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the best way to end a dry spell

interracial myssterymann 2018-07-29

"let me get a new shirt" she said and disappeared around the corner, "open the wine and put the pizza in, feel like a movie?" she yelled and i did both. we'd always been friends but it was hard to hide what i was thinking and she made sure to let me know she knew. the thing about being in a slump is that, as eddie murphy said in 48 hours, your dick can get hard when the wind blows. first she took off her shorts and her ass stood firm and round, then she pulled off her wife beater and her breasts were beautiful, and i'm not a breast man.

christmas came early this year...but i didn't

anal myssterymann 2018-07-25

good thing i did, because after i threw together something to eat for us, and two bottles of wine later, i saw that "if you keep acting right you can get some of this" smile on her face. as she undressed i couldn't help marvel at how great her body looked, which she noticed and smiled, then said the magic words, "i haven't had it in my ass in forever, now i want you to pound it good for me." in case you didn't know, i'm an ass man and i love giving anal. i don't know at what point i fell asl**p but she never stopped riding me with her pussy and asshole, at least not that i remember (we had had 3 bottles of wine).

i'm still hot for teacher

hardcore myssterymann 2018-03-31

jackie came over and we sipped some wine and she mentioned that i hadn't cooked for her in a long time. normally, you guys know that i generally stumble into pussy, but this time it wasn't going to be an accident. a few glasses of wine and some sauteed veggies later, she was giggly and touchy-feely (you know how they touch your arm), and looking very cute. she's still very flexible and opened her legs widely to let me in and i ate like a greedy c***d then, after she'd cum a few times, i entered her with precum dripping from the tip of my dick i was so aroused. this time she grabbed me tight as we came again, and i wasn't pulling out for anything.

the one time i get to be with a "10"...

humor myssterymann 2018-03-23

after getting reached over and around and spilled on a few times, i figured i'd better move around a little bit so as not to smell completely like a still if the cops pulled me over on the way home. tomorrow or any day soon, i'd like to meet you for coffee and get to know you." she kept smiling and blushing and the i realized that she was with several other women who were smiling and giggling a little as well. knowing that i was so turned on by her, penetration could be over before she knew what happened, i started trying to think about any and everything else besides how good she was going to feel wrapped around me.

sinning with the schoolteacher

hardcore myssterymann 2018-03-04

by the time we left, we were both feeling good and i could tell by the way she was touching me as i walked her to her car that my afternoon was going to be full as long as i played the next move correctly. i've said this before but it deserves repeating: there is nothing like the feeling of the first time your dick enters a woman's pussy. i don't know who squealed louder, her or me, but this time, instead of the slow rhythmic way she rode me before, once i was balls deep in her ass she started bouncing up and down on my cock like it was a pogo stick.

some things never get old...and some people too

hardcore myssterymann 2017-11-25

a couple of my exes gave great head, one had a pussy she gave great head and would ride me like a rodeo queen, then next thing i know she'd be sticking my dick in her ass and riding even harder. almost came a second time before i finally felt her body making a woman cum turns me on so my dick stiffened and i little bit and started to wiggle her pussy all over my face ass down on my dick and started to ride. stays in good shape so her naked body was firm but her ass mouth, pussy or ass but cumming in her ass is like a treat second bottle of wine and we laid around naked and drinking

the white lace lingerie

hardcore myssterymann 2017-11-01

given the fact that i was in the midst of a dry spell, i was pretty close to letting go before things got good, so i told her, "baby, if you don't slow down you're gonna get a mouthfull" to which she replied by sucking me harder and saying "mmmhmmm". she still had on that gorgeous lingerie and despite having just spent my load, i stayed hard as a rock because she looked amazing and felt even better, her pussy wet and tightly gripping my cock. brittany was fucking the living shit outta me, all the while with a smile on her face, at least until she started to feel herself cumming.