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Free erotic stories by referee666 on AdultRead

Love of Leather Gloves 2

fetish referee666 2018-09-29

This soon got too much and l started begging to be allowed to cum and both women smiled and finally the older woman said 'l think you deserve to cum now',with that she pulled the strap-on out of my arse and removed it whilst the younger woman removed the cock ring, both of them positioned themselves by the side of my cock and both of them put a gloved hand on my cock and started wanking it only took a couple of strokes before l was gushing streams of spunk over both of their faces and gloves, they continued wanking me until they completely drained me and then they proceeded to kiss and lick each others face clean of all my cum and taking each other gloved fingers in their mouths cleaned them up of my cum.

Tarts & Vicars Party

mature referee666 2018-06-10

Back inside l decided to get myself a drink and then slip away, l got a drink from the bar and found a quiet corner near the exit to drink it, l noticed that a group of women were chatting away including the slut l had been fucking just 10 minutes earlier, a black women dressed in a white catsuit with black thigh length boots and matching opera length black leather gloves came walking over and stood in front of me and smiled saying ' you've got yourself quite a reputation stud' and then holding a card in her gloved hand to me continued 'If you fancy fucking a real kinky bitch give me a call, l look forward to your call'

The Stud Farm

hardcore referee666 2018-01-29

I sat there for a minute getting my breathe back and dismounting l quickly zipped up my crotch to stop any cum from leaking and as l gave the camera a wave l could feel all the spunk sloshing around in my pussy, l walked into the small room where l could see young cynthia eating out Ivana's pussy as Ivana held her head in her gloved hands and one of Ivana's assistants was arsefucking her with a 12" black strap-on l laughed as walked through to make my own delivery thinking to myself definetly mummy's girl.

Love of leather Gloves

mature referee666 2017-11-12

As l was in the house on my own l decided to explore and going to one room l noticed a wardrobe and wondered what it contained, l opened it up and it was full of black leather clothing and other items, l started looking through it and saw various skirts of different lengths and several dresses as well as leather trousers and at least 5 pairs of leather boots of various lengths but all of them with at least 4" stiletto heels. My aunt reached out and slowly started to stroke my cock with her leather gloved hand and caressed my balls with the other hand, the feel of the leather on my cock was heaven and within seconds l was spurting a stream of cum across the floor, l started to apologise and my aunt just laughed and said ' don't worry l haven't finished and your education is just about to start'.