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Free erotic stories by myhiddendesire2769 on AdultRead

Allie's Interludes Ch. 02

lesbian myhiddendesire2769 2018-09-16

She started out by rubbing her hand over my pussy and slowly pulling my panties down and tossing them onto the floor by my shirt and bra. My body began tightening up and my hips rocked against her hand and her face as I started to cum. I licked and kissed my way down her body and stopped as I slid her skirt down her thighs and tossed it onto the ground with my clothes. I slowly began tasting her pussy starting with her clit, running my tongue up and down her and then delving deep into her hole. I then slid my finger slowly into her dripping pussy and began fingering her as she had done to me all the while, sucking and licking her clit.

Comforting Larissa

group myhiddendesire2769 2018-08-18

As I stepped out of the hall, I saw Tommy, Larissa's boyfriend storming off. I strolled down the hall to Larissa where she sat in her room, sitting on the couch with tears streaming down her beautiful cheeks. Larissa was so encompassed in my massage she didn't notice Tommy slip into the room and hide behind a clothing rack. Meanwhile, I was getting so hot and bothered, I went over to Larissa and sat on her face. Tommy slid his hand up on my hip and held me there as Larissa kept tongue fucking me. I reached my hand down and rubbed my clit fast and screamed as I came all over Larissa's innocent face.


Allie's Interludes Ch. 03

lesbian myhiddendesire2769 2018-07-22

Looking up at her, I knelt down and began licking her wet pussy, slowly, tantalizingly, torturing her with sweet pleasure. I used my other hand to expose her swollen clit and slapped it with the dildo a few times, pleasure streaking through her body. As her climax built up, I joined her on the bed and slowly started to insert the other end of the double dildo into my own dripping wet cunt. I removed the fake cock from my twitching cunt and began licking Corinne's clit as her orgasm began to subside. My hands pushed the dildo further into her overworked cunt as another orgasm blasted through Corinne's body.

Meri and Ellie at Myrtle Beach

lesbian myhiddendesire2769 2018-07-04

As the next song came over the speakers, I felt Ellie's hands pulling me farther up her leg, grabbing my ass. "I don't want you to feel weird Meri, but when you went to the bathroom on the plane and I started reading your magazine, it made me so fucking wet thinking about you. I slid my hand down to her swollen cunt and began stroking my finger against her clit. "I thought you disappeared," she said as she lay on the bed looking so fucking hot as she slowly fingered her own wet cunt. I let out a small moan as my little cock fucked me each and every time I thrust deep into Ellie's tight pussy.

One Night with Love

celebrities myhiddendesire2769 2018-04-01

I kept thinking about Love and I finally came with a loud grunt, letting my cum drip all over my hand and the bed. "My now ex-girlfriend said she needed some time to figure out what she wanted ant I was putting in about 50-60 hour work weeks. She pulled my whole dick in her small mouth inch by inch and I looked down at her head bobbing up and down, I felt like I was dying in the slurping sounds she was emitting. I grunted and thrust into her cunt deep and hard, she let out one final scream as my cum burst forth and sprayed deep within her pussy walls.

Arabelle's Library Break

mastrubation myhiddendesire2769 2017-12-27

Master Chellie went round to Kara's ass. That's right," as Master Chellie spanked her again and again until Kara's ass was red and swollen. Master Chellie told Kara to stand with her hands behind her back and her legs spread apart. Then Master Chellie touched Kara's lovely breasts roughly and pulled on her nipples until they were standing at attention. Master Chellie slid two fingers into Kara's slit as her tongue continued to work her clit. Oh, ohhh," as Kara climaxed, her juices filling Master Chellie's mouth and running down her face. She felt her orgasm so close to her and she furiously pounded her pussy with her fingers and pulled on her tits until she screamed as her orgasm swept through her body.

The Virgin

first-time myhiddendesire2769 2017-10-25

Even though he sounded as if he was joking, he wanted Anna's tight virgin hole stretching to fit around him. He wanted to feel her tight pussy clenching his thick cock, strangling him until he burst with pleasure. He grabbed Anna by the nape of her neck and with the other hand he gripped his cock and guided her mouth to it. He threw his head back as he began pumping his hips in a steady rhythm and Anna reached her hand out and massaged his balls. He then moved between her legs, grabbed his cock with his hand and rubbed it along her slit getting it nice and wet with her juices.

Lynn and Chelsea's Surprise

lesbian myhiddendesire2769 2017-10-12

This is Lynn's birthday surprise, but I think it'll help you too Chels," came Karyn's voice. She then pulled my thong all the way off and I heard Chelsea cry out in pleasure as Karyn fingered her. I quickly pulled on the strap-on and set to fuck Chelsea's tight pussy. Karyn and Jenna were on each side of Chelsea and were fondling, sucking, and kissing her. Jenna moved off the couch and onto the floor beneath me and began to lick my pussy as I fucked Chelsea. After Chelsea's orgasm subsided, I slid the dildo out of her and Jenna began sucking it like a real dick. Jenna rammed the cock into my pussy hard and fast, she knew that's how I liked it.