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Working at the Sperm Bank Ch. 08

celebrities zmoorez 2018-10-02

It took Emma a moment to realize she was now in the body of Khloe Kardashian, and Alyssa was in Kim's. Emma and Alyssa got to know all the guys' names, but didn't think too much about it since they would probably never use them. When Phil stood up, Emma looked up to notice four rock hard dicks being aimed at her face. Emma reached out to two of the dicks, with one being Leo's and the other belonging to some black guy who's name she didn't know. Before she could say otherwise, the black guy pulled out and Mike grabbed Emma by her legs. The guys took turns fucking her mouth, while Emma jerked off whoever was left with her hands.

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 14

celebrities pacifist91w 2018-09-12

I went to my suite after that, reminding Hitomi to dress in "Aquamarine." In my bathroom, I put on my own skimpy golden suit and checked my reflection. Ayane saw me right away; Kokoro and Tina did a second later. "It's an island in the middle of the ocean," Tina said, "so of course it's a geologic hot spot. "Konnichi wa, Hitomi-san," the purple-haired woman said, "I thought you'd show up soon after Leifang-san." Tina said, "Of course," and showed us to a small room with a wooden door. "As expected of a go-getter like you," Hitomi said, earning a laugh. "Oh, hi," Christie said as she and Ayane appeared at the locker room door. Tina said, "Dibs on Hitomi!"

Life Tasted Sweet Ch. 03

celebrities B59001 2018-09-09

Stefanie's warm and soft body felt amazing against mine as we continued to talk. Stefanie laid me back onto the bed and grasped my cock gently and began to stroke as she continued to kiss me. Stefanie then grasped my cock as she guided it to her wet pussy and slowly slide it inside. I then moved my cock into position, whilst I had placed my right hand on her body just above her pussy. The pace increased steadily as Stefanie continued to enjoy the feeling of my cock in her ass. We continued for some time until she lifted herself up from my cock, before immediately plunging it back inside her awaiting pussy.

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 31

celebrities hollywoodjim 2018-08-22

"Come on in, let me show you my place." She said as she took my hand. "Oh my god...it looks sooo nice!" she said with a smile. We went inside the house and immediately embraced, my dick was fully erect now and she was breathing hard, like she knew what to expect. She remembered how I'd resisted doing her this way, I didn't want to be like other guys and I loved seeing her face and her great tits. She immediately let out a long slow moan as my dick went inside her. "Jim...that felt so good." She said softly to me. Kim smiled somewhat but I knew she felt bad leaving me like this.

Right Time, Right Place!

celebrities CelebLuver84 2018-07-05

I stood next to Louisa, put my hand round her waist and we both smiled for the camera phone, Colin had just pulled from his shorts pocket. After a quick game of rock, paper, scissors between me and Colin to find our who went first, I pulled Louisa to the edge of the bed, still on her back, lifted her legs over my shoulders and slipped my rock hard cock into her wet, waiting vagina. She turned her head to meet his dick and started sucking it fast and hard as I gathered pace, pounding her tight, hot pussy as fast as I felt I could without blowing right there and then inside her.

Love Lust

celebrities B59001 2018-06-20

She stands up and I pull her close and gave her the most passionate kiss I am able to, and we look deep into each other's eyes and feel a knowledge pass between us without a single word being said. I open the villa doors and windows to hear the ocean lapping against the shore as we soon find ourselves lying on the couch, naked and with lights off watching the night sky over the ocean. She lets out moans of passion that increases with volume and fills the room alongside the lust and love we feel for each other. We sit on the couch in the beach villa where we decided to get married, looking out onto the shimmering blue ocean naked with our clothes scattered across the floor.

Jersey Shore Journal

celebrities Irish Moss 2018-04-22

Knowing that there were night-vision cameras and microphones all over that room, she still started to caress her tits as I watched. She was holding my head and running her fingers through my long blonde hair while starting to hump her pussy toward my face. The only thing I was really thinking about at that moment, other than getting her to an intense orgasm, was how it was going to feel to slip my cock into her hot, wet pussy. Since I'd already blown a couple of loads earlier with that hot cougar, I didn't feel like I'd be cumming any time soon even given how worked up Snooki had gotten me.

Weekend in St. Barts

celebrities singing_tree 2018-04-17

As I walked in her direction, she hung up the phone, took off her sunglasses and looked around in her bag for a few moments before pulling out a bottle of suntan lotion. She gave a puppy dog look and asked, "You wouldn't want me to burn my butt, would you?" I slowly forgot about the family on the other side of the beach and returned to a state of relaxation by the time her hands drifted down to my legs. But, don't worry - in a few hours the lotion will wear off." She gave me a sexy look before continuing, "Right now I just want to enjoy the sun on my body!

Any Given Fantasy Ch. 04

celebrities Torres17 2018-04-03

As the water dripped off of me when I walked back up the beach, I couldn't help but think that she looked a lot like Ashley Benson's twin. Putting more suntan lotion into my hands, I couldn't tear my eyes away from Ashley Benson's taut stomach, bald pussy and nice size young breasts. Ashley put some in her right hand, and to my disbelieving eyes, dropped her oil covered hand in between her delicious thighs and rubbed the lotion around her tasty looking cunt. Dropping to her knees, Ashley grasped a hold of my hard cock, her hand felt so soft and comforting despite how tense I was feeling earlier.

The Island Ch. 01: Amanda Seyfried

celebrities Thefreelancer 2018-03-17

Using this new tech, a group of male scientists decided to shield themselves off from the world on an island. I've spent the past forty years going down on the women of this island. I tried to protest, I was here to rescue these women not fuck them, but she was too fast and by the time her lips wrapped around my cock it was too late to stop her. Amanda swirled her tongue around as she slid her mouth up and down my cock, occasionally stopping to focus on the head. Amanda moaned around my cock, never taking her eyes from mine as I shot my load down her throat. "Oh fuck I'm coming" Amanda moaned.

The Actor

celebrities iammaria00 2018-03-06

I felt his hands on my sides, almost cupping my breasts, and I couldn't hold back. It felt like an erotic massage, and I wondered if he could smell the juices seemingly dripping from my pussy. I started fumbling with his shirt buttons and ran my hand over his chest, down to his rock hard abs. By this time, my pussy was so wet I could feel my juices start to drip down my thigh. His lips felt so good on my nipples and I could feel them now, taut and hard, my nipples and areola swollen. Pierce pumped my pussy deep and hard three more times before he grunted and pulled out, cumming all over my abdomen, then collapsing on top of me.

Some Like It Hot Ch. 02

celebrities shambala1989 2018-02-28

Jeremy, a friend of Elle, sat next to me on his board. I woke up from the sound of Elle digging the end of her board in the sand and standing over me, water pouring onto me from her hair. I informed Elle that I wanted to bring Jeremy and Charlie as back up because the boys seemed a little strange. We left our blanket and cooler on the beach because we still had friends out in the water who wanted to use it, but we all took our boards in case those got stolen while we were away. I had a cheesy grin on my face as I walked ahead of the group, my bag slung over my body, my dreads pulled back from my face, my board carried under my right arm.

Wild Beach Party

celebrities TheBigLove126 2018-02-02

"I didn't know you guys wanted to sing." Katherine said as she finished her beer. "I'm in my bathing suit, aren't you going to get down to yours." Vic pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his toned body to the wasted brunette. Katherine was so wasted that she didn't care at all how many people saw her, a celebrity, giving a man who wasn't her husband a hand job in public. Several people had stopped and watched as Vic continued slamming his body into Katherine's. Slowly, the crowd started to die down as Kat continued cleaning her body. She pulled her tank top and shorts back on to her satisfied body and stuffed the bikini she was previously wearing in the bag with the towel.

Charlie's Angels: Angel in Paradise

celebrities suckandfuck 2017-12-10

Kris smiled up at him, proud that she was able to take his monster cock down her throat on her first blowjob, and make him empty his balls into her mouth. This is what she'd been craving every time she had ever pleasured herself - feeling a hard cock buried deep in her sopping cunt felt even better she'd imagined. One of the guys pounding his meat finally cringed and unloaded his thick cum all over her face, only resting his cockhead inside her open mouth for the last couple of dribbles. This set off the second guy, who squeezed his shaft hard in his fist and tapped his cock repeatedly on her mouth, groaning loudly several times before he actually started to ejaculate.

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 10

celebrities TheBigLove126 2017-11-29

Taylor walked up to me and gave me a hug before whispering into my ear, "Yes I did, your birthday is going to be the best day of your life...I promise." Taylor went through her bag and pulled out a black vest, putting it on to cover the cum that rested on her shirt. As we drove out to the beach, I noticed Taylor pulling her shirt away from her body, signaling that she was hot. When the kiss broke, I opened my eyes and looked up at her; her beautiful head covering the sun from my sight and making her shine like an angel. Just like she had done, I worked her upper body fast but when I reached her ass, I started being slow and passionate.

A Love Story Ch. 01

celebrities SwedishCnady 2017-11-24

"Hey!" she said and smiled. "Pretty boring, huh?" he said with a beautiful low voice. "Well, I live here," he said and flashed a perfect smile that made her head spin round and round. She wanted to grab his hand so much, to put her lips on his neck and gently kiss him, to be hugged by his muscular arms, but he only lightly stroked her cheek, smiled and let her go. Jonas Erik Altberg," he said and laughed. "Wow, I really didn't like how the second part sounded," he said and laughed out loud. Girls like you," he said, flashed a smile and looked deep into her eyes again. So, let's go take a look around here," he said.

I Fucked Peter North!!!!

celebrities marriedpervs 2017-11-10

Just before dinner time, I felt a little tired so I decided to head down to the gym and soak my body in the spa as I knew the next few days would be busy. Climbing back into the car we chatted and enjoyed a glass of champagne as we headed north to the second home I had chosen for Peter. "Indeed I am, Dee. Now tell me, how does a pretty little aussie woman like you know who the hell Peter North is?" This time for some reason Jason stayed behind drinking a beer with Russell, as I escorted Peter into the apartment and began to explain the internal features.