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Free erotic stories by sprite on AdultRead

Mrs Vandermeer's Rules

bdsm sprite 2018-12-04

Anything you wanted to.” I gasped, her fingers pushing between my velvet folds, forcing themselves deep into my cunt for the first time since she’d tied me down, seeking out my g-spot, teasing me closer to climax, and then leaving me wanting, panting with lust, my hips raised as far off the bed as I could manage, hoping she’d take advantage of me.  I felt her warm breath in quick blasts upon my own cunt, and I began to shake as well, straining upwards, praying for her to mash her face against my damp mound, crying out softly into her cunt as she spread my lips apart with her fingers and slowly ran the tip of her tongue along the engorged edges of my folds.

Mrs Vandermeer's Rules: 5a

bdsm sprite 2018-12-02

Taking a deep breath, I set the photos on my lap to a slide show, letting them play slowly out while I slipped my hand inside of my panties and started teasing my cunt, pressing my fingers into my slit, parting my fleshy lips I could feel my juices welling up and trickling over my sensitive taint. With that, she left abruptly, my thoughts tumbling about my head in confusion and hope, my heart hammering in my chest as I forced myself to pull my hand out from between my thighs, smooth my skirt over my legs and, eventually, pull myself together enough to go home, a quick glance at my phone telling me that I’d spent a little over an hour playing with myself in the University library.

Read To Me

lesbian sprite 2018-11-30

“Hi, I’m Rachel, and yeah… I guess you can call me a sex addict.” Oh, how true that was, I thought, pausing to glance up at my lover, her smile almost feral as she leaned forward, her hands sliding over the tops of my thighs, pushing them further apart, her robin’s egg lacquered nails leaving soft pink lines in my pale flesh, my voice trembling as I did my best to continue, already surrendering myself to a simple truth; I was going to lose. Without thought, I opened my mouth wide, pressing it against her, feeling her relax, both eager and patient, one hand between my legs as I frantically pushed my fingers into my sodden cunt, drenching them with my juices before rubbing my pulsing clit desperately, shaking so hard that, had she not kept her grip in my hair, I might have slipped over sideways.

Would You Like Ketchup With That? 5

bdsm sprite 2018-11-30

She played me like that for… I have no idea.  Spanking my ass, sometimes playfully light, other times with a sharp smack that nearly had me begging for mercy, moving on to the backs of my thighs and my tits, not sparing my nipples, until I wanted to cry, each following blow more painful than the last, and then she’d torture me with the vibrator, pushing me right to the edge before clicking it off.  I became a drooling, sobbing mess, my thoughts centered on the need to come.  Nothing else mattered.

M.Felix/Sprite present: Whores, Lies, and Sinker

lesbian sprite 2018-11-30

“Oh, god, fuck me you bitch!” Meggie cried out, her head rolling to one side, meeting Jack’s gaze with a wicked smile that left her face as quickly as it came, her eyes rolling back as Kate’s tongue delved into her wide open pussy.  Jack wondered if it was possible to cum without actually touching himself… he quickly decided that yes, it was possible, and that if they’d kept up their show too much longer, he would have been in danger of shooting his load inside of his jeans, a thought he almost voiced when Meggie wobbled over to him, her thighs slick, the lips of her swollen pussy parted like an obscene invitation, her swollen nipples looking angry in contrast to her fair skin, a dazed look on her face. 

Would You Like Ketchup With That? 4

bdsm sprite 2018-11-29

Her fingers pressed between my thighs and, naturally, I spread my legs for her, just enough that she could brush the material covering my sweltering cunt, stroking me through the fabric with one fingertip, observing my expression as my breathes grew shallower, quickening as she slowly descended, her warm, wet kisses teasing my vulnerable throat, her tongue tip trailing over the swell of her breast, her teeth brushing against my aching nipple.  She took it in her mouth, sucking at first, one hand teasing me from behind, the other stroking down my ribs, my hip, my thigh and then cupping me, thumb rubbing circles over my clit until I couldn’t think straight, the fingers behind, trailing over my taint, parting the cheeks of my ass before pressing against my puckered ass, probing playfully.

Grimm Tales: Snow White

bdsm sprite 2018-11-29

Jacob lowered his pitch, doing his best to imitate the deep voice of the dwarf, as well as his best to continue his tale as his wife sucked his cock, distracted by the sight of it slowly disappearing between her pink lips, her cheeks bulging out as she devoured him. Cupping the back of her head with his palm, he guided her forward as he backed up, taking a careful seat upon the edge of his leather bound chair, thighs spread wide, amazed that she never once let him slip out of her warm and willing mouth. "What happened then, Jacob?" Jenny asked, twin trials of his seed leaking from the corners of her mouth, her lips glazed with his cum.

Kitty Girl

fetish sprite 2018-11-28

A pair of brown kitten ears attached to a matching head band poked from the top of my blonde tresses and a pink collar, decorated with rhinestones circled my neck, a heart shaped tag engraved with the words "kitty" on one side and "property of Kay" on the other. "It’s Cindy!" I hissed at her, before following my smarter sister down the hall and burying my head under a pillow in the safety of our shared bedroom. Still, there was no way that Kay would let our neighbor wander down the hall and expose my strange little kink… "I’d have to ask Mike," she said, looking far too considering of the idea, like she wasn’t aware that it was just my owner joking around.

Pretty Shiny 1:The DV8

bdsm sprite 2018-11-28

“Such a pretty plaything.” His voice, masculine and strong, his touch the same as he gripped her hair, tilting her head back, making her gasp silently, and again when she felt a hand pushing between her thighs, pressing the zipper between her puffy lips and what felt like the thick fleshy pad of his thumb pressing into her swollen, wet clit, massaging it slowly. Unable to control herself, she began to rock her hips in frustration, wanting to draw attention to her aching pussy, groaning with relief as she felt pressure, the flat of his hand, between her thighs, pushing her ass back into the padding, once again, prying the zipper free, tugging it playfully, than drawing it slowly down.

Blondie's Wild Ride - Part II

group sprite 2018-11-28

There were rough hands on her legs, pulling them apart, her clit pressed uncomfortably against the edge of the bar as someone pulled her ass cheeks apart, Screwdriver she guessed, feeling the tip of his cock poised against her tight ring, pushing suddenly into her. She whimpered, nodding so that he knew she’d heard him, holding her breath as he slowly began to pump her cunt, pulling out until only his mushroom shaped head was lodged in her wet slit, then pushing deep inside of her, feeling like he was penetrating her very womb.

Kitty Girl Goes to the Beach - Part II

fetish sprite 2018-11-28

Just remember, each one will get harder, just like your cute little nipples." I gasped as I felt her fingers squeezing one, twisting hard, pain radiating through my breast until she forced a sharp cry from my lips. I couldn’t tell if the newcomer was the one kissing my feet or my fingers, although I could guess by the way the hands on my breasts paused, they belonged to Kay. Doing my best to still my fear, I concentrated on her hands, arching my back as she gently pulled at my hard nipples, teasing them upwards, her lips eventually replacing her fingers. "No fair!" I’d meant to whisper the words, but instead, they came out with a gasp as I felt my legs being pushed apart while warm, wet kisses teased the insides of my thighs.

The Further Adventures of Kitty Girl - Part III

fetish sprite 2018-11-26

Pushing her against the bathroom counter, we kissed again, her arms wrapped tightly around me, my small hands roaming over her breasts, twisting her nipples as I secretly delighted in her gasps. "Oh, please…" she gasped, hips pushing forwards as she pulled my face into her, and let me feed on her, my tongue finding its way inside of her dripping cunt. The following Christmas Kay and Cindy gave me a joint gift, a sexy little bikini like out fit to match my ears, complete with a tail and kitten paws for both my feet and hands, one that I wear proudly at those times when I am feeling my most kitteny!

Damsels In Distress Inc. : A Good Day for a Hike

hardcore sprite 2018-11-26

He gave her another hard smack, this time on the other cheek while his partner grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her eyes forward as he slowly undid his pants, releasing one of the thickest cocks Alex had ever seen. Satisfactory.” She answered, sounding slightly out of breath at the memory of the long walk back to the car, her blouse and shorts taken as souvenirs, wearing only her boots as the cum of two strangers run down the insides of her thighs, hoping that no one would be in the pull out to see her like this, and half hoping that they would…

Dangerous Games - Chapter II

bdsm sprite 2018-11-26

Uneasily, she let her eyes roam the room, falling on the metal rings in the walls, easily imagining their uses, remembering the night of the party, how she’d felt then, and the mixture of regret and longing that filled her ever since. That’s exactly what you want, Kara." He placed his hand over her mound, pushing her wet underwear between her parted labia with one finger, stroking her from the edge of her taint to the base of her swollen clit, never quite touching it until she thought she’d go mad with need. She gasped into his mouth, trying to turn away from his kiss, unable to stop him as started fucking her mouth with his tongue, not even letting her catch her breath as rough fingers pounded her cunt mercilessly.

The Jelly Bean Factory (for J)

lesbian sprite 2018-11-26

She simply nodded, the cool, wet night kissing her flesh, cooling her off, her shivers as much from anticipation as cold as two pairs of hands fondled and caressed and teased her intimately until she climaxed again, this time bent over the hood of a silver Toyota Corolla, the dark haired beauty’s fingers curled inside her cunt, her head turned to one side as she watched the redhead hike her skirt up slowly to reveal her clean shaven pussy, her lips parted like a flower in bloom, glistening with nectar as she teased herself.

Grimm Tales: Little Miss Muffet

bdsm sprite 2018-11-26

Jenny smiled, closing her eyes as her husband spun his tale, easily imagining herself in Molly Muffet’s place, even as she undid another button, revealing a chest covered with a light carpet of golden fur, rising and falling with each breath. "My God, dear Jacob." Jenny managed, her words spilling from trembling lips as he ran his hands down her spine, his fingers slipping beneath her lace panties, fondling and squeezing her tender bottom. Without pausing his tale, Jacob began lifting Jenny by the waist once more, helping her to rise and fall slowly on his cock, fucking her slowly, her juices dripping over his thighs as her sultry moans took on a new intensity, her flesh growing heated as her breasts heaved with each indrawn breath.

Entangled Chapter IV : Freeing Rapunzel

hardcore sprite 2018-11-26

“Cum for me.” I repeated, this time in a fierce whisper as she met my gaze frantically and exploded violently, climaxing as I held her throat, and then again as I released her and drew her shivering, quaking body to me, her hair slithering around us, binding us together as we clung to each other, her sobs for breath turning to hiccups and those, in turn, to giggles as we made love once more, this time tenderly, slowly, making it last through the night until she gave in to exhaustion.

Writer's Block

mastrubation sprite 2018-11-26

Blushing furiously, she reached for her laptop again, and resumed writing one handed, balancing it on her slowly spreading thighs as she slowly teased her clit free, her finger slick with pussy juices after slipping it inside of her suddenly dripping wet pussy as she re-wrote what she’d written. She paused long enough to slip her hand under the pleats of her skirt, shaking with the knowledge of what she was about to do, and gently immersed a single finger inside of her pussy, slowly enough so that she could feel every knuckle brush against her vulva, holding it in place until she was sure it dripped with her juice and only then bringing it to her lips.

Would You Like Ketchup With That? 3

lesbian sprite 2018-11-25

I couldn’t help but play with myself on the drive home, stroking my puffy clit with my finger, recalling her smile as she gazed down into the car, eyes, sparkling with mischief, fastened on my exposed cunt. A moment later, I felt her hand resting on my thigh, warm against my bare skin, just below my skirt, her thumb sliding absently along the hem, repeating the motion, each time pushing my skirt slightly, revealing incrementally more and more of my thigh. I followed her, my hand in hers, so lost in sexual euphoria that I walked into one of the glass doors on the way out of the building, moaning softly as I felt the trickle of desire running down the insides of both thigh as the cooling night air found its way under my short skirt.

Blondie's Wild Ride - Part I

group sprite 2018-11-25

Instead, she simply stood still, an unsure smile gracing her face as Geronimo began caressing her ass through her shorts, re-igniting the lust she’d felt earlier while riding behind him on his powerful bike. Taking a deep breath, she set herself upon the cushion, feeling suddenly self conscious, her thighs squeezing together as she took the shot and tossed it back, the whiskey burning its way down her throat like liquid fire. She nodded, managing a soft smile, her eyes a little wild as she turned her gaze first towards King, and then Jack, making sure her voice was heard over the jukebox.

Mrs Vandermeer's Rules: 6b

bdsm sprite 2018-11-24

Eyes wide at her revelation, I kept sucking, sliding my tongue over her finger, never faltering as she replaced it with another, cleaning them like the good girl I so desperately wanted to be until, finally, she simply lay on top of me, not seeming to care that I was covered with semen, and kissed me gently, stroking my hair, her gaze pinning me down, and then, rolling me over onto my side, embracing me in her arms and rocking me gently - until I must have dozed off, exhausted by the evening's events, my last memory her tender words.

Mrs Vandermeer's Rules: 4

bdsm sprite 2018-11-24

I sat, folding my hands primly on my lap, staring at my knees as I nervously awaited further instructions, all too aware of her studying me carefully, her business like voice giving me erotic chills, the feel of the egg securely trapped within my slippery cunt making it hard to sit still in her presence as she explained my task. I sat there in silence, suffering, frozen in my chair, filled with an overwhelming desire to hike my dress up and fuck myself silly or, better yet, crawl beneath her desk on my hands and knees and plunge my tongue into her beautiful cunt and make her cum over and over, her fingers tangled in my hair, my face squeezed painfully between her thighs…

Kitty Girl and the Girls of KINK III

bdsm sprite 2018-11-23

Dazed, I followed meekly as she tugged at the leash, drawing me along behind her, Ally once more taking up the rare, her hand on my ass, caressing it, her fingers occasionally brushing between my legs and stroking my pussy, chuckling at my soft moans as we passed through the hall, other hands reaching out and touching me, roaming over my hips, my belly, my breasts, emboldened my Ally’s encouraging smile to touch me intimately was we wandered downstairs once more, two sexy half-dressed cops and me, their naked cum covered whore.

Blondie in Wonderland

group sprite 2018-11-22

The water… oh, god, it felt so good, like waves of fingers lapping against my skin as the tub filled, hitting my pussy until I was sure that I would cum any moment, keeping me on edge for an eternity, or perhaps that was simply her fingers as they roamed everywhere, touching me intimately, my ribs, my shoulders, my tummy, finally teasing their way down over my mound and tracing the lips of my quivering cunt… I felt her teeth in my shoulder, my neck, tugging on my ear lobe, making me moan like some sort of sex crazed animal until I couldn’t stand it anymore and got myself turned around so that we were face to face, taking hers in my hands and resuming our kiss, eventually working the long silky strands of midnight free from her braid, oblivious to the crowd of onlookers we had drawn.

Damsels In Distress Inc : The Hunted

hardcore sprite 2018-11-21

Unable to speak, she merely nodded, wide eyed, sucking on his cock for all she was worth, feeling like a rag doll as the third man pawed at her tits, his nails leaving trails of searing pain through her flesh, twisting her nipples until she couldn’t stand it anymore… They never let up, either, fucking her mouth and cunt the entire time, mauling her tits, using her like the fuck toy she’d always secretly wanted to be… She felt him jerk, his fingers digging into her hips as he shot his load deep into her ass, her muscles instinctively clenching his cock and milking him dry, setting off the stranger beneath her, a fountain of thick cream filling her cunt to overflowing.

The Object of Obsession II

bdsm sprite 2018-11-21

I began to rock back and forth, finding a rhythm with him as he sunk himself deep into my hot little cunt, slowly at first and then, as both our need grew, harder and faster, until I my ass was banging against the steel bars, my head ducked down, doing my best not to bounce the top of it against the door to the cage. I wanted to beg him to stop, but I couldn’t find the words and then, before I quite knew what was happening, I felt it roll through me again, intense and sweet and painful, doing it’s best to send me into oblivion once more, my ass slamming against the bars one final time, my thighs in his grip as he exploded inside my cunt, pumping me full of his sticky, hot cum.

Mrs Vandermeer's Rules: 2b

bdsm sprite 2018-11-20

I breathed as deeply as I could with the rubber ball lodged in my mouth, slowly filling my lungs, pushing my tits out at her, my nipples looking like pencil erasers, and held it, wincing as she gently let it close, gasping a little when she finally get go, the pain sharp, but bearable. I sighed, wiping the tears from my eyes as turned my head, my breath catching as I felt her hand pushing between my thigh, her fingers probing between my legs, gently parting my slick folds, tips dipping into my cunt.

Mister Muscle and LoveBug Issue #3: Short and Sweet

voyeur sprite 2018-11-18

“I won’t tell anyone.” She retorted, a hint of a smile in her voice and then, there it was, the sound of her damn zipper making me hard and forcing me from my heroic looking squat so that I could discretely adjust myself while I ignored her smug little titter. Love Bug had been my sidekick for long enough that I knew her, but I still felt like I didn’t know her. So engrossed was I in the vision of her firm little behind, I wasn’t really paying attention to her route, nor the fact that she walked right past our shared dining quarters until she came to a stop in front of the room I’d assigned to our guest.

Frank Chase, Private Dick : Skittles

hardcore sprite 2018-11-18

With an exasperate sigh, I gave in and began to paddle her milky white ass, at first gently and then, realizing what she wanted, what she needed, with more fervor until she did, indeed, come on my lap, crying out my name as she ground her hips against my thighs, my hand pausing on the globe of her ass so that I could push my fingers into both her pussy and her anus as she went so far over the edge that I wondered if she might never return.

Entangled Chapter III : Losing Rapunzel

hardcore sprite 2018-11-17

Unable to turn away, I watched as he defiled her, resting his hand on her head, fingers stroking through her hair as it slowly coiled around the both of them like a living creature, undressing him with silken fingers even as it tore her clothing from her nubile body, leaving them both naked before turning it’s attention to me, wrapping me in a gentle cocoon until I, too, was divested of garb and left exposed to his cruel and hungry sneer. It wasn’t long, however, before my howls of pain turned to whimpers and then soft moans of pleasure, her hair teasing it’s way between my legs, caressing my sensitive clit and snaking between my swollen lips like an erotic serpent, thickening as it penetrated my moist cunt, probing deeper and deeper in rhythm with her blows until a wave of exquisite ecstasy over took me and I shuddered uncontrollably against her.

Oh Christmas Goat, Oh Christmas Goat

humor sprite 2018-11-17

Christmas Day. Shelly was in the driver’s seat, her bunny slipper on the pedal, steering wheel in one hand while she searched through the stations of the radio for something that wasn’t Celine Dion singing Come All Ye Faithful. While there wasn’t snow on the ground, the dirt felt like ice against my bare feet as I headed for the hot springs that Shelly had pointed out upon our arrival. I felt her hands upon my head, stroking, fingers sneaking through my hair, tensing at times, then relaxing as I began to lick her wet pussy, my tongue gliding between puffy lips.

Mrs Vandermeer's Rules: 6a

bdsm sprite 2018-11-17

Dear Mistress Abby – I’d written, fingers once again trembling, in the privacy of my room long after I was sure my parents were sound asleep – I haven’t been able to stop thinking of you. She left me like that, trembling with desire, unable to speak as I watched her leave the room, hungering for her touch, the scent of her, the sound of her voice, and, especially, the taste of her pussy. It felt like an electric current spreading through me, leaving me gasping for breath, my thoughts a confusion of images; the Vandermeers closing the door behind them, my sex soaked shorts laid out on the tile.

Grimm Tales: The Dancer and the Devil

bdsm sprite 2018-11-17

How and where it ends, is up to you, Jenny." He continued stroking her thigh, noting how it quivered at his touch, wondering if it would be more entertaining to let her simmer or to bring her to a quick boil this time as he collected his thoughts, the story forming in his head. As he’d promised, he began stroking his cock in earnest, trying to build himself up to climax to coincide with the end of the tale, while slowly fucking his wife, thumb once more teasing her lovely clit. Jenny jerked, her eyes opening wide with surprise as Jacob climbed on top of her, pushing his throbbing cock into her wide open pussy, sinking it deep inside of her, his hands on either side of her torso as he began to fuck her.

The Object of Obsession I

bdsm sprite 2018-11-16

I looked around the empty living room nervously, wondering where he was, my eyes drawn towards the hallway and, beyond that, the door to the basement where Craig most likely waited, his presence drawing me like a moth to flame. I felt my panties growing damp once more as I stood there, gazing at it from the door way, Craig standing directly behind me, one hand playing with my undone hair, the other resting lightly on my shoulder. Instead I simply nodded and let him lead me out to his car, doing my best to keep up my end of the conversation, my thoughts wandering back to how it had felt inside the cage every time there was a lull.

Kitty Girl Goes to the Beach - Part III

fetish sprite 2018-11-16

Eager to please, her aroma filling my nose as she began to slide her wet cunt over my face, I pressed my tongue between her pink edged folds, lifting my hands so that I could grasp her hips, the tips of my fingers pressing firmly in as she rode me. There was wetness growing upon my belly as Cindy began grinding her cunt against me, her hips rolling sensuously as she made love to my girlfriend’s mouth, her kisses hungry and fierce. All that mattered was making my owner cum like the good little kitty I so wanted to be, lapping at her soaking wet cunt, my tongue coated with her juices.

Dangerous Games - Chapter I

bdsm sprite 2018-11-15

She moaned, all too away of how the flimsy material of tee rubbed against her aching nipples, filling her with a lust so strong that it took all of her will power to resist pushing her fingers between her swollen lips and making herself cum. Almost against her will, she opened her mouth invitingly, feeling his cum slick fingers slide over her tongue, filling her mouth, never once taking her eyes off of his face, knowing what he wanted without being told. When he returned, she was sitting there exactly like he had left her, looking up at him with a bashful smile on her face, her eyes full of confused hope.

Entangled Chapter I : Educating Rapunzel

hardcore sprite 2018-11-15

“I know that too.” I dared to venture, my eyes never leaving hers, the pounding of my heart filling my ears, desire rising inside of me as I watched her shift on the bed, her impossible long hair framing her lithe body, veiling her expression as she surveyed her chambers. “Yes, my nasty little pet, he fucked me there as well.” she giggled, trapping my head between her thighs, grinding it against me as I tongued her cum filled ass, instinctively sucking her clean, knowing that I should be disgusted by the act, and yet, aroused beyond comprehension at the thought of swallowing Jean Hébert’s gift.

Blondie's Christmas Tale

group sprite 2018-11-15

While Dibs and I rutted like sex-starved animals, me slamming back against him almost as hard as he was slamming into me, driving his cock so deep that it hurt, the rest of the guys were getting busy with the candy, sucking that shit up into their nostrils one at time. I was looking up, feeling my legs being spread apart while I lay on my back, seven naked guys standing around me, their black skin glistening with sweat, their swollen cocks shiny with cum as they jerked off, and yes, I was smiling for them, putting on a show, my hand between my legs as I rubbed my clit, fingers dripping wet, pinching my nipples, cupping my tits, mouth open, moaning obscenely as JJ grunted and shot a load of milk white cum all over my tits.

Pretty Shiny 2:Home

bdsm sprite 2018-11-14

She was pretty, something she was shyly proud of, and, when she wanted to be, sexy.  Or at least she felt that way standing before her reflection, the twinkle of colored lights shining in the background.  She watched, her breath quickening as the girl in the mirror reached for her tit and slowly tugged and twisted her nipple until she gasped out loud before sliding down over her belly, carefully parting her outer lips, and slipping a finger into her welcoming cunt.  No cumming, she’d been told, but nothing had been said about touching.  She was already wet.  She played with herself, rubbing her clit as she watched herself until she could see her juices glistening on her lips, her finger and even on her inner thighs, moaning at the pleasure she felt spreading through her core, forcing herself to stop before she reached the point of no return.

Kitty Girl and the Girls of KINK I

bdsm sprite 2018-11-14

“Yes, Ma’am.” I managed, my voice trembling as I felt Officer Laura’s baton brushing against my soaking wet panties again, this time rubbing against me, turning my insides to jelly. Unable to answer Officer Ally’s comment, I simply stood there, glancing back and forth at the costumed cops, my eyes wide as I contemplated my fate, shivering at the sight of Laura, her baton on one hand, tapping the length of it against her other palm, giving me a chance to get a good look at it. Afterwards, I slid down the side of the car to my knees, the handle of her nightstick still impaling me, sobbing as I tried to catch my breath, unaware of my surroundings until I heard her voice, felt her touch as she tugged playfully on the baton imbedded in my dripping wet cunt.

Entangled Chapter II : Serving Rapunzel

hardcore sprite 2018-11-14

There, she lay me down gently and bathed me with her tongue, cleaning all the fluids from my skin before burying her face between my shaking thighs and doing the same with my cum filled pussy and ass, bringing me, once more, to an earth shattering orgasm before wrapping me up in her arms and singing me softly to sleep. Once in a fortnight she would seek out other company, usually coming home with her clothing in distress, her hair coiling around me like a living creature, binding me to whatever piece of furniture was nearest as she clutched my head between her thighs and made me suck cum from her dripping wet pussy and asshole, shuddering with orgasm after orgasm until she was quiet spent.

An Afternoon's Delight

mastrubation sprite 2018-11-14

Moments later, I exploded with pleasure so intense I thought I might pass out, my orgasm spreading through my limbs, into the tips of my fingers and toes, the music matching my pulse, my clit, my nipples, throbbing in time to the beat of the bass, my ecstasy induced high doubling, tripling as I passed into another realm, leaving my thoughts behind, overcome by the fiercest climax I’d ever experience, my last memory, before being consumed by an endless orgasm, the sight of a pair of strangers watching from the open doorway….

Blondie and the Angel from Hell

group sprite 2018-11-14

Fucker knew me too well, too, dusting his sticky cock with more coke (did I mention how plentiful that shit was while he was around?) before sticking it up my ass, his iron fingers gripping my hips as he slammed into me hard enough to move me across the tiled floor half a foot at a time until I bumped my head into the fridge. I slept like the dead through the next day, awakened occasionally by Lena, her head between my legs, eager to drive me to the edge of sanity with yet another orgasm, coaxing me into returning the favor, laying opposite her, slowly lapping and licking and sucking her clit until she surrendered into ecstatic convulsions against me, then we’d both drift off again until next time our carnal lust grew too great to contain…

Damsels In Distress Inc. : Team Spirit

hardcore sprite 2018-11-13

Once he was all the way in her, he simply started driving his cock in and out of her, her pussy slick with arousal and the hint of blood as he fucked her like she was just another nasty little slut. He began to slam into her, pushing her into the floor with each thrust, his huge hands on her waist, her arms still pinned my his buddies, his lust filled eyes boring into hers until he thrust violently inside of her, his huge cock pumping her full of cum with a strangled cry. It was huge, splitting her in half, sliding in and out of her, the mixture of cum, arousal, and the blood from her stolen virginity easing its way as she finally came, her scream of raw pleasure seeping out around the knotted gag.

Mrs Vandermeer's Rules: 2a

bdsm sprite 2018-11-13

“Hold back, baby.” She teased, pulling her fingers free, stroking only the edges of my quivering folds, teasing me as she kept me on the brink of nirvana, my entire body full of electricity, heat radiating from my cunt, flowing like liquid fire through me, filling my belly, my tits, my limbs, robbing my of breath, my heart pounding madly… At first, I had dreaded the door opening, remembering her promise to punish me, but as time wore away at me, I began to anticipate it, feverishly praying for the moment when I’d hear the sound of the key in the knob, and the door would swing open to reveal her, standing there, a nasty smile on her lips, her eyes full of cruel promises…

Mrs Vandermeer's Rules: 5b

bdsm sprite 2018-11-11

She took a sip, and then, glass in hand, made her way to the thick curtains, pulling them closed, leaving the room dark for a moment until the television screen lit up, bathing the room in soft blue light, including her as she made her way to the leather chair in front of which I’d positioned myself. I felt myself blush fiercely as I spread my legs just like Candy had, wet my fingers in my mouth, my eyes never leaving the lens as I began to play with my cunt like a dirty little whore.


voyeur sprite 2018-11-10

That night, Eden lay in bed with the lights out, her husband snoring softly beside her, breathing raggedly as she stroked her clit, the unmistakable aroma of Lizzy’s sex filling her senses as she buried her face in the pillow sheet. Lizzy lay in bed that night, the events of the day playing through her head, caressing herself, fingers sliding along her flanks, over her small tits, teasingly brushing her nipples, down over her softly rounded belly, delighting in the way her fingers felt over her smoothly shaved pussy, her breath catching as she teased her clit free from hiding and began to rub it slowly, fantasizing about what might happen the next day.

Would You Like Ketchup With That?

voyeur sprite 2018-11-09

My breath caught, my hand trying to sneak it’s way between my legs as my thighs suddenly took charge and, despite my best efforts, spread enough so that I could reach between them, the image of her sucking on my budding clit filling my thoughts with such intensity that it took me a minute to realize that I’d been parked at the speaker box longer than necessary. I moaned softly, leaning against the counter, my eyes closed in blissful ecstasy as I pushed my hand into my jeans and ground my fingers against my clit, coming quickly with a silent cry before sliding down to the floor, my head cradled in my arms as I rocked back and forth, my cunt soaking through my panties and my jeans, finger turning to fists as I felt it trickling over my puckered asshole, imagining those words in her sweet, sincere, sensual voice.

Kitty Girl and the Girls of KINK V

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“Make her cum, whore.” Laura growled, shaking my leash playfully, the soft jingle of metal exciting me, my own cunt leaking down my thighs, dripping shamelessly on the carpet as I began pumping my tongue into her her with Ally’s help, my hands reaching around the unseen girl, slipping under her panties to grasp her tight little butt cheeks as I drove her closer and closer to a climax… They led me on through the house on my hands and knees like an animal, Laura tugging gently on my leash, Ally tapping my ass with her baton on occasion, running it between my thighs, teasing my soaked pussy every chance she got, making me whimper with need while god knows how many people watched.

Would You Like Ketchup With That? 2

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“Made myself come again.” Eyes closed, I felt my legs spreading slightly, my free hand slowly pulling the hem of my skirt up, exposing my wet panties, my fingertips teasing my pussy through the damp material. Placing my drink in the cup holder, I reached for my order, using my free hand to lift the hem of my skirt as I spread my legs, giving her a good look at my pink cotton panties, unable to resist peeking between my own thighs, a sense of mortification taking hold at the sight of the large wet patch that greeted me. I didn’t waste any time, lifting my hips and plunging two fingers into my dripping wet snatch as I turned my head towards her, eyes rolling slightly back as I watched her push her hand between her thighs and under her dress, obviously rubbing on her own pussy.

Entangled Chapter V : Unleashing Rapunzel

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We travelled by foot by the light of the moon for three days before we came upon the concealed entrance, Rapunzel protesting as I pulled her along cruelly, her collar locked tight around her throat, hands bound behind her back, her eyes swollen and red with tears. Perched in the window of our apartment overlooking a well groomed garden, I stared out at the horizon, contentment filling me as I listened to Rapunzel stirring from our shared bed, smiling at the soft fall of her footsteps as she drew near, feeling the warmth of her nakedness as she slipped her arms around me and rested her chin upon my bare shoulder.

Mister Muscle and Love Bug Issue #1: Of Bugs and Brawn

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I let out a soft groan, at which she giggled, ending the gesture by running her tongue over her lips until the glistened, making me wonder, once more, what it would be like to push my prick into her juicy little mouth. “Seems like a waste of time, but fine, whatever.” She sighed, tilting her head up, her luminous eyes sparkling with mischief through her pale lashes, her lips curving into a mischievous smile as she began playing with her zipper again. Instead I simply held her until her eyes fluttered open, brushing her silky gold hair from her face tenderly, my fingers trembling as I fought my baser instincts to rut with her like an animal, earning me a somewhat dazed smile accented by a playful little giggle.

The Further Adventures of Kitty Girl - Part II

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Instead we luxuriated in each others presence, sharing the warmth of our bodies, touching intimately, gentle hands tracking the roundness of breasts, soft lips kissing shadowed places, legs intertwined, bodies pressing together as we shifted comfortably upon the sheets. Instead, I lay there, my head turned as she climbed from her perch and began going through our toy drawer, lifting items one at time, watching my reaction with each new discovery. I came, my entire body alight with passion and pleasure that was almost painful as Cindy began striking my nipples once more with the ruler, taking me to new heights. Even after cumming so hard for her, I felt excitement growing within me, desire slowly following her teasing touch, like a trail of electric current gravitating towards my quivering cunt.

Blondie and the Black Knight

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I found myself flat on my belly, my little white girl tits mashed into the glass, calloused hands circling my waist as Blue pushed his cock into my cunt for sloppy seconds, pounding away at my slick hole, my legs trapped between two hundred pounds of horny black man and the front of the machine, toes not even touching the floor. I got lost in it, raising up my ass for him, feeling the walls of my pussy being pushed apart as he rammed his monster into me, over and over and over, my hands covering my tits, twisting and pulling at my nipples, teeth sunk into my lip, unable to stop the groan of pure pleasure that spilled from my dirty little cock sucking mouth…

And the Award for Best Kitty Goes To...

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I settled my head into Kay’s lap, rubbing my face between her thighs when I thought no one was looking, pleased that, at some point, I could smell the unmistakable scent of her arousal through her pants, wondering if, or when, the crotch would darken, letting me know I’d achieved my desired goal. The very thought had me rolling my hips as I changed tactics and pushed two fingers into my overflowing pussy, slowly fucking myself as Mrs. Plum’s hand moved further and further upwards until I could feel her nails tracing the outline of my pink and purple panties.

1,001 Words for Love II : Dumas, Alexandre

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“Oh, Yes, please.” She whimpered, breaking another’s kiss, feeling his grip on her hips as his finger slid deeper and deeper into her backdoor, feeling his knuckles push her ring wide as he filled her, protesting as her cunt was suddenly abandoned, her words interrupted as a sharp blow struck her mons, sending tendrils of heated pain through her, her feet leaving the earth as her spine curved, her arms taking all her weight. She exploded, her scream echoing across the orchard, grinding her hips against whoever was fucking her, a pair of fingers plunging deep into her ass, spasms tearing her apart as she felt a flood of hot cum filling her, a masculine shout of triumph masking her cries of ecstasy as the most exquisite of orgasms tore through her.

A Quick Moment

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Glancing around carefully, I decided to be a little daring and pop the button of my jeans and loosen up the zipper a bit, just enough that I could slip a couple fingers into them and assure myself that yes, my panties were wet and that, beneath them, my cunt was even wetter. Worse, perhaps, or perhaps not, for it took my mind from the humiliation of pissing my jeans, I felt the last vestiges of self-control flee as the orgasm that I’d been ignoring came back to haunt me. Oh, and yes, I left a ridiculously large tip before fleeing, a reminder never to stop there again, in case someone recognized me as the girl who pissed her pants… but not before taking a quick moment to write it all down... 

Kitty Girl's Day Out

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I took a short break, chatting with two of my favorite people here on Lush, my Mistress and Dancing Doll… coming clean about my state, discussing… well, perhaps those topics should be left to the imagination… then, it was time to let go of the last little vestiges of girl-hood, leave that 5% behind and transform into kitty girl –why do I suddenly hear dramatic movie music in my head? Well, she helped me dress, touching up my make-up, making sure my ears were on straight, and telling me what a pretty little kitty I was before sending me home to await my owner which is a story in and of itself, one I may or may not feel compelled to share.

The Heart of a Kitty - a Kitty Girl Tale

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I got off on knowing that, at any moment, someone might wander outside into the cool Seattle night for a smoke or a hit off a pipe, or just some fresh air, and they’d see me, the hem of my dress clenched in one fist, my fingers slipping into the waistband of my panties, the movement of my hand beneath the material as I teased myself, my eyes never leaving Kay’s painfully beautiful face. I’d had a little too much wine, and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d gone to the bathroom… it began as a trickle of warmth that soaked through my panties, dripping from the crotch before growing into a tickling stream running down the insides of my thighs.

The Bronze Man

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Knowing that Tina and George had heard me cum like the dirty little slut I knew, in my heart I truly was, ignited me to passionate heights I’d never imagined. Squeezing his fingers firmly, unable to tear her eyes away, she watched as Jamie turned, catching a glimpse of erect nipples as she slipped into the knee deep water and waded towards the bronze man. "This time it’s my turn to make the rules." Tina again, although I could still hear the sound of George’s rough breathing, gasping again as a pair of callused fingertips began stroking along my mons, pressing along the length still inside of me, making it hard to even think, let alone voice a protest.

A Letter to L.

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I had an image of my pulling off my jeans and pumping my fingers in and out of my drenched cunt, my moans echoing off the bathroom walls or, even better, you pushing your entire hand into me while I screamed in ecstasy. The thrill that went through me as I thought of someone having witnessed my little escapade, perhaps standing just outside my window, looking in while I abused myself, eyes flying open just as I climaxed, a strangers face filling my vision… I thought about leaving my panties in the car so I could enjoy them on the way home, but thought better of it.

Blondie and the Dancing Dead

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I welcomed it, moaning softly, rolling my hips like a stripper, cupping my breasts as, one after another, they took my aching nipples in their mouths, sucking, teasing with their tongues, fingers caressing the crack of my ass, gliding along my ribs, my mound, tantalizingly brushing along the edges of my parted lips until I could no longer think straight. Thankfully, the first guy who took me in the ass was gentle, lubricating his dick in my cunt first before easing it into my tight little hole, his head pushing past my anal ring, sealing himself inside me as I clenched around his shaft, impaled from behind as a pale skinned skeleton dressed in bright red speared my eager mouth, laughing gleefully as I sucked greedily, his cum joining the others who’d gone before him in my belly.

Mrs Vandermeer's Rules: 3a

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I started out by taking some pictures of myself in what I thought were sexy poses, lining up the shots so that I could use the camera’s timer and then set in on my desk while I sat on the edge of my bed, cupping my bra and spreading my legs, my lips shaping a lurid kiss for one, laying sideways for another while sucking on my finger as I imagined I would a cock. She didn’t wait for a reply, straightening her long legs, commanding me with a tug of the leash, not to stand, but to follow her into the house on my hands and knees, giggling to myself as I watched her ass sway sexily back and forth, recalling the night I’d tongue fucked it.

Mrs Vandermeer's Rules: 3b

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Breathlessly, I pictured him taking my virginity, gentle at first, then rougher, spurred on by my Mistress to savage my nasty little cunt, ramming his thick swollen cock into my slick fuck hole, the entire table shaking, ignoring my grunts, my cries of pain, using me like a cheap whore, while his wife urged him on… I sought out her nipples, suckling at them, rewarded my her soft moan, her hands tightening in my hair as she guided my mouth from one to the other and then, between her thighs, allowing her voracious little lap dog the honor of plunging my tongue into her fragrant cunt, deep, deeper, oh so very deep, fucking her violently, my muscle turned hard, my nose flattening her clit, a single finger twisting inside of her ass, her orgasmic cries as she shuddered though and endless climax.

Kitty Girl and the Girls of KINK IV

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“No, I don’t know, maybe.” I whispered, my gaze fastened to her pussy, watching in fascination as she parted her folds with the fingers of one hand and pushed the lollipop between them until the head of it had disappeared from sight, leaving only the hard white stick poking out from her glistening, pink lips. We both watched, lost in the moment, as Ally fucked herself slowly with the lollipop, her moans growing in volume as she pumped it into her messy pussy faster and harder, her hands becoming a blur, gasping out loud when I reached up and pinched her nipple, twisting it like she had mine.

The Further Adventures of Kitty Girl - Part I

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Getting down on my hands and knees, I lapped water from my bowl, my mouth having gone dry, scratched at the back door and mewed softly, then simply sat on my heels in the shade of the house, doing my best to push any non-kitteny thoughts from my brain. Cindy rolled on her hips, pulling her legs up, and I obeyed, fucking her wet cunt with my tongue, pushing into her deeper and deeper, my nose pressing against her swollen nub as she shook with need and pleasure, her hands once more on her perfect tits, her back arching until finally she cried out, release gushing out of her as I did my best to capture it, filling my mouth with her juices, lapping hungrily at her until she pushed me away, giggling.

Kitty Girl Goes to the Beach - Part I

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I tried to think of safe thoughts, but was unable to come up with any, so I quickly gave up and enjoyed the sight of her adjusting her lush breasts in the mirror, her ass swaying erotically with her every movement, stray thoughts of peeling her bikini briefs down her thighs, my head under her dress, exploring her cunt with my tongue, my face smeared with her beautiful nectar… I became so lost in the feeling that I barely even noticed Kay stroking my hair tenderly, leaning over and whispering in my ear, calling me a good girl and promising all sorts of things if I came for her.

Kitty Girl and the Girls of KINK II

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Trembling, I managed to balance myself on her thighs, hands trapped behind my head, as close to naked as I could be in front of a room full of strangers as Laura cupped my breasts, squeezing them playfully, while Ally slid alongside her and, leaning over, took my pink nipple into her mouth. While Ally continued to suck on my tits, nipping them until they were covered with red bite marks, Laura reached around and began stroking m thighs, her nails raking me, leaving me in mental agony as she’d let her finger tips brush my swollen pussy, and abandon it once more until I was reduced to an animal like state, unable to think of anything else but the orgasm that might never come.

Pretty Wild

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Julie took another hit the pipe, sucking holding the smoke in her lungs for as long as she could manage, letting it out slowly, already feeling the high spreading through her as she slipped her hand back into her panties, running her fingers slowly between her soft lips, a rhythmic up and down, fingers dripping wet, hips roll rocking up and down.  She closed her eyes, recalling the walk home through the park, clothes disheveled and damp and smelling of sex.  Holding onto each other, giggling as they stumbled their home where they’d spilled onto the bed that Julie’d been sharing with Brett.