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3rd Chromosome: Voyeur

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-02

You got to watch now you get to play." Evanna was finally able to look down as the hand grabbed a hold of her arm and started to lead her back where she came. Rose got her head back down, lapping at Gemma's pussy while Cheryl started up. So that's why you were watching." Victoria brought Evanna's free hand to her cock. It was quaking from the pounding Cheryl was giving; two firm globes that Evanna wanted to paw and knead while her cock was buried to the hilt. Evanna buried her head on Victoria's cock as it went off. The brunette 3C groaned as Evanna lapped at her cock, her hands pushing the blonde further into her cock as she continued to cum.

The X Factor PA

celebrities crespo33 2018-03-15

Basically, I imagined, the job would entail a lot of doing nothing and a lot of standing to attention to the click of Miss Minogues fingers once she was backstage and needing some coffee etc brought to her. James grinned and sympathetically hit me on the back "You my friend have to sit on your own in case Dannii Minogue needs her water glass filled up, some lipstick brought over to her etc, etc." He sighed a sigh reminiscing what must have been a hard few weeks a Simon Cowells PA. I was looking forward to my meeting with Dannii a lot less than before, if she really is as horrible as James said Simon was my long time celebrity crush might be ruined for ever.

The Sex Factor

celebrities Sanichi 2018-01-27

Lovely Cheryl: dazzling white smile, crimson lips, dimpled cheeks and flawless skin; face framed by cascades of raven hair, her deep, dark eyes sparkling. His adored Cheryl took pride of place at the centre of it all, the largest poster of her alone: her long smooth legs slightly parted with the distinctive curled tattoo around the right thigh, her dark auburn hair tumbling over bare shoulders, fulsome breasts pressing out... Nat couldn't focus on the words that were spoken as his turn came, and now he was surrounded, guided first this way and that, fussed over too, until there he stood at the doors. "I'd like to hear him again," Cheryl was looking at Nat's chest as she spoke.

Rose of My Arse

celebrities Courier345 2017-12-16

Cheryl fell silent for a good 10 minutes after he said this with her head in her hands softly sobbing unable to believe she had been so foolish, what did she expect to happen leaving her semi naked unconscious body alone with one man? "Cheryl why would I care if it hurts you as long as it's good for me?" he asked brutally forcing his first inch through her vice like ring making her cry fresh tears and bite down on the chair to avoid screaming again "but I will give you something to take your mind off things." he said inserting three fingers in her sensitive pussy and rubbing her clit with his thumb causing her to squirm uncomfortably against the unwanted pleasure he was making her feel.