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Free erotic stories by xzf5z6 on AdultRead

To Sir, With Love Part I

bdsm xzf5z6 2018-11-30

Mathew swatted her ass a few times with his hand; not hard enough for real pain, but hard enough to ensure he had her attention and add a little color. As Mathew tapped Jamie again to have her spread her legs to the desired width, a gentle push with his left hand on the small of her back brought her ass to just the right presentation. Between the excitement of the evening, the new outfit and the need to try on the plugs, Jamie had forgotten her instructions to masturbate three times in the shower without coming. Jamie stood before Mathew as he sat it the straight backed chair holding the plug out like an offering.

To Sir, With Love Part VI

bdsm xzf5z6 2018-11-28

Cindy got on her back and worked her way under her husband and started sucking his rock hard dick while she played with Sam’s balls. Amy said, “No way I’m staying out of this,” as she sat in front of Don’s head and guided his mouth to her pussy. As Cindy started to walk out the door, Don said, “Oh, and by the way, Mathew just wanted us to take a shower. While Jamie went to freshen up in the bathroom, Cindy got dressed and Amy finished herself off while still sitting in the chair. Here,Jamie; you read the rest of the directions.” She made a vow to herself, “I never want to disappoint Sam. For the rest of the night, I’ll be the best slut bitch whore in this limo.”

To Sir, With Love Part VII

bdsm xzf5z6 2018-11-26

Cindy crawled over to Mathew, put her fingers on his zipper, and said, “Sir, may this girl fill her mouth with your cum please?” “The whore is so wet, Sir. Your dick would slide into any part of me you would like to use.” She ran one hand up Sam’s leg and said quietly, “Master, please let me suck your cock?” She did not take her eyes off his. Don feed his wet dick to Amy, Sam feed Jamie and Mathew held the back of Cindy’s head as he eased down her throat. Once Amy had taken Jamie to her first orgasm, Sam held Amy by the hair and said, “Anyone desperate enough to want to use this mouth?

To Sir, With Love Part II

bdsm xzf5z6 2018-11-23

Finally, at 3:35 am, a cab pulls into the drive, and out stumbles Jamie and her good friend Amy. Mathew noted that they looked a little worse for wear and tear, but at least they’re home. Mathew came in the living room with his bourbon in his hand and sat down is his recliner after giving Jamie a most husband-like welcome home kiss. “You were in my house, Amy. Everything in this house is mine and I always keep an eye on what is mine.” He paused while they all watched Jamie take Amy’s nipples in her mouth one at a time. Mathew withdrew, got between the girls and turned their heads so they faced each other and then let out a stream of cum that he didn’t think possible after Amy’s blowjob only an hour or so before.

Mathew's Resurrection II

bdsm xzf5z6 2018-11-18

The side door of her house opened directly into her kitchen and at the far end were short staircases that led up to the bedrooms and down to the family room. As I got the car up to speed, I ordered, “Get two fingers into that cunt and work your clit with the other hand.” Once she turned, Kerri mauled her tits and pinched her nipples with her left hand and worked her clit with her right. As I started the engine and got back on the road I said, “You’re right; and you’re going to take care of that when I get you home. I came close to losing it when she stoked my dick with on hand as she eased her finger just past the entrance to my ass.

Just Do What You're Told - Part One

bdsm xzf5z6 2018-11-15

“I let you come because I figured it’s been a long time since you’ve had a man take care of your cunt the way it should be. Susan knew damn well that he just wanted to be sure he was sitting next to her so he could keep an eye on her naked legs. Bill threw some money on the bar and said, “Let’s go.” He started to the door, expecting her to follow him like the pet slut she was. It only took Susan about 40 minutes to change some stuff around on Dawn’s essay to make it look like it was hers. “I see you started without me,” Susan said as she reached for the drink Dawn had waiting for her.

Just Do What You're Told - Part Two

bdsm xzf5z6 2018-11-14

New Master spent a minute or so working her pussy and clit and Susan could feel the heat building up. The new Master had his slut sit on the floor next to him and play with herself and Bill had the completely frustrated Susan back on her knees facing the stage. Susan, I swear I was so wet, I didn’t even realize his hand was in me until he started making fun of how hot a good tit strapping could make me.” Susan was well aware that Dawn was driven by the need to avoid a cunt whipping and knew it would not be long before her ass was glowing.

To Sir, With Love Part V

bdsm xzf5z6 2018-11-13

Later, as Don was putting his pants back on…without underwear…he said, “Wow, I’m really glad Mathew wanted you fucked before we left. Jamie ran around the hotel room like a madwoman, desperate to get everything just as Mathew wanted. Amy opened her eyes and watched Jamie hand the leashes to Sam and run over to Mathew. Jamie bowed her head and said, “Yes, Sir.” She walked over to Amy and kissed her full on the lips. Jamie turned to Don. “Stand over her next to Master Sam and watch you wife’s face get fucked.” Sam watched Amy and Jamie for a awhile and then asked Mathew, “OK if I play with those tits?”

To Sir, With Love Part IV

bdsm xzf5z6 2018-11-12

Cindy watched as Jamie stuck her husband’s ass a few times with a vicious looking leather paddle. Mathew called to Jamie, “Pass me the lube, would you?” He stood in front of Don and let him watch as he lubed up the double dildo he bought for Cindy. Mathew unzipped his jeans and walked over to Don. Jamie took the paddle to Don’s ass again and told him to open his mouth. Jamie gave Mathew a look that showed how impressed she was that Don was coming along so well, and that Cindy was into following his orders. After Cindy got over the initial shock of a female tongue on her clit while her husband was banging her ass, she dived into Jamie and drank her fuck juice.

Just Do What You're Told - Part Three

bdsm xzf5z6 2018-11-11

He reached out and twisted both of Dawn’s nipples and said, “Charlie tried to tell me that Susan has turned into a subservient slut and I told him he was crazy. It took him a moment to figure out the right setting for the nipple clamps and Charlie had to show him how to work the remote controlled egg that he unceremoniously shoved into her cunt. As he put his wet fingers in her mouth for her to clean off, he said, “Isn’t it nice of Master John to make sure he can optimize the use of the flogger before he takes it to your hide?” John watched as Charlie replaced her butt plug with his swollen dick and admitted to himself, “I can’t wait to ass fuck my slut wife.”

Mathew's Resurrection I

bdsm xzf5z6 2018-11-07

Kerri stood between my legs and kissed me deeply while I worked her very large and very hard nipples between my fingers. Kerri came hard while I sucked on her tits and finger fucked her as fast as I could. Without a moment’s hesitation, Kerri had her left hand into the top of her bra and started working those magnificent nipples. The sight of her nipples stretching out and the sound of the gasp she made as the clamps bit down into her now swollen nipple made me feel like I was getting twice as hard as she slid my dick into her cunt and ground her clit into my pubic hair.

Just Do What You're Told - Part Four

bdsm xzf5z6 2018-11-04

Once Martha handed John his drink she started to take her position on her knees at the foot of her Master as she had been trained to do. Just as he was about to leave the room, he turned back to her and said, “You may finger fuck yourself if you think that will help.” He knew Martha well enough to know that he had a few minutes before any fireworks would start. Susan took her time unbuttoning each button of her dress as she knew how much John enjoyed watching her strip for him. John grabbed her head with both hands and started to fuck her face as hard as he could.

Mathew's Resurrection III

bdsm xzf5z6 2018-11-04

So I let myself in the house from the side door and took my time with two glasses of wine while going over the plans in my head for the slut that was to be waiting for me. “We got that ass full; it’s time to get something in that pussy too.” I told her as I worked the plastic dick in and slowly fucked her with it gently. Her pussy juice was providing a great deal of lube; but not wanting to take any chances, I covered my dick with lube and then slowly removed the plug from her ass as I fucked her cunt with my other hand.

Mathew's Resurrection IV

bdsm xzf5z6 2018-11-01

Without even asking, Kerri cleaned my cock with her mouth like a good little fuck puppet. I held her head in both hands while I watched Tony slip a finger or two into Sharon’s dripping cunt. Kerri guided me into her pussy and said for all to hear, “Show them how you fuck me! When I started to work her clit with my hand, it was obvious the Kerri was going to be the first to cum. I fucked Kerri through her orgasm and then pushed her to her hands and knees. To this day I remain thankful that Kerri was there at the right time and wish her nothing but happiness for her entire life.

To Sir, With Love Part III

bdsm xzf5z6 2018-10-31

After a few minutes, Mathew turned the dildo up to it’s highest settings and Jamie crashed into her first orgasm. Neither Jamie nor Cindy were playing or bidding as well as they would have a half dozen drinks ago, so Mathew and Don had no problem making their bids. After Mathew prevented the ladies from making their bid on the next hand, he leaned back in his chair and said, “Looks like top time, girls. Jamie stood and turned her ass toward Mathew and then squatted down to engulf his cock in her cunt. Don looked at Mathew and Jamie on the couch and said, “She’s very wet, Sir.”