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Free erotic stories by shanti2010 on AdultRead

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 10

group shanti2010 2018-10-02

Suseela knew me well enough to know that something was bothering me and pestered me until I told her all about Kamesh. I confessed to Suseela that I desperately wanted to fuck Kamesh again and she told me that she would search for a sure-fire way for it to happen. My eyes opened so wide in amazement when Kamesh responded and his lovely cock grew, getting so firm it was impossible to bend it. Oh gawd, Kamesh, I need you so badly, you don't know how long I have waited for this very moment," I said and it felt like a heavy weight being lifted off my body. Like I have said, Suseela is my very best friend and knew right away that she was wrong.


Shanti's Sexual Exploits Ch. 02

group shanti2010 2018-09-30

As they were discussing these plans, Janardhan a local corporator and a big business man had come to the Bank a couple of times and was smitten by our beauty and was planning to solicit a coffee meeting to her but did not know how to approach her and today while the two lechers discussed their sinister plan inside the branch manager's office, the corporator came to the Bank and straight went to the desk of Shanti and asked for his balance when in the usual work routine she requested him to consider taking a loan from the Bank.


Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 11

anal shanti2010 2018-09-26

Kamesh grunted and slowly pulled her head forward and flexed his buttocks, pushing more of his cock into her mouth. The sight aroused him and he began fucking her face faster, moving her head rapidly back and forth between his thighs, pushing his cock greedily into her mouth. Suseela gasped softly, arching her head as the searing heat of his cock bit into her molten cunt-flesh. Suseela orgasm and her Kamesh flung his head back and groaned and skewered her deeply and slowly, his cock scrunching in, his hips twitching at her buttocks. Crushing her breasts in his hands, Kamesh began to move his hips, slowly fucking the young Aunt's ass.

Debauchery of Vijaylakshmi Ch. 08

group shanti2010 2018-09-12

Vijaya saw that one of the woman's big, lush breasts was brushing the side of Dayal's head, and that he responded by leaning against the warm, soft mound and rubbing his cheek against Sandhya's shining satin blouse. Vijaya was feeling rushes of flame sweep through her just from watching Sandhya KN and Badri Dayal necking and petting their way up to a searing plateau of lust. Vijaya sat on the table in front of Raj and glanced over her shoulder at Sandhya KN and Badri Dayal. "About that prepayment penalty," Vijaya said softly to Raj, still listening to the ecstatic sighs from Sandhya KN as Dayal sucked on her breasts. She swung Sundar Raj's swivel chair so he faced her but could still watch the wild scene between Sandhya KN and Badri Dayal.


Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 13

anal shanti2010 2018-09-11

He nibbled, licked, bit and chewed them to his hearts content, hearing this sexy woman moan and having his prick inside her. Jayanessa felt pain as the Swami clenched her soft breasts very tightly so as to give his prick some friction. The Swami loved to fuck these young married women from behind, slapping their buttocks and seeing their breasts hanging and swaying with each stroke. "UUNNNGGHHH OOUUUIIIIII MMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAA", moaned Jayanessa in pleasure as the Swami increased the tempo of his hard strokes, his prick stretching and stretching her cunt with the rapid forceful movements. However, sure enough she started enjoying this sensation of the prick stroking her asshole and began moaning in pain and pleasure.


Anthology of a Slut Shanti Ch. 08

group shanti2010 2018-08-31

"I taped it a couple of days ago, honey," she said proudly, groaning slightly as Kamesh shoved his hand between her thighs and groped for her pussy as he watched Vijaya manipulating hers on theTV screen. Kamesh leered intently and let out a hoarse, excited laugh as he watched the confused but passionate expression on Vijaya's face when Shanti trailed her way down her neck with kisses and stopped at her tits to squeeze and suck. I don't want you to miss the best part," she said softly but excitedly, knowing that she would time her sucking just right so that Kamesh would come deep in her throat as he watched the final scene of Vijaya fucking herself in the ass and licking Shanti's asshole.


Shanti - Seductive Adulteress Ch. 06

anal shanti2010 2018-08-06

He was an intelligent man and was good in using it in all occasion – he let his left hand linger on my back side and started to feel my buttocks – first the left – then the right and quickly turned my face towards him and drilled his tongue into my mouth and started to lick the palate – I knew he was sucking in a lot of the sweat around my chin – but that only increased his libido. Opening her palms, her fingers spreadeagled, she slid her hands up from her buttocks and over her flanks to her breasts, lifting and squeezing them sensuously, then moved them higher, up to her face and then to the back of her neck, her elbows high above her head, her face turned to one side, lips against the inside of her arm.

Anthology of a Slut Shanti Ch. 07

bdsm shanti2010 2018-08-05

Shanti finally took pity on Vijaya and pulled the buzzing cock from her cunt, and held it out towards Vijaya's crotch. Vijaya screamed again with desperation, and with a yell, Shanti shoved the full 12 inch plastic device up Vijaya's cunt, and she collapsed back on the bed, her hips pounding up and down furiously. When Shanti focused on Vijaya's tits, the c-clamps on her nipples were pulled and tugged by the whip as it struck. She then pulled Vijaya's left leg out straight, so it was a few inches off the bed, and made her point her toes to the ceiling, holding onto Vijaya's big toe, Shanti began whipping the soles of Vijaya's feet.

87% fsub

Shanti - A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 02

anal shanti2010 2018-08-03

Before Ratan, she stopped for a second, her eyes locking with his, then her hands slid up his torso, caressing him sensuously, and then she bent her head and, moaning softly, licked his nipple. She began grinding her cunt against his rampant penis, holding it in one hand and pressing it to her cunt, she wound an arm around his head and kissed him hungrily, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth. Then her buttocks spread wide and she slid her hips upward and back with a soft moan and the cock-head slipped between her fingers and into her cunt. Ratan gasped and moaned, pushing his hips forward, flexing his buttocks, driving his penis deep into her asshole.

Hema - Vivacious Beauty Ch. 02

group shanti2010 2018-07-08

Hema looked into Suman's eyes and said, "I see." After a moment she added, "You are welcome to make any offer you like." Was it possible that she would use herself to close the deal and he decided to play out this possibility, Suman looked seriously at Hema and said, "It's possible that you can satisfy my needs, Hema and if you don't mind perhaps we could go to your home and discuss things further. She used both hands to open up her slick opening so that both men could see just how hot and juicy she was and as Suman watched the wonderful site he noticed that Hema was getting closer and closer and soon her slick opening hovered over his very hard cock but only for an instant.


Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 03

anal shanti2010 2018-06-30

JayaNessa arched her face slowly, her expression suffused with lust, her eyes closed, her neck craned, her lips parted, as he pulled the bra off gently and slid his hands down over her breasts. JayaNessa gasping and crying out, her face turned up, a vision of lust, her body rocking back and forth as the Kamesh held her hips and fucked her rapidly and hard from behind. "Like it?" she murmured softly, lifting her large, lovely eyes to his, her face suffused with lust, caressing her cheeks with his cock-head. Kamesh gasped and grunted, fucking her face in wonder and joy rocking her head in his hands, pumping his hips to and fro.

The Slut College Teacher Ch. 02

lesbian shanti2010 2018-06-28

I fuck my neighbor friend's 20 year son regularly - he likes especially when I am back after a day at college and complete drenched sweat between the legs - I just lie down and he disrobes me - tears my panties and cleans my cunt and ass with his long tongue - all the dirt muck and sweat and juices - and in return gives me his dirty prick for a cone lick up and down till he comes before it hardens again for a direct ass fuck His mother is now suspicious - he is away for hours as soon as I return and came to my house couple of times, I opened the door in a dishelmed state, she is rock sure I am fucking her son- depraved mind - but that is the truth.." and she winked at Shanti who looked at the other teacher in disbelief.

Shanti's Sexual Odyssey Ch. 09

anal shanti2010 2018-06-15

After finding his bulging cock with her right hand, Shanti pressed her lips hard against Karan's and offered him an intoxicating kiss, her left arm around his back. As the two swapped tongues in a series of heated kisses, Shanti's right hand was already pumping and frigging away at Karan's enlarged cock, through his slacks. Her right hand trapped between their pressed bodies, Shanti could feel Karan's cock bulging against her abdomen as she kept squeezing and pumping away at it. Shanti's right hand continued to grind away upon Karan's cock, as both of his hands kept up the squeeze-assault upon her magnificent ass. "OH YEAH..." the 25-year-old man groaned, as Shanti took hold of his cock with her right hand and gave it a squeeze.

Debauchery of Vijaylakshmi Ch. 07

group shanti2010 2018-06-04

"Vijaya - ah, Mrs. Sanorita, wants to get the closing date moved up," Ripu KN informed his wife. Approaching Sandhya from the foot of the lounge, Vijaya had an unobstructed view of the woman's most intimate parts, the pouting, hairy lips of her pussy, the flash of pink in the heart of her bush, even the secret, dark crack that hid her anus. Sandhya's lean, smooth thighs closed on the sides of her head, trapping Vijaya completely in the hot, steaming pocket of female sex. The jolt of Ripu KN's last final heave slammed Vijaya's face against the unyielding arch of Sandhya's pubic bone. Finally, her pleasure fading, and feeling aching and empty, Vijaya hauled her face out of Sandhya's soggy pussy.


VijayaLakshmi- A Legion of Sex Ch. 04

anal shanti2010 2018-05-28

His brother was acting out one of Uday's secret fantasies right before his eyes, fucking his wife savagely, spearing her tunnel of love the way Uday himself had longed to do ever since he met Vijaya. And his quivering pole of masculinity ached for the feel of Vijaya's warm lips encircling it just as her widely stretched mouth was fastened on the lust-bloated cock in still another photo and yes, Uday would make his faithless wife reenact each of the four obscene poses. "Let's see if I can make your ass squirm and your pussy foam the way my brother did!" Lowering his naked body onto hers, the burly young man crushed his lips against hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth.

Shanti - A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 05

group shanti2010 2018-05-20

Shanti's tits jiggled as Chitra flicked her tongue over them, licking off droplets of cum and sucking at the hard nipples. Shanti held one end and Chitra the other as the two sexy Tamil whores got on their asses, their legs wide spread and their cunts facing each other. They took hold of each other's hands and began to pull, each dragging her ass closer to the other, and their moans got louder as the dildo entered each pussy. Shanti looked at the dildo in her cunt, eyeing it hungrily.Chitra leaned forward and put her fingertips on the shaft, stroking it up and down as it jiggled inside Shanti's pussy.

Shanti - A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 06

first-time shanti2010 2018-05-19

Madhavi swallowed my cock until the head pressed against the upper reaches of her throat and her bright red lips were curved around the shaft halfway down. She put her arms around my waist and began gripping my ass, tightly squeezing my cheeks and pulling my body forward to meet every mouth-thrust she gave me. I started pounding my hips forward, thrusting into Madhavi's open mouth as she clamped her lips down tightly on my shaft. When I was naked, Madhavi looked at me approvingly and lay on top of me, spreading her legs and pressing her panty-clad cunt against my cock.

Shanti's Tryst with Adventures Ch. 03

group shanti2010 2018-05-17

Rani got up from the sofa and walked over to where Shanti and Ram stood. Ram's hands stopped their attack on Shanti's breasts and slowly went around to her back, unfastening the catch at the top and in agonizing slowness, pulled the zipper as far down as it would go. But Rani's hands were now reaching around her waist, and slowly worked themselves up to the tips of her breasts, tracing light fingernail lines along her white, creamy skin as they went. Shanti jumped as Rani's nails scraped the side of her soft, hairline entrance, then the pain was gone and she felt the nudging of the other woman's fingers inside her.


Shanti's Sexual Odyssey

anal shanti2010 2018-05-09

After finding his bulging cock with her right hand, Shanti pressed her lips hard against Dinesh's and offered him an intoxicating kiss, her left arm around his back. He embraced her tightly, smashing her large, firm breasts hard against his strong chest.As the two swapped tongues in a series of heated kisses, Shanti's right hand was already pumping and frigging away at Dinesh's enlarged cock, through his slacks. Her right hand trapped between their pressed bodies, Shanti could feel Dinesh's cock bulging against her abdomen as she kept squeezing and pumping away at it. Shanti's right hand continued to grind away upon Dinesh's cock, as both of his hands kept up the squeeze-assault upon her magnificent ass.

Shanti's Sexual Odyssey Ch. 04

anal shanti2010 2018-04-29

And even without any penetration this time the 50+ man, with a low, shuddering moan, he exploded and Shanti gasped softly in joy, chewing her lower lip as the hot spoot spurted into her hands and fingers were coated which she ran into her anus right there in front of his eyes – deeply into the bung hole and sucked the fingers only to re-enter her ass. Suhas chuckled softly and sipped his champagne, one hand on his hips, his buttocks flexing and un-flexing rhythmically, his cock grinding in and out of her cunt.

Debauchery of Vijaylakshmi Ch. 11

group shanti2010 2018-04-25

His whispers urging her on while calling her a whore, and a cock hungry slut who liked having her ass hole fucked made her want his cock all the more, and then as her climax reached the bursting point and her whole body began writhing in ecstasy, he told her that she was being videotaped. As Uday's plane took off his wife was lying across Mr. Riaz desk naked with his huge body covering hers as he slavishly once more fucked into her ass calling her a slut and whore, a cock sucker that would never get enough dick to satisfy her.


Shanti - Seductive Adulteress Ch. 01

group shanti2010 2018-04-16

With hot anxious fingers Ripu pried apart her pussy lips and speared his tongue way up the tapering cunt hole. And Meena held one hand fast at her back, so that Shanti could relax to the fantastic feel of Ripu's pussy-eating mouth and Meena's expert sucking at her tits. And then for a few minutes their bodies were all tangled up and she sucked cock and pussy indiscriminately, feeling first Meena's then Ripu's mouth at her cunt. Shanti finger-fucked Meena while feeling Ripu's meat driving in and out of her pussy incessantly and with no let-up by any means. But Meena's mouth was on her cunt at once, sucking put all the cum Ripu had shot there, lapping up the juices that flowed from Shanti's cunt-walls.

Anthology of a Slut Shanti Ch. 06

lesbian shanti2010 2018-04-10

She had been intrigued, also, when Kamesh had described how the woman, Vijaya he said her name was, had become so excited by watching the film of Shanti finger-fucking. Keeping in mind the placement of the video camera, Shanti teased Vijaya with the dildo until she was positioned just right with her knees spread and raised and her hot pussy gaping open for the big, blue tool. Placing the head of the massive object at the mouth of Vijaya's open cunt, Shanti whispered lewdly in her ear, "Let's see how this feels, baby!" She shoved hard and sent the huge dildo roughly into the depths of Vijaya's trembling pussy.

Debauchery of Vijaylakshmi Ch. 04

lesbian shanti2010 2018-03-19

Now, alone in the silent house, Vijaya sipped the bitter coffee and tried to get her mind working. Mrs. Ripu KN sounded like class and polish, and Vijaya wanted to make the best impression possible. As always, there was a warming pleasure from the way her breasts felt in her hands, firm and feminine, her nipples rubbery and alert. And there was pleasure, too, in the way her hands felt to her breasts, making blood surge to those graceful pink-capped hills. Vijaya met the woman's cool gray eyes, and wondered how much it cost to get the kind of streaking that highlighted Mrs. KN's sleek black hair. Mrs. KN folded her arms under her breasts and studied Vijaya.

Meena - Saga of Tumultuous Sex Ch. 06

group shanti2010 2018-03-02

Continuing to suck on the prick, massaging its entire length with her lips and tongue, Meena opened Ratan Lal's pants and squirmed them down to his knees. I know you do." Meena turned it on for Ratan Lal, the staid, quiet broker who spent the vast majority of his life looking at pawn items rather than a sexy young juicy housewife who seemed to enjoy finger-fucking herself so much she looked like she was about to cum. You really, really do." She started bouncing on his lap, working her pink, tight cunt lips over the shaft and head of Ratan Lal's fiery, turgid prick.

Shanti's Sexual Exploits Ch. 17

group shanti2010 2018-02-19

Their eyes were screwed shut in ecstasy as Ratan fucked Chitra like a stallion, cramming his big bloated dick again and again into the scorching wet pulp of her pussy. She had Chitra's hot little hands expertly molding her tits, and she had Ratan's scorching wet mouth sucking roughly on her clit. Chitra saw the concern on her sister's face, and suddenly she was kissing her, wriggling her hot little tongue deep into Shanti's mouth. Chitra didn't know which turned her on more, Ratan's fantastic hard-muscled body or Shanti's curvy little figure. When she felt hot moist breath fanning her naked slit, she gave a little gurgle of excitement and kept her eyes closed, wanting to concentrate just on the wild fun of having her pussy eaten.


Debauchery of Vijaylakshmi Ch. 10

group shanti2010 2018-02-18

When the cab pulled up in front of John Pandian' house, Vijayalakshmi felt herself getting even more nervous and it was a beautiful home, and it looked like it was worth millions as it was the kind of house a very rich would live in a butler came out and opened the door and paid off the taxi driver and he didn't say anything to Vijayalakshmi and she meekly followed him through the big double doors and into a luxurious hallway. Vijayalakshmi had been scared before, but it was nothing to the fright she was feeling now as she realized that John Pandian was talking about firing Sridhar, Shanti's husband, mistaken to be her brother in law and she couldn't let that happen.


VijayaLakshmi- A Legion of Sex Ch. 02

group shanti2010 2018-02-16

Just like I want to touch you." Her dark eyes growing dreamy, the naked young woman reached down to cup her lathered hand over the curly mass of pubic hair between Vijaya's outstretched legs. While Rama fingered her throbbing cunt, Ashok reached from behind to enclose Vijaya's mammoth tits in his hands, kneading them vigorously, making her breath come in hot little gasps. Encouraged, the lovely dusky beauty flicked her forefinger back and forth across the fiery nub until Vijaya arched her back and cried out in orgasm, her hands still kneading Rama's breasts just as Ashok was squeezing her big tits.


Shanti - Seductive Adulteress Ch. 08

anal shanti2010 2018-02-10

She bucked up and down on Adi's penis like a woman possessed, gasping and crying out, arching back to kiss him and thrust her tongue into his mouth, bouncing up and down on his lap, her breasts tossing wildly. Her head was arched, her back and lovely spine arched deeply inward, her buttocks flexed and taut as her cunt spasm and clamped and sucked hard on his cock. Her breath came in short, rasping gasps as her cunt sank and sank and sank, slowly descending down the length of his cock, his penis dark and hard and thick and long disappearing inch by glorious inch into her incredible love grotto.

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 14

anal shanti2010 2018-01-20

Her knees hurt from there rubbing on the carpet, her body was sore and aching from her steamrolling orgasms, but she continued to suck on Kamesh's rod, working with gusto to get him hard again, and her pussy still dripped her juice, ready to cum again Up and down her mouth worked, fitting his dick like a glove. As he sucked and nibbled on her breasts - the sexy boobs sweaty boobs and tasty boobs, little sparks of excitement went cursing through her body, to center themselves on her love nest, now feeling his manhood probing and rubbing on the outside of her pussy, hitting her clit, sending long moans from her lips, as her juice continued to leak out, covering his huge member.

Meena - Saga of Tumultuous Sex Ch. 05

group shanti2010 2018-01-14

Kavita suggested she go home and take care and come over to their place sometime when she was free and since they lived next door Meena thought that would be a great idea since it was still relatively early and she got home and after some work went to their place only to find Ravi and Kavita were missing- most likely were out somewhere, Meena locked the house from inside and was about to go out of the front door when she thought of a time last year when she and her husband went to the Company get together and first time she noticed sex in public and started to feel tingling between her legs and a moisture creeping and she made up her mind that if that situation were to repeated she thought, she might make herself more prepared.

Shanti's Sexual Exploits Ch. 08

anal shanti2010 2018-01-08

I had my legs crossed behind his back and every time he rammed his prick up my snatch, my ass raised up off the bed, my knees bending and my cunt gaping open wetly. My hot thighs were clamped around his pumping hips and my ass was coming up off the bed faster and faster, my entire body straining as I tried to take his mammoth cock still deeper up my snatch. Fucking me still harder, he kept ramming-his shooting prick as far up my cunt as he could get it, pumping all his hot jism into my pulsating snatch. Sriram finally got up off me with a weary groan and pulled his huge cock out of my snatch, a last dribble of cum spurting from his prick and landing on my bare thigh.

Shanti's Sexual Odyssey Ch. 06

first-time shanti2010 2017-12-13

Shanti here and this is the story of a different kind – fast tracked in years and am 38 years now and my daughter Raji is 18 years who had known Venki for a long time. "Yes, Venki, a deal, if you promise me that you will not push Raji into the sack, I will make sure that your needs are taken care of." I said as I leaned over and started to rub his cock through the blue jean material. "Venki, I can be with you every Tuesday while Raji and Amanda are at music lessons and we can have a good time together." As I was telling him this, I unbuttoned his pants, lowered his zipper.

Anthology of a Slut Shanti Ch. 10

group shanti2010 2017-12-13

"Here's that ass you like so much," he called to Ajay."Come on and try it!" He pulled her cheeks widely apart with his hands, revealing her stretched pussy-lips wrapped tightly around his cock and her dark, wrinkled asshole flexing invitingly. She pushed her ass up at a higher angle, still holding Kamesh's cock deep inside her, making her white cheeks stretch even wider Ajay finally removed the last of his clothes and moved in a trance-like state toward the bed. Running his fingers again over her dripping pussy, he soaked up some of the juice that eased out from between the shaft of Kamesh's big cock and the surrounding flesh of Shanti's cunt-lips.


Shanti's Sexual Odyssey Ch. 03

anal shanti2010 2017-12-11

Suhas fucked her mouth slowly, holding her head, moving it back and forth to suit his pleasure, his hips pumping and jerking slowly at her face. Spreading his legs wide on either side of her hips so as to penetrate her even deeper, groaning and flinging his head back, Suhas flexed his buttocks and, his belly sucking inward, eased his hips forward pushing his cock inexorably into her ass. Shanti had her orgasm slowly, the climax building inexorably, than, flooding her with an intense warmth as her cunt and anus went into a spasm frantically on his stroking penis, Suhas gasped softly and swinging his hips in a gentle circle, spiraled deep into her anus.

Shanti -Voluptuous Desirable Ch. 02

group shanti2010 2017-11-29

Shanti pulled her pussy up her paramour's rampant cock and cunt-cream poured down lavishly, washing over his balls and running on down his thighs as he jolted in, jarring her pelvis as his prick plunged into the steaming depths of her pussy, Shanti felt as if she was melting and Kamesh's prick was fucking into her cunt like a jackhammer as she clung to him for dear life, grinding her hips down over his prick with every thrust, she felt her clit mashing against his up thrust pubic bone, pushing her closer and closer to the orgasm she craved.


Meena - Saga of Tumultuous Sex Ch. 03b

anal shanti2010 2017-11-28

Prakash gripped her hips and, gasping, arching his handsome head, flexed his buttocks and swung his hips forward, driving his cock into her hot cunt. He groaned and began to fuck her with long, swift, punishing thrusts, plunging deeply and smoothly into her cunt, his hips rocking seamlessly back and forth, his buttocks flexing and unlading, his armored cock glistening black as it stroked in and out of her flesh. He straightened and, grunting, began to fuck her rapidly and hard, rocking his hips swiftly back and forth, his buttocks flexing and unlading, his cock plunging and pasturing and reaming and ramming in and out of her cunt.


VijayaLakshmi- A Legion of Sex Ch. 03

group shanti2010 2017-11-08

Grabbing her thighs to split her legs even futher, the over-weight young man sent his long oral member far up into the tight opening, swirling it around her asshole ring and rectum aperture and once he had lapped up the sweet confection he had placed in Vijaya's rectum, he withdrew his tongue to grin up at the naked Tamil beauty, his face smeared with jam and feminine secretions. Moving quickly, Ashok circled around to the opposite side of the table, bending his slender body over his sister-in-law's other luscious mound of femininity and drawing the jam-coated nipple into his mouth, he drew on it vigorously while his fingers dug into her warm flesh.


Anthology of a Slut Shanti Ch. 15

group shanti2010 2017-11-05

Shanti finally found solace for the 3 month exile from sexual contact and did not lose a minute to enjoy herself – her sexual needs were urgent and they had to be fulfilled, she was for a normal human in her neighborhood a religious god fearing celibate but her needs of the carnal kinds, she needed an outlet and here to quench the same finally, she lavished Mike's quivering shaft with her warm, wet tongue, brushing and grazing it along its wide underside to its hardened cockhead, washing, playing, kissing with long hungry strokes, then back down to its base and to the dark pubic hair and then lower, down around the distended lust-swollen sac of his balls, hot from his boiling cum.


Anthology of a Slut Shanti Ch. 16

group shanti2010 2017-11-05

Tamil slut moaned with passion as she felt one of Venkat' hands slip inside her open blouse and squeeze one of her bra-covered breasts. Sulaiman loved the sight of Shanti's Tamil slut head as it bobbed up and down over Venkat' cock, her right hand busily frigging its thick base. It was difficult for him to adequately concentrate on the road, but he somehow managed to do so, Venkat unsnapped Shanti's bra and nearly ripped it off as the slut continued to moan and wail under Sulaiman's finger prodding and tongue. Meanwhile, as Shanti continued to have her breasts and pussy fucked by two different men, she thought of what it would be like if the van had glass walls.


The Slut College Teacher Ch. 05

anal shanti2010 2017-11-03

Besides, the woman's cunt felt so fucking good around his cock! When the nuts inside the tiny sac began to chum and lurch, he knew it was about time to move on to the hole he really wanted to fuck. As he drove his prick into her ass like a battering ram of flesh, she shoved back into his groin. As she stayed for just a moment in her cunt, she felt through her inner tissues his prick sailing in and out of her asshole. The feel of his prick and the friction it generated as he fucked her, along with the sexual tensions she created by her cut-fondling, did the trick.

Shanti - A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 04

anal shanti2010 2017-11-02

I sucked her nipple into my mouth and bit it very gently, flicking my tongue over it, as I did that, I finger- fucked her harder up the ass. I positioned my cock as Shanti moved her hand around my body and put her arms around me, settling with one hand on each of my ass cheeks, so that she could feel me sliding forward as I entered her. Her pussy gripped me like a glove, but I got it in, thrusting slowly, opening her up as my long shaft passed her pussy lips.Shanti was going wild, groaning and rubbing her tits against my chest, squeezing my ass cheeks hard and trying to pull me faster into her.

Anthology of a Slut Shanti Ch. 09

lesbian shanti2010 2017-10-24

That had been quite an encore and lot of fucking, Shanti reminisced as she sat by the side of the balcony back at her apartment -- she came back, Sridhar was in a state of panic and Chitra informed her that the Bank also was contemplating sacking her, she was already on 20 days LoP and this was going to be a loss of a different kind, a job in hand for a slut is a bonus which is an everyday bonus, she was relaxing, sunning herself and enjoying a nice Apple juice, thinking back to that wild session she and Kamesh and Vijaya had just a few days ago. "Well, let's just say I know her in a different way than you do," Shanti said, still evasive, enjoying her first chance to give Hema a good looking-over from up close.

Shanti - A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 07

group shanti2010 2017-10-20

I looked over at where Madhavi was sleeping contentedly, a smile on her face, her legs slightly spread as she celebrated her newly-lost virginity in her dreams. I leaned heavily against the wall as I let out a muffled groan and then my cock throbbed, pouring a thick stream of cum right into Radha's mouth! I could picture Radha, body pressed against the wall, her hand shoved into her cunt as she rocked back and forth with her legs spread. Radha could see my ass flexing as I got ready to fuck Madhavi's sleeping body. The light changed and Chitra turned around, letting out the break and pulling away quickly so that Shanti slipped forward and thrust my whole cock into her pussy in one hard shove.


Anthology of a Slut Shanti Ch. 03

anal shanti2010 2017-10-12

His lips and tongue trickled into the deep valley between her breasts, and his hands and fingers stroked her bare belly, caressing it just above her pubis, gently sliding around to her buttocks, back again to her thighs. His belly rippled and he focused his mind on his groin, savoring the exquisite pleasure of her lips and tongue on his cock-head, her fingernails and teeth raking his thick shaft. Shanti moaned softly, sucking insistently, rising with his cock, her hands lifting her breasts erotically. Kamesh murmured in pleasure and fucked her mouth slowly and heavily, holding her face in both hands and rocking her head back and forth between his legs.

Shanti's World as a Paid Whore Ch. 02

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Nasircaressed and rolled her breasts in his hands, his head bent to watch himself fuck her mouth, sliding his glistening cock in and out of her distended face. She felt his cock-head at her cunt-lips as she held his face in her hands and kissed him deeply, her tongue snaking into his mouth. On all fours, she sucked Sameer's dick while Nasirknelt behind her and slid his penis into her and fucked her with hard, ramming, thrusting plunging his big cock inand out of her cunt. Aslam's cock rocked deeper into her ass and she cried out, her hips forced down under his thrust, her cunt impaled deeply on Sameer's erect lance.


Shanti's Sexual Odyssey Ch. 08

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While most guys go right for my ass and tits, Chintu seemed to enjoy the feel of my whole body. My mouth continued to work his big meat, and I kept up a soft milking of his swollen nuts and as my finger reached the full length in his butt, Chintu started to buck. Prakash loves me to do his ass, and I feel like such a slut when I do this and Chintu's ass was clean, and tasted good as I probed the puckered hole with my tongue. That was unnecessary, as I was feeling as good as any woman could, on the Contrary to the usual pump and run I got from most guys, Chintu was patiently making tender love to my body as well as my mind.