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Racquel Darrian's Ultimate Fantasy Pt. 01

celebrities Deckard6969 2018-12-04

Teresa, a platinum blond, and Eva, a sexy Hispanic Eva Longoria-type babe, told Racquel these old fellas liked to hang out after closing, hoping to talk one of the tipsy strippers into partying in their pleasure van. Racquel nervously declined, telling Teresa and Eva Derrick would be around and was most likely right outside the door. At that moment she knew she was going to let this old guy fuck her, just the way he had done to Teresa and Eva. That is why she was there. Occasionally she looked over and watched Teresa suck off Terry's very long cock as Eva tongue-lashed his balls Eva watched in astonishment as pretty Racquel spread Reggie's ass-cheeks with her long nails and ran her tongue all over his hairy ass.

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood

celebrities Samuelx 2018-12-01

Hollywood superstar and living legend Charlize Theron, a tall, alabaster-skinned and golden-haired lady from South Africa and Serena Williams, a tall and gorgeous Black female athlete. Charlize Theron looks at Serena Williams, and the gorgeous white woman from South Africa likes what she sees. Charlize Theron sat on the bed, the very image of a dominant White mistress, while Serena Williams knelt before her, the very image of a submissive Black woman. Although she'd submitted sexually to many of Hollywood and the sports world's sexiest closeted women, from Maria Sharapova to Lady Gaga, Serena had never allowed another woman to fuck her in the ass.

Tiger Woods Discovers Black Women

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-29

Serena Williams coldly assessed Tiger Woods and told him that if he wanted a piece of her sweet Black pussy, she had conditions. Serena Williams filled her womanhood with Tiger Woods dick, then asked him how it felt to be inside a Black woman. Licking her lips, Serena Williams pushed her big Black booty back, grinding it against Tiger Woods groin. Being a tall, sexy Black woman with a spectacularly big booty, Serena Williams had requests for anal sex from her male lovers all the time. Serena Williams spread her big Black butt cheeks wide open and Tiger Woods came up behind her. And just like that, Tiger Woods began pumping his cock into Serena Williams asshole.

All Of Us

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-24

Los Angeles TV Reporter Robert James looked at his ex-wife Neesee James. She hadn't thought of Robert James as her man in a long time! In college, he fell in love with Neesee James, the gorgeous young Black woman who took his breath away. Robert James, the good-looking, smooth-talking and ambitious young brother caught her eye while she was a college freshman. He got engaged to a pretty Black woman named Tia Jewel, whom Neesee James personally couldn't stand. Robert James had changed a lot since he got divorced from his wife Neesee James. Neesee moaned in pleasure as she felt Robert's big dick filling up her pussy. Robert pulled on Neesee's long hair as he slammed his dick up her ass.

Lexington Steele Loves Strapons

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-23

The big and tall, muscular Black male porn star admired by millions of women and men around the planet groaned as he got fucked by his sexy partner. Vida Valentine had been warned by other female porn stars about Lexington Steele's cock. Vida Valentine wasn't just a kinky Black female porn star with a huge appetite for sex with sexy women and sexy men. Vida Valentine's asshole was forever changed by the intrusion of Lexington Steele's gigantic Black cock. Lexington Steele found himself enamoured of Vida Valentine, the feisty, gorgeous and big-bottomed Black female porn star who stole his heart. Yes, actual tears came out of Lexington Steele's eyes as Vida Valentine stretched his asshole with a strap-on dildo modeled after his own gigantic Black cock.

Racquel Darrian: International Negotiator

celebrities Deckard6969 2018-11-19

He gave them a dirty grin as he slowly slid down her tight shorts to her knees as he slipped his jet-black cock inside her pussy and begin fucking Racquel, grabbing onto her tiny waist as he thrust his weight into her. She then began sucking off the Chinese guy; looking up at him as she licked his nuts, she ran her tongue up his small, hairy penis to the tip and back down again; each time with a sultry smile on her face. He is gross looking, but Racquel needs to make this all work tonight, so she thinks about the Jamaican's long, thick cock rubbing against her thigh and the asshole she just went down on and she begins feeling wet again.

Black Porn Stars Today

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-18

Byron Long looks totally sexy smoking a cigar while Menaja Trois sucks his cock. While Lexi Cruz sucks on Brian Pumper's long and thick Black cock, Cherokee D'Ass is munching on Lexi Cruz sexy pussy. Watching Brian Pumper fuck big-bottomed Black starlet Lexi Cruz in her tight ass, Cherokee D'Ass remembered a scene she once shot with Brian. Brian Pumper had fucked Cherokee's big juicy ass many times, and during their anal scenes he left her with a sore butt hole. Brian Pumper fucked Lexi Cruz sexy tight ass, loving the feel of the young Black woman's asshole around his member. Coming up behind Cherokee, Lexi Cruz gripped her wide hips tightly and slammed her dildo into the big-booty woman's sexy ass.

FNN Interviews Barack and Michelle

celebrities baranbrat 2018-11-16

Her lips and tongue pulled away and she ran them up and down his huge black shaft and when she reached his balls she sucked one of the large walnut sided nuts into her mouth as her hand began pumping up and down the saliva covered cock. Bob dropped her legs off his shoulders and with her ass at the edge of the sofa he slipped between her legs and grabbing his large cock in his hand slipped it up and down her huge winged black pussy lips and the sight of her black lips clinging to the head of his cock, he leaned forward and she let out a high pitched scream as his cock began sliding deeper and deeper into her cunt.

Happy Presidents Day Ch. 02

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-15

Nearby, Brittany Daniel knelt before her sexy co-star Wendy Raquel Robinson and gave the sexy mature Black woman's pussy a good licking. The horny Black actress known as Wendy Raquel Robinson was on her knees before her white goddess Brittany Daniel just like a good submissive should. Michelle had Lisa-ray McCoy on all fours, face down and ass up, and she spanked the light-skinned woman while fucking her with a strap-on dildo. The blonde-haired white chick spanked the big and sexy mature Black woman's ass as she fucked her hard. The blonde-haired white woman who recently won the U.S. Open Tennis finals walked over to where Barry was fucking her rival Serena Williams.

A White House Orgy

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-15

Oh, and so did conservative writer and right-wing television personality Sean Hannity, one of Anne Coulter's best pals, and last but not least, Vice President Joe Biden and his sexy blonde-haired wife, doctor Jill Biden. The shy, blonde-haired White woman knelt before the powerful Black man and began sucking his cock. Afterwards, Jill Biden got on all fours and spread her White ass cheeks wide open for her favorite Black man in the world. Kiki McLean was on all fours, with her big White ass cheeks spread wide open by Dee Dee Myers nimble hands while Joe Biden rubbed his cock against the fat woman's tight backdoor.

Sean Michaels Loves Strapons

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-14

Black porn starlet and dominatrix extraordinaire Mistress Lola Lane smiled to herself as she worked the dildo into Sean Michaels asshole. The tall, sexy Black stud stroked his thick, uncircumcised Black cock as he got fucked in the ass by a Black woman's strap-on dildo for the first time. Lola Lane reached for Sean Michaels thick cock and stroked it for him while fucking him with her strap-on dildo. Sean Michaels stroked his gigantic Black cock while sucking Lola Lane's thick strap-on dildo. After Sean Michaels practically bathed the strap-on dildo with his saliva, Lola Lane deemed him ready for some fucking. Black porn superstar Sean Michaels howled in pain mixed with pleasure as Mistress Lola Lane unleashed hell on him.

Nyomi Banxxx Strapon Wesley Pipes

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-09

After conquering African-American Porn studs like Brian Pumper, Mr. Marcus, Byron Long and Lexington Steele by destroying their virgin-until-now asses, Black Dominatrix extraordinaire and Porn Starlet Nyomi Banxxx is going after the Big Man himself. Now, like anybody with access to the web, you know that tall and sexy Black Porn stud Wesley Pipes is one of the most dominant men in the adult film industry today. While pounding Wesley Pipes ass with her strap-on dildo, Nyomi Banxxx stroked his cock. Nyomi Banxxx fucked Wesley Pipes ass thoroughly with her strap-on dildo. Wesley Pipes smiled to himself as Nyomi Banxxx submissively took his gigantic ebony cock up her asshole just like a good Black slut should.

Nyomi Banxxx Strapon Lex Steele

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-05

Lexington Steele cringed as Nyomi Banxxx licked her lips while stroking her strap-on dildo. Nyomi Banxxx smiled and pressed the dildo against Lexington Steele's asshole, after spreading his dark butt cheeks wide open. Lexington Steele howled as his sexy Black dominatrix penetrated his ass with her strap-on dildo. Lexington Steele watched with interest as Nyomi Banxxx dominated the hell out of some sultry brunette in an interracial lesbian BDSM video. Lexington Steele continued browsing through the Kink website and he found some more Nyomi Banxxx videos. Lexington Steele went back to bed, and dreamed of Nyomi Banxxx. Nyomi Banxxx laughed as Lexington Steele screamed while getting his ass filled with her strap-on dildo. Lexington Steele obediently did as the Black goddess Nyomi Banxxx told him.

Nyomi Banxxx Strapons Byron Long

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-02

Nyomi Banxxx smiled with satisfaction as she watched Byron Long, one of the most dominant Black male porn stars of the day, submissively sucking her toes. After making Byron Long polish her toes with his wicked tongue, Nyomi Banxxx had some tasks for her newly acquired Black male slave. In her private life Nyomi Banxxx dominated many of the adult film industry's top Black men. After making Byron Long clean the doggy dish with his tongue, Mistress Nyomi Banxxx led him back to the living room. Obediently Byron Long began licking Nyomi Banxxx asshole. Byron Long tried to hold back tears as Mistress Nyomi Banxxx continued applying the pincers against his dick while squeezing his big Black fuzzy balls real hard.

Racquel Darrian vs. Compton's Best

celebrities Deckard6969 2018-10-30

Pornstar Racquel Darrian, dressed in tiny white mini-skirt with white latex knee-high boots checks herself in the mirror before putting on her tight fitting top designed to show of her nice tits. As Black Ice led Racquel into house, holding up the screen door for her, he could see how incredible her legs looked in those boots. Another got on the mattress and Racquel immediately unzipped him and turned her attention to sucking off his jet-black cock, which was much longer than the previous, but not as thick. Ice got off her and let the next guy take his place fucking Racquel. The guys shut off the music and watched Racquel gently unzip the kid, suck him off and then lay him down on his back.

Last Man Standing New Year Bash

celebrities baranbrat 2018-10-30

Chuck pulled her back, "Enough Carol, I don't want his head exploding." He looked Vanessa up and down and smiled; "Now here is a fine specimen of femininity. He licked his lips when he saw Chuck's hands slide down from Vanessa's waist, down to gorgeous butt. He looked down into her dark eyes and she was smiling up at him, "So Mike, you like black pussy?" Before he could reply, she slid her free hand down his back and slipping around, she caught his stiffening cock, "Mmmmm, you sure are a large one for a white man. She reached the fat head and looked up into his eyes with her brown eyes and smiled, "Mmmm Chuck, I just love big black cocks!

Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra's Adventure

celebrities shaggy77 2018-10-05

It was probably a good thing that summer vacation had closely followed Debra's wedding anniversary, because it served to distract her from the thoughts that had been entrenched in her head since her visit to Sheila; the attractive photographer who had assisted in making the perfect anniversary gift for Ray: boudoir photos. She was a little shorter than Debra, with long brunette hair and was obviously blessed with extremely large,firm breasts; judging by the way they thrust against the silk robe. Debra was flattered that Sheila thought she had good taste in lingerie; as she quickly whisked them off her body and stood there naked. Michelle replaced Jen between Debra's legs and immediately inserted two long black fingers into her pussy; as Sheila and Janet munched on her gum-drop sized nipples.

Ioan Gruffudd Ch. 01

celebrities madam_noe 2018-09-25

But no calls came from my few friends in London that knew it was my birthday. Anyways, Helen was 47, five feet six inches tall, very slim, had a halo of red curls, smoked like a dragon, and wore needle thin heels every time I saw her. I ran for coffee down the block where the morning girl Janine poured me my American Black without the cream so many others would dispense. The plan was to make catty comments until he had to interview the author, go collect Helen, and then get drunk and head out to prowl at some of the clubs. I looked around the party, thinking maybe there was a man for me, but no one stood out.

Kiana Tom Gets Black Into Shape

celebrities anonhuman 2018-09-15

"She didn't at first but over the last few hours, I have started to realize that might have been it." Michael gave her a soft kiss "yes it is Kiana, you should ask Susie what she looked like before she started training with me, you would not have believed it, she was still pretty but instead of the 110 she is now, she was more like 140." Kiana was stunned but understood that the way Marcus fucks, you could not help but to get into the best shape your body could.

Royal Rumble Gang Bang 2010

celebrities Dice_Casden 2018-08-31

"We well certainly all wish that we can be as graceful as WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel..." Matt Striker says with a light chuckle and a shake of his head, before glancing at his broadcast partner, Josh Mathews. Inside of the ring, RAW Ring Announcer Justin Roberts, dressed in a black suit with light purple button shirt underneath and a dark purple tie, stands in the center with a microphone in his right hand, he is also joined in the ring with CM Punk, dressed in black and white wrestling trunks and wrestling boots, The Miz, dressed in baggy black jean shorts, black boots and kneepads, Dolph Ziggler, dressed in black wrestling shorts with a black and silver vest and black boots, and the Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin, dressed in gold colored wrestling trunks and gold colored boots.

On The Set: Bad Boys II

celebrities bigcanuck 2018-08-07

"That feels fucking good!" Martin said as he watched his seven-inch cock disappear in Gabrielle's mouth. "I feel like such a dirty little slut!" she said as she took Martin's cock out of her mouth and rubbed it against her face. "I want to ride that big dick of yours." Will sat down on the couch and held his cock upright as Gabrielle turned away from him and lowered herself down onto it. "My pussy is so fucking wet!" she said, taking her mouth off of Martin for a minute. "I love dick so much!" Gabrielle said, taking her mouth off of Martin's cock just long enough to utter the words. "Turn around and drop your pussy down onto my cock so Martin can fuck that tight little ass!" he said.

Madonna v Chelsea FC

celebrities bigaldo 2018-07-04

The horny footballer then laid back, hand on his knob, as Madonna smiled seductively at him and started swaying sexily, pulling at her dress, lifting it enough to show her cunt, then letting it fall back in place. The huge black Nigerian walked towards them and Madonna felt nervous and very excited by the goings on as she looked down and let the sheet drop. One of the others lifted her head and slid beneath her so his cock was in her face, she didn't need a second invitation, slipping it into her mouth and working her tongue and lips around the big shaft. Just as the wild woman thought she would burst she felt Frank's cock pressing against her cheek, Madonna turned her head and took him deep into her throat.

Star Trek: Lineage Ch. 03

celebrities MagicMouse 2018-06-17

Look, I'm going to talk to Sahar later, let her know that we discussed it, and try to iron this out." "Crewman Black, why are you not at your..." Sahar stopped in mid-sentence as she entered the room, causing Zula to nearly walk into her. vigorous," Zula said quietly to Sahar, who simply stared at Casana as Black fucked her. His rigid cock was glistening with Casana's juices, pointing directly at Sahar, and the room was filled with the smell of sweat and sex. "You will address me as Lieutenant Tehrani or sir!" Sahar screamed, taking a few steps towards Casana. "Do you understand, Ensign?" Casana looked at Sahar with a wounded expression.

The Basketball Game

celebrities LadyFrederika 2018-06-08

Antonio sat in a wide-backed armchair positioned close to the bed, his pants unzipped so he could stroke his thick black cock as he watched me playing with Terri. Slowly, I removed my black silk top, giving both Terri and Antonio a great view of my bra with the nipples cut out. I could feel Terri's tongue lapping at my cunt and Antonio's dick at the same time. I could feel it building up as Antonio's thick dick rubbed hard against my G-spot and Terri wrapped her full lips around my swollen clit. Antonio yelled out too and ejaculated into my cunt - as he pulled out, I pushed my ass back down hard on Terri, forcing her to lick up his cream pie.