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group p90sex90 2018-12-04

“Well, Allie, I’m looking forward to the time that we are going to spend together this week”, and with that he smiled and moved on to other guests. Allie and Andre walked back to their room and spent some time looking through their wardrobe deciding on the appropriate outfit to wear for this evening’s meal and show. Andre could feel the tension and sensed that Allie wanted to talk it over with him, “My love, tonight is going to be your lucky night. I was not at that particular party, but reputation says that people tend to get to know each other very well at the parties that James Randal hosts.” She moved closer to Andre and placed her hand on his leg.

The P90SEX Adventures Part 2B

group p90sex90 2018-11-26

She had one massaging her breasts and upper front section; one bent down on his knees, squeezing her ass and taking care of the lower back section; one lying on the floor of the shower in front of her scrubbing up and down her legs carefully brushing over her pussy with every stroke; and one on her side rubbing himself up against her as he washed her back and neck. Natalie moved back and in unison Nadia and Allie lifted the buckets up over their heads and poured cold water all over Kim. She squealed with delight as her white business shirt became completely transparent. “My love did I just feel your cock twitch when Natalie orgasmed?” Nadia said to John.

P90sex Party Games for Adults Only

group p90sex90 2018-11-24

“This is Kim and Nadia from my work; Nadia’s husband John; and this is Andre and Allie that I have told you so much about," Natalie said. “Your fellow participants of this activity are: Allie, Nadia, John, Linda, and Andre," Natalie said replacing the ornaments one more time into the bowl. Andre leaned over and took his wife’s pussy into his mouth as she continued grinding on the vibrator with Kim. He poked and prodded at her clitoris with his tongue and moved over to give Linda enough space to do the same on Kim’s clitoris. Linda was feeling so good and so appreciative for what Allie had done that she reached over Kim and took Allie’s face into her hands.

P90sex adventure part 1

group p90sex90 2018-11-17

Allie whispered in my ear, “Those girls were curious about me not wearing any underwear tonight, and they told me that they thought you had lifted my skirt on purpose to show it off to either them or John, like a prize or something. Kim said “Were you even a little bit jealous of that guy who gave Allie her amazing orgasmic massage this afternoon?” Allie and John exited from the same side of the table and I saw him bring his hand to his mouth to smell and taste what was left on his fingers of Allie’s pussy. Kim took the opportunity to kiss and lick Allie’s pussy, tasting not only Allie, but the flavours of John as well.

P90SEX adventures part 2A

group p90sex90 2018-11-13

Incidentally, the couples were separated at the table; John sat between Natalie and Allie, and I sat between Nadia and Kim. We were quick to order our first round of drinks and started chatting about the evening to come while we perused the menu. I was in a bit of a daydream, admiring just how beautiful all our women were when I heard Nadia announce, “I don’t know about the rest of you ladies, but I would like to check to make sure that our men are respecting the deal that we made. As Nadia and Allie left the stage, the guys fixed the shower in place with its wide door facing the audience.

P90SEX Chaper 3: The beach party

group p90sex90 2018-11-11

Before long, Natalie offered to show Kim, Nadia and John to their rooms and they all went inside to change into their swimsuits. In no time, John was down on his knees in front of Kim. He lifted her legs over his shoulders to get a good position and started lapping immediately at her pussy. Linda directed us over to the room where Allie, Nadia, Natalie and Kim were all getting their bodies painted. I looked at John and we each took Natalie and Kim by the hand to join our women on the dance floor. Natalie reached around to grab for his cock and started feeling Kim rubbing her pussy against her hand.

P90SEX Allie’s squash tournament

group p90sex90 2018-10-29

Dave and Peter looked at both Allie and Shaun unsure if what she was saying was true and a huge smile appeared on their faces. “Peter, you need to squirt bubble bath into the spa and turn the jets on ; Dave, you need to help me out of my dress; and Shaun, you need to pick me up and lift me into the water, where the rest of you will be waiting for me.” Allie felt like quite the diva, but she knew that it was not going to be a problem for these aroused men. Faster now, faster.” Shaun got a good rhythm going and Allie synchronized his movements with her mouth on Dave’s penis together with the jerking of Peter’s cock.