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FFFF Ch. 03

celebrities baranbrat 2018-12-03

The room quickly emptied and the only people remaining in the class were Joe Wilson, Dominica Davis and Martha. Dominica leaned over and whispered in his ear; "I bet you got that hard-on from looking at Mrs. MacCallum's naked pussy huh?" She ran her tongue around his ear and he moaned. He slowly stopped laughing and turned towards her and looking into her dark blue eyes, licked his parched lips, he slowly placed his huge hand on her gorgeous knee. The kiss intensified and as their lips parted tongues came out and touched the others and Joe let out a moan and ran his hands through her thick blonde hair and pulled her mouth harder against his.

Two Perspectives

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-11-28

Lariia wasn't about to go and complain about the fact that she was still alive, however - she winced as one of the Tauren's large hands came spiraling down, leaving a large red mark on her shapely violet-colored ass - this certainly wasn't the position she expected herself to be in right before she found herself face first in the cold snow. As he pounded wildly into her, his eyes lay glued on the sight of his giant cock slamming in and out of the Night Elf woman, the slight jiggle of her ass causing him to go wild and his nostrils to flare like an angry bull.

Calendar Shoot July MILF

celebrities baranbrat 2018-11-21

She licked her full red lips and slowly began to undress as she spoke in a low sultry voice; "One thing I forgot to tell you John, when I have sex I love to talk dirty and be talked dirty too, is that okay?" I looked at her eyes, they were smoking with lust and there was no way I could deny her a fantasy shoot even if her body was bad and that was nearly impossible if she worked out half as much as she said she did. I had a long discussion with Bob and he filled me in just how much of a cunt Christi really was, but he had always wanted to fuck her and now seeing the opening, he wasn't about to let it pass him by.

Cinderella and the King

celebrities Cinner 2018-11-20

At age 18, he cautioned his father that he thought that he preferred men and that he wanted him to consider changing the laws of the land to allow him to marry a mate of his own choosing, even if that person was not one of the eligible socialites to whom he had been introduced. At age 21, however, the prince still showed no signs of wanting to marry a woman, and the High Council of Advisors became restive and demanded that the king give his son an ultimatum. Of course, the camera cut away to other scenes of the crowds gathered all over the country waiting to hear the good news and she was lost again to him, but this time, the king knew that his new queen was near him.

How To Negotiate: By Lady Jaina Ch. 03

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-11-17

The finger snap was simply for dramatic effect, though." Lady Proudmoore sank to her knees in front of the creature, a drop of the Worgen's drool landing upon her neck as she took his red shaft into her mouth. When she was done catching her breath Jaina lapped at Garwal's cock like a dog, cleaning it of any remaining juices coating it. Jaina's nails clawed at the wall, and she alternated between grinding her teeth together and leaving her mouth open as she stared at the ceiling, counting and enjoying every bump of the Worgen's cock into her pussy. "Now I know how you converted that paladin and why Lady Sylvanas keeps you around." Jaina Proudmoore grabbed a book off the shelf and sat down, turning to page one before eyeing the man.

FFFF Ch. 01

celebrities baranbrat 2018-11-14

Gretchen and Margaret said about the same time and Martha spoke up; "Okay ladies, I believe we have our work cut out for ourselves seeing Laura and Caroline have their fantasies already in the works. Gretchen, Shannon, Margaret and Martha got there early and had a few rounds by the time Laura and Caroline came on stage. Laura slid her hands down Caroline's slender back and finding the zipper on her tight short black skirt, tugged it down and slipped it down and off her long legs. She pulled her mouth off the big black cock and letting out a loud groan started cumming for the second time tonight.

Woman from the Pit

celebrities Doc Redfield 2018-10-03

Romana was being studied in return, she knew, and the look that fired behind Adrasta's cool eyes made the Time Lady feel decidedly naked. Romana kept quiet as the powerful, sensuous woman who - at the moment - was undeniably her mistress, pulled the pink bodice away from the Time Lady's body. Lady Adrasta tugged at her leather bodice with one hand, unclasping it, tearing it away, while her other hand kept the sonic screwdriver pointed at Romana's mound, setting the level higher. Sliding under the Time Lady's body, Adrasta pushed her head between Romana's legs and began to munch on the light, downy hair-covered flesh there. Sensing that her mistress's pussy was too sensitive, Romana twisted around and worked her way up Adrasta's body, finally finding her ultimate destination; her large, succulent breasts.

Dark Desires

celebrities Silkie Butterfly 2018-10-02

The young woman begins to scream hysterically as a man leaps from the trees, grabbing hold of her robes as he forces her to the ground beneath him. There is a loud commotion outside of the tent as Crue and the companion reach the place where the necromancer is sheltered. Holding the reigns with one hand, he uses his other to pull her robes apart, cupping her breast gently he brings it up to his lips. He can feel Silkie tense up as her body shudders above him, her climax causing her to cry out his name and a fear shoots through him as his hand moves to cover her mouth, silencing her cries.

Dark Impulse Ch. 11

celebrities Aurora Black 2018-09-30

Now that I've had time to think about everything that's going on, both in my personal relationship with David and the objective view concerning last week's killing, I am willing to do whatever it takes to remove myself and my son from this potentially deadly situation." Hiroshi opened the door and left the room, and Grace heard him call for her son. She ran her hands over it, closing her eyes and remembering the nights she spent in the Library at Schloss Ritter, reading the same book in front of the fireplace. He knew that Grace needed time to sort through this latest twist of fate, and she couldn't do that with an over-inquisitive child in her face.

Mara Jade: Blast From The Past

celebrities Max_Power_2012 2018-09-26

The logical part of her brain told her it was because her Master didn't want her becoming too powerful lest she make a move for his throne, as Vader had on more than one occasion; but in her heart she chose to believe that it was his way of protecting her from the ravages of the dark side of the Force, yellow eyes and aging flesh a detriment to a woman who relied on her perfect body and stunning model features to accomplish her missions. Up and down, up and down--it was a simple straightforward pattern but one destined to bring her off in record time, Mara's green eyes glazing over as she was lifted off her lover's cock and began squirting like a hose just as the fat head cleared her gaping twat, her warm juices splashing all over his shadowy face.

There and Back Again Ch. 011

celebrities ElyssaCousland 2018-09-23

Do we feel convinced that we can deal with whatever he throws at us to keep the rest of Ferelden from finding out?" He looked around at the group, and not even Theron was able to nod. "The second is that you spend tonight telling Alistair and Aedan both all that they need to know in order to combat the Blight. I grinned apologetically at Alistair, ruffled Aedan's hair in passing, and crawled into the tent Tomas had agreed to share with me. Tomas repacked for added stealth, refusing a tent, taking only a small amount of our combined coin, leaving the rest split between Aedan, Alistair, and my pack.

Dark Impulse Ch. 07

celebrities Aurora Black 2018-09-22

A few months later, when she went to visit Gabriel in Germany and he told her the details, she understood why Grace reacted that way at the mention of his name. Gabriel went to put on his jacket when he saw Gran watching him with a curious expression. Liam's eyes widened slightly, and he turned to watch the black sky for a moment before his gaze returned to Gabriel's face. With a brief nod, Liam strode away, leaving Gabriel to stare after him from where he stood beneath the street lamp. His heart pounding in his chest, Gabriel had the thought to run after him; he wanted to grab him, shout at him, demand that he tell him everything that he knew about Grace's whereabouts and how she was.

Sweet Taylor

celebrities Dat1ghettokid 2018-09-14

She noticed the bulge in my jeans and said, "Well, I'm pretty sure I know what you wanna do." With that, she walked over in front of me very sexily and dropped down to her knees. Please don't stop," she said as I started to rub her erect clit as I tongue fucked her. I need a big cock fucking my tight pussy now!!" With that, I plunged hard and deep to push through her hymen. I fucked her with a few more thrusts and started to cum in her soaked pussy. It must've been because of your big cock inside my tight pussy." With that we kissed very passionately, not knowing someone had entered the room and saw almost all of what we did.

Boston Legal: Out of Court Ch. 01

celebrities unrepentant1 2018-09-09

What got to her the most was that watching them, watching and listening intently for Tara's tiny moans as Alan had leant forwards onto the desk, leaning his chin on the palm of his left hand to cover the slow actions of his right hand between Tara's tanned legs had turned Sally on. As her heat increased she finally needed the feeling of skin on her swollen clitoris and her hand slid down the waistband of her panties, and her index finger found the nub of her hot little clit and began to rapidly stroke it back and forth, she felt her orgasm building...

Dark Impulse Ch. 10

celebrities Aurora Black 2018-08-30

In the living room, Hiroshi noted the large overnight bag which had both Grace's and Rafe's things inside. Hiroshi looked at Rafe for clarification, and the boy's face was drawn. The first few times that I had the dream, I thought that they were fighting over me and Mom. But now it feels like something else as well, something deeper and darker." He shuddered as he said the words. After the phone call from London, Raphael and Hiroshi continued to look over the stack of drawings until they reached the last one. It wasn't until much later that Hiroshi wondered how Rafe knew to give such a lifelike detail to a fictional dream figure.

The Third Knight: prequel

celebrities themightylynx 2018-08-29

She reached for them and gave them a fondle each, letting out another content gasp at the pleasurable sensation; she could not help but love feeling her body when she bathed. Adelaide let her middle finger slide along her slit and gasped in pleasure as a wave of warmth spread out of her sex and up, through her body. Adelaide let the finger slip in and out slowly as she imagined the chieftain pin her down as he slowly, yet determined pushed his powerful cock deeply into her sex- no, her pussy. She closed her eyes and let her head drop forward as her hips started thrusting back to meet the man's throbbing member.

Tropical Storm Ch. 01

celebrities Aurora Black 2018-08-28

She bent down to remove her stockings, and Gabriel was transfixed by the sight of his wife's shapely legs as she raised her skirt to peel away the clingy nylon that went up to mid-thigh. Gabriel trailed off as Grace began to unbutton her blouse, walking seductively towards him. Gabriel groaned loudly as Grace gently caught a nipple between her even white teeth, circling it with her warm wet tongue. Gabriel cried out as he felt her tongue swirl around the head, and when she moved to take him deeper inside the moist cavern of her mouth, his control snapped. Gabriel moaned as their lips parted, his hands fumbling with the fastenings of Grace's sexy bra.

The Dream Trap Ch. 01

celebrities Foeofthelance 2018-08-10

Oooh, that feels nice,, I mentally sighed as I began to dream about a pair of soft lips sliding over the head of my cock. I could feel the tension building in my sack as I neared release, my entire body shaking as I let out a warning gasp. She sat up slightly, her long brown hair cascading around our faces as she began to rock faster, having found that one perfect point to drive against me. I continued to stare, even as the face began to melt back into the mirror, returning to its original form as nothing more than common water droplets.

T'pol and the Captain

celebrities hajuthajibalaha 2018-08-02

T'pol got to her knees leaving her breast exposed, they really are quite nice Archer thought, not as big and round as Hoshi's or crewman Cutler's, but very firm and high set, just about a handful of warm tit flesh as he groped the sexy Vulcan kneeling in front of his erect cock. "Fuck me Captain, stick your human cock in me right now, take this Vulcan pussy and me your slut." Archer needed no further convincing. "Good girl," Archer was breathing heavy now as he picked up speed, moving his dick back and forth down T'pol'ls throat, he shoved it in as deep as it would go and felt his cock erupt, sending wave after wave of thick cum straight down his sexy Vulcan slut's throat, she didn't gag at all.

Wintersprings Encounter

celebrities humbelle 2018-07-31

Drake seemed reluctant to let me go, but he dropped his hands to his sides and followed me into the inn. "I see you like breasts," Drake said with that damned sexy twinkle in his eye. Perhaps I can find some comfort from one of the delicacies here." Drake and I stood and walked out the door as Will turned on the charm for some of the ladies in the inn. "Let's start at the beginning of this mystery." Drake steered the felsteed toward the hot springs. He grabbed handfuls of hair at the back of my head and started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. Drake let out a long moan and pushed his cock all the way into my mouth as his cum began spurting out.

A Fantasy in One Act

celebrities DebsBed 2018-07-31

"Oh you poor dear!" she said and suddenly, without thinking, I did the unthinkable: I bent down to Ms. Cattrall and grasped her gently by her hair (a real no-no when you're on the set), and kissed her lightly on her perfectly painted lips. I took the opportunity to slowly stroke and caress those beautiful breasts that were pushing their way up my body as she kissed me and pulled slightly at my hair when I reached her nipples. As I was trembling and spasming with the ever increasing orgasms that flowed over my body, Kim had reached up and unfastened her bra to allow my fantasy to come to reality, and now each of those orbs bobbing gently over my face as she also removed her panties to reveal her trimmed bush.

No One Out-Fucks Jilnar Jardaly

celebrities Abeedah1978 2018-07-27

As you know, Jilnar loves pussy but she needs cocks and cum. He then realized that he was up against his first real challenger, so decided to try and end the event the best way he knows - hard, fast and furious! Like all men, he was finding Jilnar way too sexy, and her tight, wet pussy just felt far too good. In Jilnar's expert hands, any cock, no matter how much she's already drained it, can become hard again. When she decided to finally give him some mercy, she got off, grabbed his cock with those expert hands, and she pumped and pumped and managed to get him to give her another hot load, which she let squirt into her open, waiting mouth.

Network TEN Late News

celebrities DemisOSprey 2018-07-19

But I had truly long held the fantasy to be positioned under the newsdesk, giving her cunnilingus, while she read the Late News bulletin and, throwing caution to the winds, was unable to resist telling her, since the opportunity had so obviously presented itself. I'm not sure exactly when I completely firmed up my intention to bring that fantasy to reality but here I was, underneath the newsdesk, watching the lower half of her body as she placed her running sheets on the desk, moved to the chair and, running both her hands down over her trim backside to hold her skirt smooth beneath herself, sat down on it just a metre or so away from me.

One Night in Waterdeep Ch. 01

celebrities Lady_Blackhawk 2018-07-18

Then in a circular motion, Callia worked her thumbs and fingers at the sides of his waist, down his hips, making their way across to the middle of Nathan's back. Teasing him lightly, she poured some oil onto his cheek- making him buck a little because of the coolness against his skin- but not for long as her hands spread the oil out, her thumbs working down his finely shaped ass and down the backs of his thighs, warming him all over. She rubbed the oil in a circular motion across his chest, moving over his hardened nipples, rolling her fingers around, pulling gently, then smoothing her palm over them, feeling them rigid against her palms.