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Agent Hooters Visits the Doctor Ch. 02

celebrities spacer x 2018-08-31

The middle-aged Doctor Johnson sat in his office, talking with a teenaged patient named Thomas. Agent Hooters had called her and told her to come to the doctor's office right away, so she didn't have time to change into something more presentable. Agent Slut hugged back, tentatively, but she looked past her friend and eyed the patients in the waiting room. Slut's act of reaching her hand out to shake caused both nipples to pop out of their skin-tight black leather prison, but unlike Hooters, she took the time to pop them back in. Doctor Johnson, remembering how Agent Slut's nipples became exposed the last time he shook hands, motioned so that Slut had to shake hands with both Thomas and Debbie.

Agent Hooters Visits the Doctor Ch. 01

celebrities spacer x 2018-03-20

Beneath his desk, Agent Hooters slurped and sucked as she contemplated the embarrassment of having the wear her nearly non-existent outfit for the rest of the work day. A week later Doctor Johnson sat in his office, worried to death about the imminent arrival of a Miss Hooters for her medical examination. Doctor Johnson was busy with another patient when Debbie brought him the good news: a Miss Hooters had finally arrived. I'm fully trained in that type of work." In fact he wasn't, but the Chief had suggested this ploy as an example of the kind of set up Agent Hooters would fall for.