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Free erotic stories by professorjames on AdultRead

The Adventurers' Club Pt. 05

bdsm professorjames 2018-09-29

"Just stay in position now." Kelly held the paddle across Ashley's ass cheeks parallel to the ground. A good over the knee spanking with either a hand or paddle is fun and can allow a lot of feeling around, but it usually isn't quite as painful as other positions. This was pretty much like the whipping frames they had been previously bound to, but after Kelly arranged her over the bar and fastened her ankles about a foot and a half apart, she pulled her hands down to fasten them near her ankles instead of straight out in front of her.

The Adventurers' Club Pt. 06

bdsm professorjames 2018-09-12

Ashley then got the KY for Laura and the two girls proceeded to lube and finger each other's rectums and finally to push in the tapered butt plugs until the muscles clamped around the narrow necks, leaving only the flared bases showing. By the time the pledges were released, Laura felt her muscles would be sore for days and that she thought she probably couldn't stand up, but was surprised to find that she was still as horny as ever. Laura couldn't believe the mix of sensations she was feeling: the almost too hot stuff filling her bowels, the teasing touch of Paul's body against her, the tremendously exciting feeling as he fucked her deeply, and the sting as the cat would snap against her ass or wrap itself around her thigh.

Double Vision Ch. 04

bdsm professorjames 2018-09-07

Those cute little asses are soon going to be awfully red." I held the door and motioned the two bound beauties into the large open area of the barn. "Stretched like this, I think you'll be able to appreciate the leather a little more, don't you?" I raised the whip and brought it down hard across Kristie's firm bottom. I moved Kristie over by her sister and reached out a hand to tug at Katie's nipple clamps. I removed the rod from Katie's elbows, releasing her from the post and started to turn her sister so her back was against it instead, when Katie said, "Her ass is empty, Dave.

The Adventurers' Club Pt. 04

bdsm professorjames 2018-07-23

Then she finally said, 'If you really want to know I'll tell you, but you've got to promise not to think there's something wrong with us. If you must know it's a spanking club.' I must have had a really strange look on my face because Suzanne quickly added, 'It's just a game. I think Tom mentioned to them that we might go camping for a couple of days while they were gone and I guess because Tom was nineteen and because they knew that Suzanne would be going with us they thought if would be okay. As we were lying on the rocks drying, Tom suddenly said, 'I understand you want to join our club?'"

Paid Vacation Pt. 01

bdsm professorjames 2018-07-10

"Look," Allison responded, "I like sex as much as you do. I know that sounds like a lot, especially if they were doing the same thing to the other girls, too, but, Ali, you won't believe how these guys could 'keep it up' so to speak. Then Kate said, "Look, we both know we love sex. Now both girls had their fingers busy as Kate described some of the things that had happened on her last trip. As Kate described being tied face to face - or maybe front to front would be a better description - with another girl while both were lashed with a cat of nine tails, Allison went over the top into orgasm.

The Adventurers' Club Pt. 03

bdsm professorjames 2018-07-10

Laura, Ashley, Kelly and Janet went to a table where they saw John, Brad, James, and another member, Peter. Kelly and Michael stood along with the pledges and led them from the room into the two studies, men in one, women in the other. Kelly went on to discuss some other club rules and then asked if there were any questions. They took turns asking each pledge to state their desire to join and swear to follow the club rules and secrecy requirements. "I would like to present this pledge, Laura, for membership." With that he took a pair of scissors and cut away her bra letting her breasts fall free. The club members, now all nude to the waist, went down the line welcoming each pledge.

Paid Vacation Pt. 02

bdsm professorjames 2018-06-27

"After all," Alison thought, "none of us are bad and he'll have plenty of time with each of us in the next two weeks." Ken released her, bound her hands behind her back and then stretched Sue in her place. By the time Kate lowered her mouth towards Alison's already hard nipples, all five of the men were watching the pair intently. In a couple of minutes the sounds of more play came to them and Alison looked over to see Sue and Barb beginning to engage in their own games. Finally Ken stopped and began to rub his hand lightly over the hot and red abused area.

Spice Plantation Ch. 01

bdsm professorjames 2018-06-27

By the time we entered, the fire was coming along nicely, and I added a couple of logs while Judy set the food on the floor by the blanket. I never knew exactly what he did then, but I did know he held several jobs until he moved to a plantation somewhere in the South Pacific in 1922 where he met his wife - my great aunt Susan - and worked there until just before World War II when the Japanese began their invasion of the islands in that part of the world. "I'll read it to you, but first I think we should do something to get you in the right frame of mind." Judy looked a question at me as I lay the book down and reached down for her hand.

Spice Plantation Ch. 04

bdsm professorjames 2018-06-20

As Nate moved behind one of the men and raised the whip, Susan leaned against me and confirmed my observations by saying, "These cats are soft. I wasn't sure how much of that to believe as Joan brought her arm down in a long, graceful arc which ended with the end of the whip crossing both of the man's stretched buttocks, the three fingered tail wrapping on around his left hip. After a dozen or so strokes Joan called something and the women reluctantly stepped back and handed the cats to Nate, but not before each going forward slightly and giving the man's balls another small squeeze.

XAd, Inc Pt. 03

bdsm professorjames 2018-06-14

Tyra was led to the stocks where she was seated on the wood plank, her legs stretched out in front of her, and her ankles spread about two feet apart and placed in the padded holes of the cross piece. Catlin had a pretty good idea what to expect, and found she was right as James used a soft camel hair brush to tickle her nipples and Thomas ran the edge of a feather up her open pussy lips. For the next fifteen minutes the six men along with Linda and Anne continued to move among the four bound girls, running a feather edge across Meg's anus, using a brush on Tyra's nipples and exposed feet, tormenting Mary relentlessly.

Double Vision Ch. 03

bdsm professorjames 2018-06-09

"That sounds like a good place to start," Katie said. We were standing in about three feet of water when we met and Kristie said, "You'll just have to warm us up until we do, then." With that she put her arms around me and began another one of those kisses. Their other hands were busy playing with my privates and stroking my ass and I didn't even notice they had me facing the post until they began to pull the ropes tight. She moved her mouth against my right ear and said, "We're going to really whip your ass, Dave. The two girls came over and began to feel my hot ass, gently stroking and letting their fingers run up the crack and across my anus.

XAd, Inc Pt. 04

bdsm professorjames 2018-06-02

At some point the thought crossed Catlin's mind that this day had been unusual in that she hadn't had any real sex for nearly eighteen hours. After far more orgasms of her own than she could count - as well as many, many more climaxes of her partners - Catlin began to reach the point where, while she still felt interested in sex, her mind was becoming slightly dulled and her body nearly exhausted. Catlin was seated between Robert and James and was kept in a constant state of arousal, not only by the hot show, but also by their hands stroking her breasts and the insides of her thighs.

The Hawk's Nest

bdsm professorjames 2018-05-16

Bob had said his cousin's (second cousin's?) Family had lived there until about six years ago when the grandfather had died and the father had moved closer to civilization - and a paying job. She was about to say what a splendid view it was when Bob suddenly put on a stern face and demanded in a voice which promised that it would accept no compromise, "My Lady Ellen, what are you doing on my lands?" And about three weeks ago Ellen, dressed in a plain skirt and blouse, her blonde hair hanging down below her shoulders making her look more like a freshman than a graduate student, had walked up to where Bob was doing homework and said, "Professor, I'm sorry I cut class and didn't get the report in on time.

The Club Pt. 04

bdsm professorjames 2018-05-04

The girls continued the talk along those lines for the next twenty minutes when Liz finally said, "So, tell me, has your sex life changed any in the last two weeks?" Neither of the other two said anything for a couple of seconds and Liz went on, "Look, I'm happy to say that Rick and I have found a number of new things to try. I don't think I'd have any interest in a club like that." Barb started to say something, but Liz held up her hand to stop her. "That sounds like the best idea," Barb said, and Liz agreed with her.

The Adventurers' Club Pt. 09

bdsm professorjames 2018-05-03

After the twenty minute workout, the pledges were once again led to the horizontal rail for their "morning whipping." But this time each was tied upside down, hanging by their ankles, while the members worked them over with the cats. The men simply rearranged with Brad entering Laura, Sean taking Ashley, and John plunging into Kelly. Back door this time." This time when the men shifted - Sean to Laura, John to Ashley, and Brad to Kelly - they used the girls' own juices to lubricate their rear openings. The male pledges and the women members had disappeared into the bath area off the dungeon and Laura heard occasional sounds of discomfort coming from that direction.

The Adventurers' Club Pt. 07

bdsm professorjames 2018-04-23

Tom pointed to Paul and while Kelly and Lori, his sponsor, bound him across a leather horse, explained, "Just to keep the anticipation high, and to remind you what we're going for, each of you will have your ass warmed before we go." When the final plug was in place in Laura's ass, the pledges were given their clothes for the trip and told to dress. In the shadows against the wall under the balcony were several large wooden devices, or pieces of furniture - Laura couldn't be sure what they were in the dim light. Paintings of naked men and women being bound and abused adorned the walls and there were often displays of bondage and torture devices hanging in the rooms.

XAd, Inc

bdsm professorjames 2018-04-19

As it turned out there was another girl there with the same birthday and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" (with a couple of ribald verses) to them and then someone began chanting "Birthday spanking, Birthday spanking." Everyone seemed to take it up and finally Catlin and the other girl - her name was Bonnie, she remembered - had agreed. For some time Catlin didn't answer., but Rick waited patiently while she thought things through. Catlin had never, even in her fantasies, considered selling herself for sex, but somehow this didn't sound exactly like prostitution. Catlin had never had anal sex and in fact had been a little afraid of it even though the idea actually sounded very exciting. She still wasn't sure she really wanted to try it, but the contract clearly stated - just as Rick had said - that she could veto any activity she didn't want.

The Club Pt. 02

bdsm professorjames 2018-04-19

The men both said that that sounded fine and Liz said, "Great." Barb and Janet smiled slightly and nodded, but without showing any real interest. Janet looked at the three men for a few seconds and then said, "Well, if you guys can, so can we," and quickly pulled off her own shirt. When the sun went down in the mountains it cooled off quickly and when they got back inside, Barb said, "You guys get a fire going and we'll start supper." The men headed towards the fireplace while the three women dug through the new food supplies and found a frozen Lasagna which could be heated in the microwave.


The Club Pt. 05

bdsm professorjames 2018-04-15

When they arrived back at the car, Liz said, "All right, you guys, ready for a weekend of sex and torture?" Her smile took away any real threat the actual words might have conveyed, but they were still enough to leave just a touch of uncertainty on the men's faces, but they still quickly agreed. He heard Barb say, "This certainly improves the color, but let's try out some of the others." This was followed by sounds of agreement from Janet and Liz. Seconds later he felt another slap on his abused rear. Then Barb said, "Why don't you two help with what I was doing while I continue this." A few seconds later there was the sound of leather striking bare flesh as the other two women swing their cats at James' straining body.

Paid Vacation Pt. 04

bdsm professorjames 2018-04-14

When they finished, Michele said, "Max and Elsa have had some sea food buried in the sand under a slow fire all afternoon. The women - except Elsa - were all marked by a few welts and other red areas and Alison and Sue both had the large plugs up their asses. Elsa handed two more cats to Anne and Michele and soon all three of the women were busy flogging the bound girl. Sue took three more cocks in her ass and Alison and Elsa were both taken several times in both holes. Max and Elsa, helped by Anne and Michele, quickly brought out large bowls of fresh fruit, pitchers of juice, and some sweet breads.

Spice Plantation Ch. 02

bdsm professorjames 2018-04-09

Nate pointed to them in turn and indicated the clinic, the school room, kitchen, storage sheds, workshops, and a number of individual units he said were housing for staff and some of the natives who acted as foremen (and forewomen?) and provided labor around the main area. We entered the main building and Nate pointed out his office and then led me to a small room with a desk, a table and some filing space which he indicated was to be my own working area. Che smiled brightly at me once again, gave a slight dip of her head and then set the plates on the end of the table before turning and leaving the room by the same door through which she had entered.

The Club Pt. 03

bdsm professorjames 2018-03-29

Since each player was seated opposite his or her partner the order around the table was Janet, James, Liz, Charles, Barb, and Rick. James shook his head and finally said, "I have no idea." He drew a penalty card and read "Remove an article of clothing. Before Liz's turn arrived, Janet drew a card which read, "Lick and suck the nipples of the player two to your right." She read it again to be sure and then looked up. Janet thought Liz looked relieved and there was a slight collective sigh from around the table and then everyone was watching the naked couple as Janet sucked and kissed Rick's nipples.

Pledge Initiation

bdsm professorjames 2018-03-08

While all three men were fairly good looking, Michael had a face and a build which often brought second glances from women. If we forced them to do anything it could be very serious, but, look, guys, these girls are pledging a sorority. After a minute, Michael added, "Her sorority didn't actually make them have sex or anything, but she has told me about some that make the pledges suck off guys in front of the rest of the sorority or even some where the girls are made to fuck a half dozen men, one after another."

Spice Plantation Ch. 05

bdsm professorjames 2018-03-04

Susan has said that she will be going over to Trawa tomorrow to provide medical services for the natives there and asked if I would like to come along. Susan did something behind me and then I heard her yell "Contact." I had seen planes start and take off a couple of times in France, so I wasn't totally surprised when the man swung his foot to gain momentum and pulled the propeller blade sharply down. They nodded and began to turn the plane around and then to tie it to some nearby trees as Susan and I, accompanied by a number of native people, made our way down a path through the forest.

Double Vision Ch. 01

bdsm professorjames 2018-02-17

The first girl turned to the second and said, "That's too far to make it today." "Or maybe," Kristie added, cryptically, exchanging a look with Katie. Katie went on, "I had gone out with Roger several times and once we came back to our apartment. After thirty seconds - or maybe it was two hours - she pulled back from my lips and said, "I'm Kristie." Then she pulled a little more away and both girls turned me around so I was facing the other way. After another eternity the second twin broke the kiss and said, "I'm Katie." As we lay recovering a second time one of the twins looked at the other and said, simply, "eight?"

Spice Plantation Ch. 06

bdsm professorjames 2018-01-30

The helpers used other ladders and soon had each man bound with his wrist cuffs attached to short chains on the overhead bar, He was left standing on his ladder, hands pulled above his head and spread about a foot and a half apart. But instead of just letting the victims hang, the two girls moved around and attached - I had to look twice to be sure - attached a clothes pin to each nipple of both the men and women. The picture presented by Susan's words immediately turned my tool more rigid than I thought possible and the idea of her stretched, naked and helpless, and wanting me to spank and then make love to her brought a swirling vision that nearly blocked the real world for several seconds.

The Adventurers' Club Pt. 10

bdsm professorjames 2018-01-21

The flickering lighting, the smell of some incense, the hooded figures, and even the sound of a timely wind which had arisen outside combined to make goose bumps rise all over Laura's body. After twenty strokes, Rick was taken off the table and returned near the others where he had his hands pulled high above his head and attached to ceiling chains. Laura could see enough to tell that it was one of the hooded members, but even when the figure removed its robe to reveal itself as a nude male, she couldn't tell who. Laura noticed the other pledges were also being led back towards the house, all with their nipples still festooned with balloons and all being helped along by occasional lashes from the small whips.

XAd, Inc Pt. 02

bdsm professorjames 2018-01-16

When they came out their cuffs were once again refastened and as Mary and Meg went into the bathroom, Catlin and Tyra were led to another door. They were divided into teams: Catlin, Meg, Linda, Robert, Thomas, and James on one side; Tyra, Mary, Anne, John, Edward, and William on the other. Catlin wasn't too surprised when cuffs were removed from the bag and placed on her wrists and ankles along with those of Tyra, Meg, and Mary. I, for one, can think of a number of things I'd like to do with them."Everyone quickly agreed and soon Catlin found herself in the dungeon and, like Meg, Mary, and Tyra, once more wearing wrist and ankle cuffs.

Spice Plantation Ch. 08

bdsm professorjames 2018-01-16

Just as Susan had done with the men, I placed two strokes across each perfect set of buttocks so that the lash wrapped around the firm globes and the tail snapped into their cracks. The way the women were fastened to the whipping benches left their sex available and von Holt moved forwards against her hot and smooth buttocks. After the meal we went out to the usual area to sit and have a drink, but von Holt and Joan soon departed our group, followed a few minutes later by Greta, Maria, and Su-Lei along with George and Bob. Susan, Nate , and I stayed until the sun had set and then broke up.

Cousin Pt. 01

bdsm professorjames 2017-12-21

As he broke away and went back over to the pile of hay bales, he looked over his shoulder and said, "You might want to put the top up on your car - or maybe just run it inside the barn. Otherwise it'll be wet pretty soon." Lisa nodded and went back to her car and Dan started lifting the bales again. Dan started to pull a bale up and Lisa took a long grass head and tickled him just as he was trying to swing the bale. "A real pirate would strip you first and after he whipped you he'd turn you over to his fifty man crew." Dan realized that maybe he was reading too much into their banter, but he couldn't seem to stop.

Cousin Pt. 03

bdsm professorjames 2017-12-19

Diana asked Dan, "Lisa said you hadn't really played many of these games before, but you seem to know just what to do - and how hard, for that matter. Dan responded and began to move in and out of Diana as Lisa moved the hard shaft in and out of his own rectum. Lisa made one more long lick from just in front of Diana's anus, up through her slit, across her clit, and on up her stomach and over a hard nipple. Finally Lisa said, "I don't know about you, Diana, but I think I feel the need to be tortured a little bit. Diana had already come three times herself from the stimulation of the horse and Dan's floggings, and watching his action with Lisa had brought her over the top again.

Cousin Pt. 04

bdsm professorjames 2017-12-14

Dan said, "Lisa, I really do want to keep seeing you. Both Dan and Lisa had to spend time studying every night right from the first class. Labor Day weekend came and Dan spent most of it trying to get a head start on the next week's material: he wasn't expecting to have a lot of study time the next weekend. When Dan had released her, Lisa said, "I know some girls get hot if they're gagged during sex, but I won't say it turned me on. As Dan finally got ready to leave, Lisa said, "Next time I'll come to your place. Two weeks and many phone calls later, Lisa's little red car pulled into the parking lot of Dan's apartment building.

The Club

bdsm professorjames 2017-12-05

I know it sound's kind of kinky, but she's got me to wondering if it's possible someone might really like that kind of thing." She hesitated a second and, looking a little embarrassed, added, "I'm even thinking of getting Charles to spank me and see if I like it." Now both of the other girls stared at Liz. Janet was still flustered, thinking she must be the only coed in the world who hadn't tried this form of sex play, when Barb said, "You spank Rick? Liz looked at Janet who didn't say anything and then she started, "Well, Rick had an idea but he said he needed to check on something first.

The Adventurers' Club Pt. 01

bdsm professorjames 2017-11-22

"Not quite yet," he said and held her hands above her head and continued to work his tongue magic for several more minutes until Laura was nearly ready to scream. After the last time daylight was coming in the window and despite the lack of much actual sleep, both John and Laura felt liking getting up. As John climbed out of bed, his hand sliding across her behind, Laura thought to herself, "Why would anyone want to wear anything to sleep in? After 30 strokes, John said, "I think another five will be about right, don't you agree?" He didn't wait for an answer and brought the lash down very hard directly across both of Laura's cheeks.

Double Vision Ch. 02

bdsm professorjames 2017-11-22

As Katie and I neared climax I moved my right hand down and into Kristie's wet tunnel and began to stimulate her directly. I added my own form of silent communication using fingers and tongue and repeated the earlier night actions in mirror image, first fucking Katie and then eating Kristie to a lovely climax. When I pulled out of Katie, I stepped back and, slightly gasping, said, "Girls, I don't think I can do justice to both of you at the same time." They started to protest but I stopped them. "Looks like Katie gets to help punish you, Kristie. I handed the cat to Katie and said, "Any little sisterly tricks you'd like to get even for?"

Spice Plantation Ch. 07

bdsm professorjames 2017-11-15

She pulled my hand back and kissed my fingers in return and then said, "You do excite me, Paul." Then she broke the mood before we got too serious and added, "Of course, spending several days naked might have a little to do with it also." This time I let my arm feel like a cocked spring and when I released it, the leather whistled slightly in the air and the sound it made as the tails struck the padded leather sounded much more like Nate's demonstration. Then Nate raised his arm, trailing the long leather tail of the whip behind. Nate acknowledged with a nod and four more quick slashes of the leather tail pulled each candle free and sent it flying across the room, but left not a trace of a mark on their skin.

Coercion Ch. 03

bdsm professorjames 2017-11-07

A quarter after ten he heard Kelly's car pull into the drive and half a minute later she came in through the garage door. "I know you're wondering, so first I'll tell you, we haven't got anything we can use." Don looked surprised, but before he could say anything, Kelly continued, "No, the unit worked OK. He told me to get out and when I started to bring my purse and back pack, he said to leave them in the car, that I wouldn't be needing them." After a few minutes of this treatment, Don picked up a pair of nipple clamps and let them close over the hard nubs as Kelly sucked in her breath and made small moaning sounds.

Coercion Ch. 02

bdsm professorjames 2017-11-07

They spent another two hours working in the lab and Don kept catching himself looking at Kelly. As they waited for their order, Kelly looked around the room and suddenly turned her face back towards Don. Kelly pulled back and looked at him. Don gave her a quick kiss back and then, in a stern voice, said, "In that case, young lady, I think maybe you need to be punished for dressing and acting like such a tart. Soon he had the padded leather wrist and ankle cuffs attached to his victim and Kelly was already feeling herself becoming wet. His first stroke across her rear was so soft it felt like a teasing brush to Kelly.


bdsm professorjames 2017-11-04

At last he slowly said, "Do you know anything about my lab or work except for what you have seen in those four articles?" Kelly slowly shook her head. "I like that." Then, when Kelly thought he had dropped the subject, he said, "Are you into a little kinky sex? Since that time the couple had played a lot of bondage and spanking games and it was a rare week that went by without Kelly getting her bottom warmed by Don's hand, a paddle, strap, or crop. And remember, we've been away from it for a couple of weeks." Over Christmas break, both Kelly and Don had gone to spend a little time with their families and this was the first week back at school.

The Adventurers' Club Pt. 02

bdsm professorjames 2017-11-03

Laura was definitely anticipating Wednesday night but was also very apprehensive wondering what would happen and how she would feel about the idea of a BDSM club when faced with the reality. "Now I know you must have some questions forming, but first Barb and I want to show you a few of our 'toys.' As I've said the club has a lot of different activities - in addition to our parties, there are trips, camping, sailing, and other things. Ashley raised her hand and said, "I know the Greeks like to keep things like this secret, but can you tell us a little of what to expect if we pledge?"

Spice Plantation Ch. 03

bdsm professorjames 2017-10-31

Even as my tongue began to press hard against her open sex, I felt her hot and wet mouth engulf the head of my own straining member. I sat between Susan and Joan and both of them managed to "accidently" rub their legs against mine as well as several times letting a bare breast brush my arm as they turned or reached for something. When dinner was over Susan and the two nurses said they had a couple of things to do in the clinic and Bob and George both wanted to get back to work on some project, so Nate, Joan and I moved outside to talk and have another drink.

The Adventurers' Club Pt. 08

bdsm professorjames 2017-10-27

Finally as Tom indicated that twelve of his fifteen minutes had passed, Peter mounted Ashley, plunging deeply inside her in a single stroke as he laid his hard body full length on top of her. As Laura was tied back to the tree, Ashley was brought out again and the game proceeded Each of the women was it three times and none was able to last the ten minutes without getting caught. Again they were allowed to relieve themselves and this time they were bound standing, their feet spread about eighteen inches apart, and their hands pulled over their heads and attached to ceiling chains.

Cousin Pt. 02

bdsm professorjames 2017-10-24

Dan's nipples hardened in response and suddenly Lisa applied one of the nipple clamps she had felt so many times in the last few days. After another minute or so, Lisa broke the spell and called, "Come on, let's have a swim before lunch." She ran towards the pond, leaving Dan to remove his leather wrist cuffs before joining her. Lisa pushed the plug in until Dan cried out from the pain and then she let it back out a little. Dan cried out as it felt like his ass was being split and then the plug popped inside and the pain subsided, leaving only a feeling of fullness.

Paid Vacation Pt. 03

bdsm professorjames 2017-10-10

"But I think right now we're going to be a little busy." She looked over to where Max and Elsa were shaking out a couple of whips they had produced from somewhere. But James has said Max and Elsa play a little rougher than we do." Now I think we're going to be a little busy." She looked over to where Max and Elsa, each with a whip in their hands, were coming towards them. When Elsa finished with Michele, the men replaced the plywood beneath Anne and moved over to play with the second girl. The girls giggled or laughed a little, but Sue looked directly at Max and said, "By all means.