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Free erotic stories by yesplease17 on AdultRead

The Jerk Off Folder

first-time yesplease17 2018-09-20

"And you decided to go with my bikini photos?" She looked at me for an answer with a smirk on her face. Kelsey grabbed both my hands and slid them up her body, ending them on her petite breasts. "Someone's happy!" Kelsey said, staring down at my boxers. Kelsey giggled as she pulled off her short shorts, revealing her matching light blue panties. I could feel the shape of her ass as she moved my hands into her panties. Together, we pulled off her panties as I felt every inch of her perfect legs on the way down. Our bodies pressed against each other again, but this time I felt the warm tightness of her pussy. Kelsey smiled as she felt my warm cum shoot up inside her.