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Free erotic stories by teisuu on AdultRead

A Lesson, A Reward

bdsm teisuu 2018-09-15

Can't have me, mmmm, fucking that mouth without you knowing what to do when I do." The caresses continue for a moment, in silence, and this calms me some, my chest stops heaving quite so much and the whimpers trail off till they're inaudible through the mushroom head my lips are wrapped around. You hold my cock in my mouth till it's almost completely soft, then let it fall from your lips, and sigh happily, crawling up to kiss my cheek before laying down next to me, resting with your head on my chest, snuggled in the crook of an arm.

Drop Everything

bdsm teisuu 2018-07-10

At the same time more nibbling on my ear is bringing small, breathless, whimpery moans, your hands are at my neck, the cold metal of a leash's clasp pressing into neck's flesh as you clip it around one of the upper pewter bits of my collar near my throat. Silly boy, wanting to crawl around like a little puppy." I smirk and stand and you look up at me for moment before pulling the collar of my t-shirt out and dropping the leash through. You may wash your face in the morning after I 'reward' you for tonight." I moan softly, eyes still pressed shut, enjoying your weight on my chest, the hand petting my hair, the feel of your cum and juices drying on my cheeks, and nose and lips.

The Color Red

bdsm teisuu 2018-02-16

You will not cum without permission this time; and I will not be giving that permission tonight." You brush at the border between blindfold and forehead with fingers and i can feel your smile as you say in a very pleased voice, "And you will sleep wearing red for me." One last kiss before you sit up causes me to gasp. You give a little sigh of pleasure at the feel of cock's head teasing at you, then, almost unceremoniously, drop, quickly sliding your pussy down my shaft till I'm buried completely inside you.

Eyes Open

bdsm teisuu 2017-11-18

You half turn your head, looking over your shoulder at me, eyes gleaming darkly, before scooting up my chest some and leaning over my legs to attach the spreader bar. Your other hand reaches forward and small fingertips close around a nipple they'd been teasing at earlier, pulling up and away, twisting and holding my nipple like that. I moan as well, whimpering after a moment when my eyes try to slide shut of their own accord again. After scratching, that hand moves to my chin holding me, the exquisite pain from the scratch nearly sends my eyes sliding shut. You sit up, throwing the gag off the side of the bed before shifting enough, sighing again when my softened cock slides completely out of you, to remove the leg-spreader.