she started rubbing my balls and seemed to really enjoy it. She said come on and we went and got in the shower. After she came she pushed me off and said her husband would be home soon. I went home and took a quick shower before my folks got home. The next day as I watched Justine in her back yard I took my cock out and stroked it.

My Weekend Part 2

mature medicdave 2018-02-24

Tina told me to go take a shower and she had some errands to run and would be back later. Tina stood up and walked into the living room and started watching the porno movie. After what seemed like an extremely long time (2 or 3 mins) Tina stood up and took off her clothes. Tina laid back on the couch and told me to slowly line my cock up to enter her vagina. I was in heaven having my cock inside of Tina. As I started building Tina knew I was about to cum also and she started manipulating her lips squeezing my cock over and over. Tina told me that she needed a shower and would I join her.

Girlfriend, her mom and me

group medicdave 2018-02-16

One night after Wendy had been sucking my cock, she asked me to cum on her face. I pulled Judy into the living room and sat on the couch and told her I saw her last night in the hallway and if she didn't do what I told her that I would have to tell Wendy. I pushed Judy onto the bed next to Wendy and as I moved on top of her my cock slid into her juicy pussy. After I had fucked Judy to a couple orgasms, I pulled out and moved up so I could shoot my load all over Wendys face. As they were kissing I was rubbing Wendys pussy and she was wetter than she was earlier when I had fucked her.

The Traffic Stop

fetish medicdave 2018-02-04

This beautiful female cop came to the window and I gave her my license and registration when she told me to get out of the car. I look over and my GF is standing at the front of the car watching. My GF is handcuffed also and the cop pushes her pants down. As I watch this my cock starts rising again. I step behind her and the cop positions my cock at my GFs pussy. I am handcuffed fucking my GF while this beautiful cop watches and masturbates. When I step back the cop licks our juices off my cock and proceeds to bury her face in my GFs pussy licking her and tongue fucking her.

Two MILF Teachers

hardcore medicdave 2018-01-24

A couple days later I went to Mrs. Meyers room armed with pictures in my bag. I told Mrs. Meyers that she should suck me off. The next day I took Mrs. Brown to the motel and left the room number on my dash. Mrs. Brown ran to the bathroom and I looked out and saw Mrs. Meyers wearing a simple dress but with low cleavage line. I started licking and kissing her wet pussy when Mrs. Brown walked out of the bathroom naked of course. I told Mrs. Meyers since she just arrived that she could suck my cock while Mrs. Brown sat on my face. As the ladies fell off of me, Mrs Meyers moved down and started eating my cum out of Mrs. Browns pussy.

My Weekend Part I

mature medicdave 2017-12-24

When Tina asked me "So young man, would you care to explain yourself here." I stammered a few things about falling asl**p before my shower or something to that nature. Tina told me my mom wanted her to stop y to make sure I didn't just spend all day in bed. I guess I was taking too long because Tina came in and asked me how many times I had cum the night before. When I gained the courage to go back out to the living room Tina asked me "So, are you still a virgin?" unfortunately I think I was the only guy at my school who was. After a few minutes I felt myself loading up to blow and I told Tina that I was getting close.

Aunt in Heat

mastrubation medicdave 2017-12-18

I slid my zipper down and pulled out my cock and started stroking it slowly as I watched Aunt Sarah fuck herself with the rubber cock. As I showered I couldn't get the image of my Aunt fucking herself with the dildo and the fact that she was thinking about me got my cock hard again. My Aunts tongue slid inside my mouth as she turned towards me and asked if I wanted to go to the bedroom with her. We got there and the rubber cock was still on the night stand (I think she was planning on using it again) I asked her why she needed that.

Neighborhood MILF

mature medicdave 2017-12-04

When Sandy asked what I wanted I told her how surprised I was to see her dancing at the club. I told Sandy about this and how I wanted to lick her pussy. I continued doing this and she moved her hand down and said lick here as she separated her lips with her finger. I told her that I loved the taste and she pulled my head down pushing my face into her pussy. She came again and I shot a load all over her pussy lips and clit. All of the sudden the curtain got pulled back and Sandy stepped in with me and asked if I needed my back washed.

I Was the Lesbians First

lesbian medicdave 2017-10-12

She told me that Amy had told her that I was very good at eating pussy. I told her that I did enjoy eating pussy ALOT. Now I really blushed because I had wished I could eat Karen out for a couple months. I licked up her lips again but this time did a couple laps around her clitoris with my tongue. When I started fucking her with my tongue and my nose was mashed against her clit Karen screamed and came all over my face. After her orgasm, Karen settled back and said that Amy hadn't lied. She scooped up a little of my spunk on her finger and touched her lips. I was shocked when Amy walked in kissed Karen and said.