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Free erotic stories by naughnukk on AdultRead

The Call Of The Wild

first-time naughnukk 2018-11-18

I scooped up a serving of stew and poured a cup of cider for myself and sat down near the fire opposite of Clara. I removed a narrow foam cushion from my back pack and placed the sleeping bag over it. Clara set herself down without saying a word. Clara started to giggle as she noticed the stiffness of my penis. Clara took my penis in her left hand and swallowed my entire shaft down her throat. Sex will happen, wonderful, natural, wild sex,” declared Clara as she positioned herself so she straddled my body. Her moist hot labia rested over my penis. This was the first time ever I felt the warmth of a woman’s body against mine. I became rigid and then exploded deep inside Clara's bucking body.

Inhibitions, None

hardcore naughnukk 2018-11-17

Her curvy hips and thighs glowed in the sunlight while deeper curves cast shadows that concealed another kind of beauty. She held her strong hips and legs firm like that of an experienced filly telling her mate that she is ready. Lee remained motionless and held Clara’s hips as waves of pleasure surged from the tip of his shaft and through his entire body. Lee held his hips tight and ground his pole deep inside her cunt. Clara quickly recovered from her erotic bliss and could feel Lee pull his fingers from her tight pussy and felt her juices squirt around his fingers. He could feel her vagina grow hot.Clara opened her eyes and saw the pleasure in her partner's eyes.

Inhibitions - What If She Finds Out?

anal naughnukk 2018-11-16

He had to get ready for school in an hour so he cleaned up his partner and placed her behind a panel in the closet and pulled the clothes over her. Lee was in the shower when the lustful thoughts of being with the real Clara overwhelmed him. Clara sensed Lee's arousal and immediately introduced him to a display where a woman was kneeling and fitted in a breeding harness and her partner was fitted with a huge dildo. Clara moved Lee's hand away from the dildo and secretly slid his hand under the harness and placed it on the bulge in Lee’s pants. "I thought Master Clara was..." Lee was about to ask but was cut short by the woman.

Inhibitions, Master Clara

anal naughnukk 2018-11-13

Come with me into the van,” the woman said pulling her long penis out of my anus. Come to me, my slave,” Clara said as she stepped around me and started to grope the woman who was standing immediately behind me. The woman thrashed and squealed as Clara skillfully sucked the previously flaccid penis to its full eight inches long. With a quick up and down slide of her pussy she slid my entire penis inside her hot vagina in one motion. I relaxed my anus and soon felt a hot thick penis slid deep inside me. The slave was thrusting harder and deeper now and Clara’s pussy contractions pulled my penis deeper.