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Free erotic stories by tom6432 on AdultRead

Mother-in-Law is Disciplined Ch. 01

fetish tom6432 2018-09-17

Right now she is over my lap, with her blue skirt and half slip high on her back, her backside is bare and her pink lacy bikini panty, girdle and stockings are dangling ignominiously from her knees. Now I am going to tan your backside until you are crying, then you can go upstairs and get your little girl sleeper, and can spend 30 minutes in the corner with these panties over your head make sure you bring them back down with you." I took the waistband of Karen's tight white bikini's and slowly lowered them over her hips turning them inside out, as I lowered them to her knee hollows, effectively pinning her legs.

Department Store Scene

bdsm tom6432 2018-08-28

I see you standing at attention near the wall, your mouth slightly opened your legs spread about a foot apart and your head lowered. Your head remains lowered as I take two fingers and place them into your opened mouth. I say 'Present,' and you immediately stand at attention, lower your head, open your mouth and raise the hem of your skirt over your hips revealing your long, tanned legs, thigh-highs and pretty little girl panties. I guide your face to my shaft your mouth opens wide then you close your lips around the head. Your little girl panties make me smile again, as I order you to bend over with your palms on the dressing room chair.

Teacher's Discipline Ch. 04

fetish tom6432 2018-08-24

Loudly for the class to hear I said: "For the remainder of the week you will wear white cotton regulation school girl panties under your clothes. Directing my attention to Linda I said: "Young lady lift your skirt above your hips right now," Linda could not believe what she was hearing that I would ask her to show her panties in her office in front of her administrative assistant. Linda her face now scarlet stood in front of her 28 year old assistant and said: "Miss Emma please paddle my bare cheeks." I watched as Emma lifted Linda's short skirt and told her to hold it up above her waist.

The Corner Pt. 02

bdsm tom6432 2018-08-14

I recall the events of last night from the spanking on my bare backside, to the soapy mouth washing, to the humiliation of standing in the corner. Lisa orders me to stand and to remove my panty from my ankles. Master has the tip of his huge cock head resting on Lisa's tongue. I watch and follow Lisa as she bends forward her tongue resting on his boot and her bare backside perched high in the air with her legs spread as wide as her panty allows. "Your regular table is ready as you requested Sir," She said and curtsied low, as she quickly raised her short skirt giving us a flash of what looked like white cotton panties.

Doctoral Discipline Pt. 03

bdsm tom6432 2018-08-10

"Okay Missy it is 7:00 o'clock and its time to start your day," I heard the Professor say. "Okay Missy sit up, I will wash your hair for you." Again, I obeyed without hesitation, sitting up I pulled my knees up to my tummy and wrapped my arms around my legs. On your knees and touch your head to the ground, backside high in the air with legs spread." Again I was mortified to be in such a position, yet it almost felt good. He even began to touch me in DISPLAY position, making me stand on my toes as his finger entered me and lifted upward.

The Corner Office Ch. 02

bdsm tom6432 2018-08-07

I don't wish to hear another word from you, except yes sir or no sir," Is that understood Young lady?" I could see Susan shivering as she stood with her hands on her head in the corner. Elizabeth stood facing me, waiting to hear the words all of my employees dreaded: "Step up on the T-Bar and present your self for a bare bottom strapping." She wiggled her hips slightly from side to side, making sure she held onto the T-Bar. Her skirt and slip had fallen over her head, because of her bent position. "Ten more Missy, I want you to count each stoke, thank me, and ask for another starting now," I said, as I swung the strap with my strong right arm.

The Corner Office Ch. 05

bdsm tom6432 2018-08-06

"Well, young lady if you don't remember the last time you were spanked that tells me two things: first it is apparently far too long since you had your bottom warmed," I proceeded to wrap an arm around her waist and bent her over I gave her a hard swat on each cheek over her jeans. I let Laura stand in the corner for about 30 minutes, hands on her head, nose flat against the wall, her Levi's at her ankles, white cotton panties on display. Ignoring her cries for help I continued to administer an underpants spanking for another two minutes until Laura's bottom glowed through her cotton panties as she cried and began to hiccup.

Teacher's Discipline Ch. 03

bdsm tom6432 2018-08-03

I sat at Ms. Henderson's desk, while Linda announced to the class that I would be substituting which all of the girls had guessed because of the spanking Kate had received on Friday and the writing on the blackboard. Emily Henderson, Kate's 35 year old teacher, stood with her head and eyes downcast, her pantyhose at her ankles and said: "Kate I am sincerely sorry I spanked you on Friday, I was wrong please forgive me," Her face was red with embarrassment as she stuttered her speech. "Okay Missy lets get down to business," With that announcement I stood up, came around the desk, grasped her firmly by her ear and turned her so her backside was facing the class to the right of the spanking chair.

Punishment Weekend Ch. 01

bdsm tom6432 2018-08-01

Sitting back on the recliner, I looked at my naughty little girl and said in a firm voice, 'All right Young Lady, we might as well get started.' Both my daughters were still standing staring intently. Her face turned red as she realized what a picture she was making, a 44 year old travel executive, a boss over 20 employees, a mother of two children, standing in the middle of the living room, holding her skirt up around her waist, in front of me and her two grown up daughters, wearing little girl Tinkerbelle panties. Her face flushed with embarrassment, her skirt still raised to show her little girl undies, she stood in front of couch and started to stammer out an apology 'Karen and Beth I am s.soo sorry for b-eing so.'

The Corner Office Ch. 03

bdsm tom6432 2018-07-21

Tom lowered my panties to my knees, my skirt was still covering my bottom, but I felt as if I were totally naked. After 30 minutes I heard Tom announce: Young lady, it's time for your tanning, I was very disappointed in your attitude and your actions and I am going to give you a strapping you will remember. Once I finish bawling my eyes out, Tom has me get off the stool, and with my panties still at my knees and my dress tucked up, has me kneel down at the coffee table to write this letter to you, Mr. Gray.

The Corner Pt. 01

bdsm tom6432 2018-07-03

"Time for your mouth soaping Missy," He says and takes my left ear in his hand and whacks my already sore bottom. "Okay you naughty little girl it is time for your mouth soaping," He continue to grasp her earlobe with his hand and heads towards the bathroom sink. I stand quietly not moving my bare cheeks on display like a naughty child not a 35 year old adult. Just as I am ready to fall I hear him pronounce; "Come over here Little One, it's time for night-night." I turn stiff-legged to see him sitting on the bed with a pair of panties and a night shirt next to him on the bed.

Meeting Master -The Airplane

bdsm tom6432 2018-06-16

"Yes Ma'am," I answer and quickly raise my blue sundress over my hips exposing my skimpy silky thong to her vision. She lifts my sundress so that it falls covering my head and with her other hand she lowers my skimpy too small panty to my knees. She sits on the first class seat and bends down to lift my skimpy panty up my legs and over my hips pulling them tight into the crack of my backside. I hear my 32 year old Master making a telephone call: "Hello Emily I want to see you in the conference room immediately." "Yes Sir," she can see Susan and myself bent over the stools with our panty and pantyhose covering our heads.

Mother-in-Law is Disciplined Ch. 04

bdsm tom6432 2018-05-25

My hand reaches back and I land another strap mark on her sit-upon crease causing Cassie to cry out in pain begging me to stop, as if she were a child and not 28. She is walking with her legs wide apart trying to sooth her rectum almost waddling: "Young lady you will be polite to both my wife and her Mother. "Yes Sir," she answers, as she waddles slowly because of the panties at her ankles, and the stinging pain from her rosebud and red striped cheeks. Her head on my left side and her buttocks perched high over my lap with her tanned legs, pantyhose and panties to my right side.

The Corner Office Ch. 01

bdsm tom6432 2018-05-23

"Okay, young lady, go wait in the corner, pull your dress up to your waist, lower your panties and wait for your spanking, while I finish up some paperwork," I ordered. When I had spanked her 10 times, I slowly reached for the hem of her blue dress and slip and started to pull them up. "Okay Elizabeth, go stand in the corner, make sure your nose is right up to the wall, keep your skirt raised and lower your panties to your knees," I am going to tan Susan's backside now, then I will deal with you,." I ordered. "Look young lady, you broke two rules, tardiness and the dress code, and you got caught," I said.

The Corner Office Ch. 08

bdsm tom6432 2018-05-23

Leslie reached to pull her panty up, so I spanked the front of her bare thighs to stop her, it left a red palm print. I adjusted her position high over my lap and indicated that Elizabeth bring all 6 girls to watch me tan Leslie's rounded firm buttocks. Once she reaches me, Elizabeth lets go of her ear and I motion Norma Jean to stand and lift her short red skirt showing her front. "Yes Sir," She answered, as she curtsied lifting her red short skirt up nice and high over her hips revealing her yellow full cut Cinderella cotton undies. Leslie reaches over her back, and taking two fingers on each hand she spreads Dani's cheeks wide open to expose her bum hole.

The Naughty Wife Pt. 01

bdsm tom6432 2018-05-07

Elizabeth was a single Mother of a 28 year old daughter, and I am sure she would have loved to suck his giant cock, but he just stood her up and marched her to the far corner bare backside on display. My cheeks are still red from the spanking I received last night as I reach under my skirt and spread my backside cheeks wide making sure my legs are stretched as wide as my bright yellow undies can stretch. I was standing in the middle of the living room in my work clothes consisting of a white form fitting blouse, blue pencil knee length skirt, tanned legs (panty hose was not allowed), two inch heels and my hair neatly tied in a ponytail.

Teacher's Discipline Ch. 01

bdsm tom6432 2018-04-26

"Kate go down to the office and bring the Principal here to Ms. Henderson's classroom, I want her to witness this," I happened to know Linda Dawson very well having dated her a few times and having spanked her on more than one occasion. "Now, stand at attention Young Lady, I want your hands at your side, your heels together and your eyes looking directly at me, just as Kate was standing a few minutes ago," Intimidated she did as she was told. "Very good Ms. Henderson, now stand up straight, hands at your sides, heels together, we are going to have a question and answer session before I tan your bare backside."

Four Words Ch. 03

fetish tom6432 2018-03-30

Eyes squeezed tightly shut, Kathleen fumbled with her skirt and slip and rolled them right up around her waist, exposing the waistband of her panty girdle. Kathleen reached down an slowly pulled her girdle up her long legs, the stockings following, and wiggled it over her panty covered hips. "Up on your toes and stay like that." Elizabeth was stretched across the desk, legs spread, on her toes, dressed in a schoolgirl uniform; bare rosy buttocks and thighs displayed waiting for her strapping. "Okay, Elizabeth I want you to reach back and spread your cheeks as wide as you can, I am going to strap you with my belt right between your cheeks.

Doctoral Discipline Pt. 02

bdsm tom6432 2018-03-23

'Ok,' I thought, 'I have done 2 of the 3 things Professor Matthews instructed of me, I really hope this is enough to stay out of trouble.' After a minute the Professor entered the room, walked straight to the front, turned around to face me and glared. I heard the words "Come in young lady." I did so quickly but quietly and saw the Professor sitting behind his huge desk marking papers. "Submit young lady," I heard him command, and I watched as Melissa placed the box at Professor Matthew's feet, raise her skirt over her hips, lower her little girl white cotton panties, kneel and placed her forehead on the ground with her bare bum high in the air.

Punishment Weekend Ch. 02

bdsm tom6432 2018-03-19

Barbara saw Molly standing in the corner, sniffling, with two red palm prints one on each bare cheek and her panties turned inside out at her ankles. 'Karen, Barbara and Beth I am sorry for being so rude and disrespectful thank you for getting my hairbrush and laying out my discipline outfit,' By this time Molly was blubbering like a 8 year old. Molly was still standing with her nylons dangling in back; her skirt and slip bunched around her middle and her cute little girl panties at her knees. Tears streaked her face as Molly stood in total humiliation, still holding her skirt bunched around her waist the hairbrush in the other hand, her bottom bare and ready to be spanked.

Tennis Punishment

bdsm tom6432 2018-03-14

'Well, Young Lady, did I not tell you and your mother that you were grounded and were not to play tennis today.' Emily's face went gray, she started to fidget nervously, knowing what was going to happen to her, but powerless to do anything about it. I told Kathleen to go stand in the corner of the living room with her cute tennis skirt raised, I would deal with Emily first. 'I know that spankings are usually reserved for children, but you have acted like a naughty little girl and I am going to treat you as one.' I could hear her sobbing in the corner her bare bottom on display, nose firmly against the wall, heels together, and hands holding up her skirt.

Mother-in-Law is Disciplined Ch. 03

fetish tom6432 2018-03-12

As soon as we arrive inside and the girls place their packages down, I notice my wife, Karen Anne, starting to fidget. My Mother-in-law dressed in her schoolgirl outfit had a quizzical look on her face, as she watches the discussion between my wife and my self. I hear an audible gasp from my Mother-in-law, as she can't believe I am treating Karen like a child. "When you are being punished Missy," turning to my Mother-in-law, "you will always ask to go potty and you will use your own potty chair, which will have your name on it. "Karen Anne we are going to have lunch downstairs, but first I want you to double diaper you're Mother and dress her in plastic panties and a tee shirt.

Mother-in-Law is Disciplined Ch. 05

bdsm tom6432 2018-02-07

I give the same two orders I gave to my wife of 'Present 'and 'Display.' Katherine lowers her plastic panties and both diapers to her knees and stands at attention. She stops in front of me and gently curtsies with her eyes down saying: "Hello Sir how may I help you." As she lifts her skirt I get a glance at her powder blue silky bikini smiling I answer: "I am here to shop for my wife and Mother-in-law." Beth knows both my wife from high school, as she has twin 25 year old girls, and has met my Mother-in-law at various functions. "Girls Present and show Miss Conover." My wife lifts her party dress and crinoline quickly over her hips revealing her white cotton Cinderella panty.

The Corner Office Ch. 07

fetish tom6432 2018-01-31

"Elizabeth have you been a good girl this week?" I knew the answer to that question as I had to spank her yesterday for disobeying my orders at work. "Now go over to your Mother and ask her for the hairbrush, tell her why you want it and make sure you are very polite," I was determined she would remember this punishment for a long time. "Okay young lady, across my lap and let's get started." Cassie slowly came around to my right side and bent herself over my lap. "Across my knee young lady you want to act like a spoiled little girl you are going to be treated like one," Cassie sniffled as she bent at the knees and lowered herself over my lap.

Kate's Punishment Ch. 01

bdsm tom6432 2018-01-29

When I heard my fate I began to sob and I promised to behave from now on, and pleaded with Tom not to put me in diapers, but he ignored me and went into the living room to wait for me. I was about to deal with Kate and you being the offended party should watch,' I heard him say, as I stood in the middle of the living room, nightshirt raised over my hips with my white panties on display. She indicated she does not need permission because of her age,' Karen's face turned a bright red as she heard my husband talking. 'Now Missy you will behave yourself and act like a young lady at all times,' I heard him say as the well-polished (one of my jobs) wooden hairbrush laded flat against my rounded backside.

Punishment Weekend Ch. 04

bdsm tom6432 2018-01-20

'Missy take this soap bar and put it in your mouth until we finish dinner.' Molly took it without a word and put the bar of soap into her mouth 'Now get back up on the kitchen stool facing the corner and write your lines Miss pee-pee panties,' I ordered. Susan walked over to me and said 'Please Sir fix my panties' Her face was completely red, and her head was hanging from the shame of having to ask her Uncle to pull up her cute panties. When I entered the living room, there were 4 mature young ladies standing at attention facing the couch, with their jean's puddled at their ankles and their bikini panties on display.

The Corner Office Ch. 04

bdsm tom6432 2018-01-18

He is going to pin my skirt to the back of my white blouse so that my panties will be exposed all day. Before I started to walk, he grasped the waistband of my white cotton panties and pulled them up so tight that you could see both my red fanny cheeks. After I read my letter in front of everyone and then apologized to all, I spent the entire day either sitting on a hard wooden chair or in the corner standing with my skirt pinned and my panties on display for a full 8 hours. I quickly answered yes sir; I was then dismissed for the day with hard swat and a promise to myself to be a good girl in the future.

Punishment Weekend Ch. 03

bdsm tom6432 2018-01-10

A 46 year old, mother of three grown up girls, and you act in the manner that requires I punish you like a child,' Barbara's face turned bright red wishing she could get this horrible humiliation over and done, 'So you don't need a curfew and you are all grown up, right Young Lady?' I said as I slowly walked over to Susan, with a stern look on my face. 'Now Kathleen give Susan the Cinderella undies, she is going to wear them the rest of the night to remind her she not to grown up to be spanked,' I said. I looked around the living room and saw Molly's 46 year old sister in one corner, skirt up, panties and girdle at half-mast still sniffling.

Mother-in-Law is Disciplined Ch. 02

fetish tom6432 2018-01-06

"Okay girls it time to get dressed, we are going shopping for Kathy's punishment outfit," I called upstairs to my 25 year old wife and her Mother of 48. I had dealt with Mrs. Johnson several times regarding Karen's punishment outfits; she was the same age as my Mother-In-Law and was a firm believer in discipline for women of all ages. I began to explain my mission that both Karen and Katherine were being punished this weekend and I wanted a school girl outfit for my Mother-In-Law, including panties and plastic pants. "This is my Mother-In-Law she is going to be living with us for the next six months; I want a few school girl outfits for her, for when she is naughty." I answered.

Teacher's Discipline Ch. 02

fetish tom6432 2017-12-29

She was wearing her punishment panty, which was a full cut cotton pink colored undie with the words "Daddy spanked me," on her backside. "Okay you naughty little girl it is time for your mouth soaping," I grasped her earlobe with my hand and started towards the kitchen. The mouth-soaping had taken all resistance out of Kate, as she walked past her Mother. I let Kathleen stand in the corner for about 30 minutes, hands on her head, nose flat against the wall, and her bottom flap down her backside on display. I took a straight backed chair from the kitchen and placed it in the center of the room I grasped Kate's arm and walked to the chair.

Four Words Ch. 01

bdsm tom6432 2017-12-29

As prescribed in the ritual, Elizabeth said her first words: "Daddy, I have been a naughty little girl and deserve a through tanning on my bare backside for being disobedient. Elizabeth placed her back to the door, taking her two thumbs she slowly pulled the elastic waistband away from her body and slowly lowered her little girl panties over her hips and down her legs until they reached just below her knees. Elizabeth quickly and quietly lifted herself off the spanking stool stood at my right side with her skirt up to her waist and her panties at her knee hollows. After some 45 minutes I allowed Elizabeth to come out of the corner, she stood at attention in the middle of the room next to her spanking stool.

Doctoral Discipline Pt. 04

fetish tom6432 2017-12-05

Before he answered the door he covered my head with my short skirt and pulled my panties up even tighter exposing my under cheeks. She dropped to her knees, just inside the door, which was now shut, her head lowered, her legs spread wide, her hands were outstretched holding the homework assignment and her mouth was open. "Open your mouth and stick your tongue out and don't pee until I allow you to do so," the Professor ordered. He took his thick rock like cock and slapped her panty covered face with his prick once on one cheek and then on the other. Annabelle tilted my head back and began to French kiss me with her tongue probing me deep inside my mouth.

Procrastination Spanking

bdsm tom6432 2017-11-24

Standing in her shame corner wearing her knee-length sky blue summer sundress my naughty wife, Melissa, is being punished. I am sitting comfortably in the living room reading my newspaper glancing casually over the top edge at Melissa, making sure she stands perfectly still, nose touching the wall. Placing the coin on the nearest table she waddles slowly to the center of the living room not wanting her white panties to drop below her knees. I lift your skirt just a bit feeling your firm buttocks, and finally inspecting the sweet sex spot, which is shaved bare. She stands obediently at my right side skirt still bunched and panties at her knees.

Doctoral Discipline Pt. 01

bdsm tom6432 2017-11-22

"Miss McLean, I would like to see you in my office at the end of the day, say 4pm." I looked up at Professor Matthews, noticing his well muscled, firm body as my eyes worked their way up to his face. Arriving 5 minutes early I knocked on the door and heard the Professor say: "enter Miss McLean." I entered and stood in the center of the room about 3 feet from his desk as he continued to grade papers. "Young lady, do you understand why you have been spanked and put into the corner like a little girl?" I felt my face flush again, but nodded yes, my eyes focused on a single spot on the floor so I could avoid looking at him.

The Corner Office Ch. 06

bdsm tom6432 2017-10-16

I am going to tan your bare backside," I said it loud enough into the intercom, so all 6 girls who worked for me would hear it. Elizabeth started to sob but knew she must continue: "Si, for disobeying your order not to interrupt you Sir." Put your naughty bottom over my knee, I am going to spank you until I think you have learned your lesson, Missy," I ordered as I patted my lap. All eyes turned toward Elizabeth, who was still facing the corner, nose firmly against the wall, her panties had slipped down to her ankles and her very red bottom was on display because her yellow skirt was tucked into her back waistband.

Four Words Ch. 02

fetish tom6432 2017-10-10

"Okay Elizabeth Marie upstairs its time to begin your 'panty punishment' be back downstairs in 30 minutes, I want to go to the mall. She came back in about 5 minutes and sat down making sure she lifted her hem sitting directly on the 'spanking mat' with her bare buttocks. She walked ahead of me very slowly so her panties wouldn't fall, holding her 'spanking mat' in one hand and her skirt with the other. She turns and bends for me, her head is straight down her skirt rides up her thighs and I see her white cotton panties in a tight circle at her thighs and the lower part of her rounded buttocks.