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Penis Shrinking from Chastity

bdsm tinywhiteboi 2018-12-02

I laid on a padded table while Mistress Alex explained to the male technician that I needed a Prince Albert piercing to secure my chastity device. several times a week she'd pound my ass with her 8 inch black strapon, causing cum to leak out of my tiny locked peepee. As the year went by she began having parties where I'd be required to suck off three or four black cocks in addition to my pussy licking and cleanup duties. I was then locked back up and the party began in earnest as the black men fucked all the ladies while me and the other white bois cleaned up and provided oral service. Again the party continued with Mistress and her friends getting their fill of big black cock while us white boys cleaned up.

First Time Fucked

gay-male tinywhiteboi 2018-11-08

As the evenings went on they'd take turns fucking my ass with strapon cocks and dildos, milking the cum from my swollen balls. It seemed that this lady had a friend, black with a huge cock, bigger than any of the strapons or dildos I'd taken, and that he loved fucking the manhood completely out of little white boys like me. I could barely hear the small talk about how much he enjoyed breaking in little white boys and turning them into faggots for black cock. Eric, admiring his work, pronounced "And that ladies is how you turn a little white boy into a faggot sissyboi for black cock." I had to agree.