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Teach me

lesbian nightgirl45 2018-11-08

We went inside and sat on the couch and talked some more about how things are going to be different around here now with out the boys and then she stroked my hair and said " I will also really miss having you here ". I don't understand why but l think l wanted to look and feel like Kim and Elaine do all the time.      Elaine laughed and said " My little Rose is trying to change the subject " " We will start on Monday but for the next couple of days it is unwinding time and fun fun fun.

She turned me into a nympho

first-time nightgirl45 2018-11-06

Kim laughed and said " Yes silly...This is a free experience for couples and singles" She said " there is so much sexual energy here that every thing is so natural "      Well look at the time lets get back and have some dinner and then we can sit by the fire.      Then the music muted again and Kim said that Saki was going to give me a hair cut and give my pussey total exposure. I thought about the button then l said to myself " What the hell lets have the whole nine yards."      I could now feel Kims hands on my breasts and she was treating each one ever so softly and using both hands on one at a time.

Playin while hubby watches

first-time nightgirl45 2018-11-01

Now go and fuck this man's brains out and have the time of your life and leave the clean up to me." " Oh yes l love you so fucking much and l am getting close to cumming in my pants thinking of this event."      He was pumping and pumping and using his full shaft and going faster and faster and l actually had a black out orgasm for a couple of seconds but he was in full motion now and l could feel him grow inside me and l knew from his breathing and his size he was close to filling me up with cum for my Dougie.

Teach me more part 2

first-time nightgirl45 2018-10-30

     Elaine said for me to wait a minute and then she went back to a whimpering Kim and gave her the orgasm that she was longing for. Elaine and Kim dropped me off with a hug and a kiss and said that they would be listening to every thing and know when to pick me up.      I reached over and touched her shoulder " Tracy l really enjoy your company, Would you like to come up to my room for a drink and then let me take you to dinner " " You are the first person l met and l love your company "