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Nicki and Ariana Tour Pt. 02

celebrities DPPUsername12345 2018-10-04

Nicki was completely naked straddling Ariana, her massive ass just inches from the poor girl's face. "I didn't want you to think it was all just a bad dream!" Nicki laughed devilishly, shaking her ass in Ariana's face. "You might take longer than I thought to learn how to serve, but I'm sure I can whip you into shape by the end of this tour," Nicki said confidently as she sat her ass down on Ariana's face. As Nicki continued her bouncing and Ariana felt herself getting lightheaded from lack of air, she reluctantly gave into her superior tour partner and stopped struggling. Don't worry, in time you'll learn to love the taste of my ass..." Nicki giggled as she let out another fart, this one filling Ariana's mouth.

Katy Perry Enslaves Taylor Swift

celebrities DPPUsername12345 2018-01-18

I'm sorry!" Taylor's head returned to the shoes and she started kissing them all over. "You know, if you were truly excited to kiss my shoes, you'd be dying to get a chance to worship my feet by now..." She said as she sat down and crossed her legs. "You're going to learn that you don't disobey your Goddess, bitch!" Katy threw her over her knees, then pulled down Taylor's shorts as she struggled violently. "I hope you learn your lesson soon, I want an obedient slave as soon as possible!" She paused her spanking for a moment to grope Taylor's ass. Taylor grabbed the sweaty feet and took Katy's big toe into her mouth, lovingly sucking on it.

Katy Perry Enslaves Taylor Swift Pt. 02

celebrities DPPUsername12345 2018-01-05

As Taylor stepped forward, Katy grabbed her by the hair and shoved the slave's face into her massive cleavage. Just as Taylor felt she was going to pass out, Katy pulled her from her cleavage. Katy smiled as she slowly pulled Taylor's head off her tits. Taylor jumped onto the bed and started kissing Katy's panty-covered ass, still afraid of what was to come. I've always wanted to use your ugly face as my seat and make you thank me for it!" Katy laughed as she bounced up and down on her slave's head. Taylor moaned quietly as she began to breathe through her nose, taking it the horrible stench of Katy's sweaty, unwashed ass.

The Dupree Sisters Ch. 02

celebrities erinsweatytits 2017-12-01

Sherri, who was sitting on the toilet next to the bath, reached over and lightly pinched her sister's hard right nipple. "Well, you just need the right amount of lube." Sherri moved her hand down toward Stacy's pussy and placed a finger on her clit. Sherri's look of stun gave way to annoyance and she quickly reached out and jammed a finger right in Stacy's virgin asshole. "No toys, honey" Sherri said, "Just tongue and fingers." Stacy nodded as she bent down toward the ass in front of her. "I love you" Stacy said as she pulled away to caress her sister's short, pink dyed hair. Stacy reached around and began rubbing her sister's ass again.

Katy Perry Enslaves Taylor Swift Pt. 03

celebrities DPPUsername12345 2017-11-22

Taylor started shaking with fear as she opened her mouth for her Goddess while trying to apologize. Now you have no choice, and you have to taste your nasty fucking panties too!" Katy said as she grabbed a length of rope and started tying Taylor's arms to her sides once more. You're not sniffing hard enough!" Katy started to pinch her slave's nipples, causing her to scream into her gag. Taylor started sniffing loudly, hoping it would make her Goddess stop torturing her. Katy forced Taylor's mouth open, pulled out the saliva-soaked panties, then started rubbing them into her slave's hair. "Goddess, do I really need to go out like this?" Taylor asked, feeling more embarrassed about being naked as Katy got fully dressed.