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Janeway and 7 of 9 Ch. 3

celebrities Harrowborg 2018-10-02

Janeway walked forwards and dropped her hand onto 7's crotch, feeling that fine shaven cunt for the last time before reaching for her uniform jacket and black trousers, pulling them on quickly, with her boots, and throwing 7's crotch support cloth to the woman naked on the table, before walking onto the bridge, noticing the crew at their stations. "He inserted human male semen into my injectors" 7 said leaning over the captains body, her warm tongue licking the captains right tit, both hands now contracting and expanding in Janeway's cunt. He backed away, running out of the holodeck, leaving Janeway on her back, her legs open and cunt loose, dripping semen and her own cum onto the sand beneath her ass, 7 crying close to the captains body.