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Free erotic stories by tangerinesky on AdultRead

Chanel 17

mastrubation tangerinesky 2018-12-04

Of course Eugene pleased me, I’m not completely biased, but the connection I felt with Ethan was more pronounced, I can’t deny. I stand up and walk to my door, and when Ethan’s eyes meet mine, I see a flash of surprise before he gives me a neat, easy smile. “Do you want to join?” Ethan ask, looking up to me and pulling out a sandwich bag filled with bud. Two days later --after my new pad is thoroughly cleaned to my standards-- I invite Aaliyah, Dylan, Eugene and Taniyah over for a 'housewarming party'. Thinking of his lips on my skin, the lust in his eyes, the way he groaned every time he was deep inside me.

Chanel and Ethan 30

fetish tangerinesky 2018-12-01

I desperately want to squirm, but remain open and placid as his hand starts pressing on my abdomen, his fingers inside me still ruthlessly fucking my front wall. "Trust me baby, let it happen," Ethan cajoles me, his beautiful green eyes begging. "Oh fuck," I hear Ethan groan, his fingers still pressing on the reason for my existence in this very moment. Finally Ethan has stopped fucking me, my center twitching as I come back to earth, and I shiver. Ethan wouldn't let me go while we slept, and as we walk all over town, his hands are always at my waist or lower back. "Do you want me to get out of your way?" I ask, closing my eyes at the feel of his mouth.

Chanel and Ethan 12

hardcore tangerinesky 2018-12-01

“I’m not gonna hold her here and wipe her face when this was her fucking fault in the first place,” he says, and my eyes find his chest again. As I’m holding his face, his lips locked with mine, his head finds my entrance and he’s swiftly inside me, stretching me fast. He stops and pulls me away from the island and turns me, pushing my head toward the floor so I’m now on my elbows and knees. I feel like it's what I need and I'm so fucking close when he pulls out and slams into me again. Ethan holds my ass in front of his pelvis, fucking me at his will, and I want nothing more in this moment.

Chanel and Ethan 19

mastrubation tangerinesky 2018-11-26

But today..I don’t even know what happened,” I mumble, again, trying to get a grip on what the whole situation at Eugene’s house really means. “I found him fucking Taniyah at his house tonight,” I just say it, and the words don’t burn near as much as my thoughts had before Ethan arrived.  I had talked to him earlier today and he sounded upset, so...I wanted to surprise him, went over to his house, and I heard someone screaming inside, and I’m dead serious, I thought someone was in trouble.” I breathe a laugh of disbelief on my part. Forward and backward, Ethan keeps his fingers deep inside me, fucking me roughly with his hand. I keep my eyes on his face that’s half an inch from mine, and I don’t look away.

Chanel and Ethan 21

mastrubation tangerinesky 2018-11-25

Ethan pulls his face back and looks down at me with wide eyes. I tell Ethan I’m not very hungry, but he takes me to a restaurant anyways, claiming we have plenty of time before the movie starts. Ethan puts his mouth to my right ear, and his hot breath makes my heart beat falter. Ethan lightly flicks his finger against me and I pant harder into his mouth, my legs opening further for him. With two fingers, he angles his hand just right and presses them against the hood of my clit. “Ahhh,” I moan against his chest, his left arm now wrapped around me, his right hand milking my orgasm.

Chanel, Ethan and Taniyah 10

group tangerinesky 2018-11-16

"Alright, alright, you guys won fair and square," Taniyah says, raising her hands, then she looks right at me. "Let's go find the guys and fuck with them while I'm still drunk,” she says, and tosses the last of her menthol.We giggle and make our way inside, finding Ethan in the kitchen, standing at the island. Taniyah quickly joins in, biting my bottom lip, and starts kissing Ethan. I look up to Ethan from my kneeling position and his mouth is open, his eyes wide taking in the scene. As soon as I do, Ethan stands up and turns Taniyah around and kisses her, leaving me wanting. Ethan leans in to kiss my neck and whispers quietly, “Can I fuck her?” He kisses my neck again and pulls back looking at me.

Chanel and Taniyah 5

lesbian tangerinesky 2018-11-13

As I’m putting stuff away in the fridge, Ethan comes in, cuts open my case of water and starts handing me bottles. Besides, I brought a joint in my wallet I’d forgotten about due to the wine, and now felt like a good time to pull it out. “The one you fucked in college?” I ask hitting the joint and handing it back. Aaliyah has a backyard, the walls surrounding it are a little low, but I can’t look away from Taniyah riding my hand in my lap right now. I find my strength, and without removing my fingers from inside her, I grab her ass with my left hand and stand up. “Oh fuck!” She loudly whispers and grabs my head in both her hands.

Ethan and Chanel 27

bdsm tangerinesky 2018-11-11

I like you too much to have my friends knowing that shit." Chanel's breathtaking smile lights her face as I talk. Ethan," Chanel moans, and when I push her bundle of nerves again, she cries harder, trying to wiggle her body away from my mouth. With her legs impeccably straight, Chanel bends over and holds onto the bar, hands still tied, her flexible body practically folded in half. I glance at Chanel's face, contorted in a gorgeous mask as she clings to me, cumming, and the mere potency of the moment, knowing I'm fucking her brains out makes me lose all control I have left. I finally relax my body, panting into Chanel's neck as she holds my head with her tied up hands.

Ethan and Chanel 29

fetish tangerinesky 2018-11-09

"I know you pretty well, and I still think you're beautiful," I say, looking down at her, holding her little body against me. If you do trust me and you're comfortable, I'll give you a really good orgasm," I try to persuade her, and start rubbing her calves with my left hand, her feet still in my lap. " would we go about this?" Chanel asks, and I'm already way too fucking excited at the idea of watching her cum...really hard...all over me. "I to try ," she says, her pool blue eyes have just the right amount of lust and innocence to make me impatient as fuck. Chanel shifts, and when she spreads her legs, electric blue eyes watching me, I drop my head.

Chanel And Eugene..And Aaliyah..And Dylan 15

group tangerinesky 2018-11-06

I hear Aaliyah giggling some more and talking to Dylan, and when she says my name I finally pull away from Eugene’s mouth. I feel Eugene's other hand rest on the back of my head and I know he's watching me eat Aaliyah. I hear her hum and look up to see Dylan grabbing her hair tightly and gently pumping into Aaliyah's mouth. "Yes," Aaliyah sings in a soft, seductive voice and I think all of our stomachs flip, Eugene fucking me harder, Dylan groaning. Her back is to Eugene, and right as my tongue makes contact with her, I look up and see Dylan putting his dick back in her mouth.