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There and Back Again Ch. 011

celebrities ElyssaCousland 2018-09-23

Do we feel convinced that we can deal with whatever he throws at us to keep the rest of Ferelden from finding out?" He looked around at the group, and not even Theron was able to nod. "The second is that you spend tonight telling Alistair and Aedan both all that they need to know in order to combat the Blight. I grinned apologetically at Alistair, ruffled Aedan's hair in passing, and crawled into the tent Tomas had agreed to share with me. Tomas repacked for added stealth, refusing a tent, taking only a small amount of our combined coin, leaving the rest split between Aedan, Alistair, and my pack.

A Deal with the Devil Ch. 04

celebrities LiterarilyEndowed 2018-08-31

Robin had reached up to the tight cock-ring and opened it ever so slightly, just barely allowing the boiling load inside Nami's balls to escape. Digging her toes into the floor and pushing even farther up in the air, Robin stroked her cock hard and fast until ropes of thick, boiling cum erupted from the tip. With her cock still pumping and slowly oozing, Nami watched and moaned like the perverted and masochistic slave she was. Nami's eyes began to roll into the back of her head as Robin's cumming pussy tightened around her sore, edging cock. Then cum to your heart's content, you delicious fuck-toy!" Robin quickly brought herself to her fourth orgasm and quickly undid the thick cock-ring around Nami's shaft.

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 02

celebrities Bigdong12345 2018-08-30

As they were walking up to their apartment, Lily noticed Marshall's footlong dick was hard as shit in his khakis. Ted was so startled he said, "LILY WHAT THE FUCK", as he covered his hard, huge dick. It said in all capital letters "Huge titted Redhead Teacher gets pounded over her desk!" She smiled at this, now knowing Lily got Ted horny enough to leave MacLarens early. Ted said, "I would love to." And with that Lily removed her bright blue cardigan and white shirt, only to reveal her massive boobs struggling to be contained within a sexy black bra. Ted closed his eyes and heard his dick hit Lily's throat over and over as he pushed her head down.

One Very Weird Chick

celebrities ThoraB 2018-08-22

Faith seemed to be enjoying her horse quite a bit: her head was tossed back, her face was constricted in a grimace of pleasure, her tits jutted out and bounced lusciously as she moved up and down, and she was moaning like she was getting the best fuck of her life. I looked up, saw that it was still Faith there, still her dark glossy hair, still her beautiful face, still her knowing grin, still her firm, nearly perfect tits, but it was my dad's cock in my mouth. Instead, with tears spilling from my eyes, I held Faith's cock deep in my mouth, almost all the way to the back of my throat, wrapped my fingers around the shaft, and—like a good little girl—began to stroke it.

Harmony's Dawn - Yuri FanFiction

celebrities LewdLesbian 2018-08-10

She felt warm and safe, especially with Moe. But, without giving Moe a chance to respond Mari soon parted from the loving embrace and then approached the bubbly tub next door, she slowly sat in and thus allowed the warm bubbly water to coat her body. She felt warm and safe, especially with Moe. But, without giving Moe a chance to respond Mari soon parted from the loving embrace and then approached the bubbly tub next door, she slowly settled in and thus allowed the warm bubbly water to coat her body. "M-Moe-chan..." Mari feared that Moe would soon drift away from her, Mari's fingertips simply explored beneath the water's surface, lightning beginning to trace along Moe's soft knee, wishing to keep her this close.

Taylor Swift and the Fan

celebrities timjac2 2018-08-05

As I walked in I asked about the back stage pass and I was told that when Taylor came on for her encore, I was to head to the back of the arena, show my pass and I would be let in. After a long session of necking, I started to kiss my way around her body, exploring it all, tasting the various parts, revelling in the taste of her skin with the sweet musty smell from her that came with sweat of the concert and the love making that we were engaged in.

Ryan Paevey: The MILF Lover Pt. 04

celebrities NicoleChiTown82 2018-08-05

Ryan, Savannah and Olivia walked down to the park and began to play on the swings. Ryan wanted his own baby so badly and was hoping that the amount of times he had pleasurably fucked his goddess known as Savannah that he would get that child he longed for. The time he spent that day with Savannah and her daughter made him immediately want to become an instant family. He got so caught up in spending time with Olivia on the swings and slide, he actually grabbed Savannah and said "I have this crazy idea. Hearing those words out of Olivia's mouth led Savannah and Ryan to feel immense love for that little girl. As the plane took off, Olivia said "Mommy, please let him be my daddy.

Same Old Love Ch. 06

celebrities abeautifulmessofcontradictions 2018-07-28

"You seem," she paused, dropping her gaze to her lap where her fingers were twisting together nervously, "If this is too much for you, if you don't want to...we don't have to do this," she finished finally, eyes still on her hands. Every fiber of my being is crying out, urging me to walk away from you, to run as far and as fast as I can in the opposite direction because not doing so puts your life in immediate, incontrovertible danger." His eyes never left hers during his speech, boring into her with the intensity of his words. Her fingers pulsed frantically against the tiny bud, and she followed while he was still pumping into her body, her head dropping onto his shoulder with a scream, closing her teeth over his flesh to contain her cry of pleasure.

Pas De Deux

celebrities RoseDiamond 2018-07-06

All his to play with and show her what pleasure could feel like- Andy laid flat for his face to be barely an inch from this beauty and get a closer look at nether lips that were a deep pink of lust. "Ooh!" Allison pursed her mouth and laid a hand on Andy's hair, definitely intent on keeping his head where it belonged. Andy slid his fingers away to lick them clean, then crawled back up on the mattress to pull Allison's warm body into his hold. When Allison softly groaned, he looked to her face to see her eyes shut, cheeks flushed, and mouth slightly opened, lost in her own bliss as she continued to sink.

There and Back Again Ch. 004

celebrities ElyssaCousland 2018-06-24

"Your Majesty, I know you have a weakness for damsels in distress, but please try not to look at her like that?" Cailan chuckled, and I felt his hand stroke my hair softly, once. Theron looked embarrassed, and it didn't take much to realise why - he would have absolutely no way of knowing something like that. "So...I'm sure it will take some time, but can you both consider the possibility that I'm telling the truth about where I'm from?" Exchanging meaningful looks, eventually Theron nodded, but Tomas studied my face while I held my breath. "What do you mean, they figure out who will rule Ferelden?" Theron asked, at the same time Tomas blurted out "Who killed the Archdemon?" Theron looked angry, so I thought to answer him first.

The Monk Ambrosio

celebrities livinglines 2018-06-13

Ambrosio is a monk who is seduced by Matilda into carnal pleasure and other crimes. Behind him, Matilda slept lightly and was roused only by Ambrosio's quitting of the bed. He lifted his face away from hers, looking into her impassioned face, her cheeks a deep scarlet, her lips swollen, her green eyes soft and reflective of the deed taking place. The softness of her fingers pressed to the crisp curls at the tender sack beneath her oral conquest, pressing the orbs until bolts of electricity shot throughout Ambrosio's body. In and out of sleep, he felt Matilda's familiar body sidle up to his, her slightly sticky arms and hands creeping over him in a gentle embrace.

Pokemon - A Jewel of Journeys Ch. 01

celebrities bluro 2018-06-04

But since we're only battling with one Pokemon, if I lose, I'll have to strip down completely and Professor Mimi will be able to do whatever she wants with me. I realized my sex was tingling - though I'd never given a second thought about it, Professor Mimi did have an enchanting figure, and her breasts were certainly larger than mine. I sat down, spreading my legs wide, and Mimi-san placed her hands on my thighs before beginning to lick my pussy lips. I withdrew, still keeping our lips touching, and I could almost see the flames of sexual desire in her eyes as I said, "You worshiped me well - you deserve a reward, Mimi-san."

"Most Sharing Selfishness"

celebrities Nurek 2018-05-21

Joyce was spending a lot of time in the Gallery, and while she was making oodles of money for herself and her family, she was getting a bit antsy, so I decided to play with her. I said "I'll help you." and we both grabbed the device I'd attached to her and guided it to my opening as she laid on top of me- and it felt wonderful to hold my wife on top of me- as well as to have her inside me the entire time!


celebrities ElyssaCousland 2018-05-20

He looked like a child wearing his father's clothes; he had my second best shirt on, which rankled. Sierra, skin flushed all the way down, looking like a sex goddess, sweaty and debauched. Sierra, tears escaping from the corners of her eyes, face screwed up in pain as I walked away. "But I didn't promise not to hate every man who looks at you with lust on his face," which is every man, let's be honest, "and I can't promise I'll get better about that. Her skin was like warm silk, and I wanted to do it again and again, but I etched the moment into my mind and leaned back.

Milking the Navigator Ch. 01

celebrities LiterarilyEndowed 2018-05-19

"Yes, I'll allow you to enjoy the sweet release when we get to that point." Robin moved her dress to the side, letting her own dick out for Nami to look at. Robin increased her grip on Nami's hard cock and began rubbing all over her sensitive head. Wouldn't it feel great to ejaculate now?" Robin slowly rubbed her hand over Nami's pulsating shaft, prolonging her edge as much as possible. Just as Luffy came up the stairs, Robin closed her dress as best as she could and let her hard cock vanish into thin air. But just at that moment, Robin grew a dozen of tongues on the inside of her slick pussy and began licking all over Nami's twitching cock.

Trevelyan Ch. 01

celebrities AnyaWVossand 2018-05-17

Either way, I think it looks fetching, but I'm feeling somewhat insecure about how the rest of the family will react to it. Each time is very special, and not many of the other mages or apprentices in the circle are given the opportunity to visit their families at all. He's my second oldest brother, and I know that father has hopes for him to continue the family line if anything happens to Owen. How the mages are treated there is terrifying, but luckily the templars that watch over us in Ostwick are far kinder, and see us as people." To alleviate his guilt, I say softly "I'm well-looked after, Father.

Need a Little Company Ch. 02

celebrities SFCTaleSpinner 2018-05-08

Every time Paul thrust into her, Marcy moaned quietly into his ear, making him want her more and more. The cheating; the selfishness of abandoning her best friend, Karen, to a dark and lonely fate; the simultaneous betrayal, by seducing the guy Karen had feelings for; the trashiness of pouncing on some other guy mere minutes after her boyfriend turned his back on her, not to mention the trashiness of fucking a guy simply because he was the only guy available; the sheer depravity of forcing herself on Paul, who sincerely tried to resist her, to stay true to his principles, at least at first. Without waiting for any kind of 'ready' signal from Marcy, Paul stepped over to the door and opened it to greet their saviors: a tall male paramedic with a thick goatee and his middle-aged female colleague.

Dark Angel: What if? Hello, Goodbye

celebrities supman 2018-05-07

As soon as Alec saw those dark doe eyes staring back at him he knew whatever restraint he had was useless and without thought he bent down, closing the distance between their lips. "UHhhngh," Alec moaned the head of his cock rubbed against Max's wet pussy lips. He let his hands fall from her breast, a soft mew came from Max at the loss of feeling but she kept her pace slowly riding him. He watched as Alec's hard cock slammed deeply into Max pussy. She squeezed her eyes closed, ignoring Alec's own groan and tried to enjoy the moment as long as she could. Max shot him a questioning look before smiling, "Sure, friends." Alec reached over and gave her a half hug before turning away.

Pokemon - A Jewel of Journeys Ch. 02

celebrities bluro 2018-05-03

Leaping up, I ran towards the source of the sound and found a Cyndaquil lying beneath Fennekin, a Chimchar near her tail, a Charmander near her head, and it sure looked like they were... "When two trainer's eyes meet, it's a battle!" the rainbow-haired girl in front of me exclaimed. "Maybe we should nickname our Ralts," I pointed out and the rainbow-haired girl nodded. Spectrum used Confusion, and while it put a stumble on Seiren's feet, it wasn't enough to stop her from trapping him in a tight embrace and kissing him, draining health in an influx of pink energy. I grinned as Rainbow-haired Girl bit her lip before disrobing slowly and entrancingly.

CSI: Lip Service

celebrities mrwrong972 2018-04-19

"Don't say anything," Warrick said, unchaining the door briefly and then closing it and sliding the chain home behind them. "I'm with Catherine now, you know that?" he asked suddenly, lifting his head even as he lifted his hips. "I think it's important you know-" he said, his breath catching as his hardening cock slipped free from his briefs. "-that you know, I want this thing with Cat to work, to go somewhere." His eyes rolled back as soft lips, talented and supple, closed over the head of his cock. Suddenly, with warm fingers wrapped around him, with warm moist lips sealed around his flesh, with one talented evil genius finger stroking lazy circles between his balls and his ass, Warrick was coming.

Strange World

celebrities ElyssaCousland 2018-04-18

I crawled up beside the rutting couple on the bed, smirking, teasing him by slowly inserting first one, then two of my fingers into my own wanton mouth and trailing my tongue over them while he groaned; when I pulled the moist digits from my mouth, he reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair, dragging me in for a deep, intense kiss. I love having my hair pulled, and Aedan knew that; I moaned as my hips bucked against the bed, swallowing his plaintive whine as our tongues clashed inside my mouth. Me riding Aedan slowly, his hand on my hard length, facing each other, mouths intertwined, swallowing each other's sighs while Isabela snored lightly.

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 03

celebrities Bigdong12345 2018-04-16

She knew she couldn't take it much longer, so before she was about to cum, she took her hand off Ted's cock and slowed down his finger fucking. She let out a loud moan and said, "Give me that dick baby oh my god!" Ted continued to slowly slide in until he was balls deep in Lily. As his 8 inch cock parted her pussy Ted still was amazed at how right she was, despite taking Marshall's footlong dick for hours a day. Lily got her and her busty tits on top of Ted's dick and slowly lowered herself onto Ted. Easily going balls deep in her, Ted grabbed both of Lily's buttcheeks and helped her ride his hard cock.

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 01

celebrities Bigdong12345 2018-03-27

Ted watched as Lily smiled with her eyes closed and took every pump of Marshall's rough pounding. Ted was right as Robin's hands quickly began pressing his head harder and harder against her. Robin began moaning louder and louder and said, "Ted I'm gonna cum so fucking hard." Ted opened Robin's legs and quickly got balls deep in her missionary style. A couple minutes of fucking passed and Ted said, "Robin I'm gonna cum soon. "I'm gonna hit the shower Ted." Robin said, smiling. Ted bent down towards Robin and said, "Can I fuck your face to cum?" Lily walked out about 15 minutes later and said, "Good morning Ted," and smiled.

Frozen Hearts Don't Beat Pt. 09-10

celebrities Scarl3tt3 2018-03-17

"I knew you'd cry, you dumb bitch, now you'll never get anything from your parents, Anna will get it all!" A triumphant smirk crossed his face as Elsa opened the door and pushed him out. Anna started to play with her wet pussy as she continued to flip through the illustrations on Elsa's computer, slowly dipping two fingers into herself. God, I'm so fucked.' Elsa's head collapsed into her hands and she nearly started hyperventilating in the hallway, but she reminded herself that she needed Anna to think that Elsa had no idea. Then Kristoff started gently thrusting and she couldn't contain herself any longer, she squirted all over the bed and Anna.