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The Love of Todd's Life Ch. 03

celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-09-06

"Ohhh Blair, I just don't know how to tell you..." Tea said softly, so upset she couldn't even look Blair in the eye. Victor," Tea spoke, finally looking up into Blair's face, seeing nothing but concern and tenderness refected there. As much as she wanted to find some guy and take him somewhere private for a little wild fun, all the sudden all Marty could think about was Todd. You mean you didn't bring me here so you could have your way with me?" Marty said with a little giggle as she gave Victor a provacative look. She drank nearly a full bottle of brandy, then she took off with some guy," spoke the bartender, showing Todd Marty's purse she had left behind.


celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-09-04

"But Aunt Kiki, I'm engaged to marry Suede in less than six months!" Marty cried out. Before Marty could utter a word of objection to her aunt, she was pushed out the front door of the inn and out into the cool night air. If the carriage wasn't moving at top speed up the hill toward the Manning Estate, Marty would have jumped from it in an attempt to escape. Marty stepped from the carriage, cautiously gazing at the dark and looming estate belonging to Lord Manning. "Don't touch me or I'll kill you!" Marty cried out, going to stand behind the chair that Todd had recently vacated as though to use it as as shield.


celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-08-12

I won't be at the station long, then we can have a beer together when I get back and chat," said John as he finished up with the sandwich, handing the plate over to Todd. "Okay, have fun eating your sandwich," John said as the two guys walked back into the livingroom together and Todd plopped himself back down on the couch. I think we should talk about this..." Todd said as he tried to get Marty to tell him more about this mystery guy she was hung up on. "Marty, I think it would help if you told me about these fantasies, get it all off your chest so to speak," said Todd, once again almost forgetting to disguise his voice, considering he was feeling surging desire at the thought of Marty's kinky little fantasies.

The Doppelganger

celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-06-18

Marty was sitting in a rocking chair in her room at St. Anne's looking at a photo of Hope when suddenly she felt a strange sensation move through her, stealing her breath. Despite the nuns reassurances that Todd Manning was no where near St. Anne's, Marty could still feel his presence there like dark clouds lingering after a great storm. But oddly it wasn't the face of the man she had known as Todd for the past eight years, the man who had tricked her into his home and into his bed when she had lost her memory. .. but he didn't tell me he was you, that he was Todd Manning..." Marty said softly.

Todd and Marty Ch. 06

celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-05-12

Did you think about that before you slept with Todd Manning and produced a child that was so very much related to my own baby girl that died?" Cole said harshly. I think she needs another transfusion," Michael said to the nurse before she left the room with Paloma. "I'm coming," said Todd, his heart thudding his chest when he thought there might be something wrong with Marty or Paloma. "What's going on?" he said, when he met the nurse right outside Marty's hospital room. "A nurse called me here, told me you needed blood again," said Todd, not sure what else to say or if he should leave or what.

Todd & Marty's New Beginning Ch. 09

celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-02-12

I'm soon going to be 11." Jessi then placed her small hand in Marty's, so the two of them could go down to the parlor and begin working on her piano lessons. Tina had sent word from Vicki, sending Todd her love, but she didn't come to see him. Later, when she returned to Llanfair, Tina left the note from Todd on Marty's desk, knowing Marty would find it later when she returned from helping Jessi with her piano lesson. Marty returned Vicki's smile, then went upstairs to her room and found the note from Todd. With her living in Llanfair under the same roof as Marty and Vicki, Todd thought it best not to say anything to Tina either.

Todd & Marty's New Beginning Ch. 07

celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-02-10

The only thing good that has come out of this nightmare for me, is coming to terms with myself and some things that happened to me a long time ago," Todd spoke as he looked at Marty and willed her to understand his words. I wanted to hurt you for making me care," Todd said in a pain-filled voice. It's all I deserve," Todd said, feeling as though the very breath had been sucked out his chest when he heard Marty's bitter words. Marty didn't know what to say, she had never met anyone like Todd before and he was so complicated and now things were even more complicated. "Then I should be going, I don't want Vicki to worry," Marty said as she turned and walked away from the pier.

The Love of Todd's Life Ch. 02

celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-02-07

The past two months had been all kinds of craziness, with Irene Manning having admitted that the man Tea had married was not the real Todd Manning, but Todd's identical twin brother Victor Lord Jr. Now that the real Todd was back, there were so many changes in their family dynamics. Blair, Tea, Sam, Hope, Dani, Jack, and Starr were living with Dorian while Todd was staying at Vicki's. Both Marty and Todd were broken from their trance when the backdoor opened and in stepped Victor, carrying a beautiful bouquet of flowers. With Victor out of the way, Todd was sure he'd have a clear shot at getting together with Marty.

Obsession Ch. 02

celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-02-07

Seeing the desire in Todd's eyes smouldering when he looked at her doubled her fear and frustration to break free. Hot tears stained Marty's face when she turned her head to the side, not wanting to look at him anymore. "It feels so fucking good to me," he murmured, burying his face in the curve of her neck and shoulder wanting to move so damn badly, but he couldn't because he had to give her time to adjust to his invasion. Experimentally, Todd moved his hips just a fraction, testing for Marty's reaction while looking down into her beautiful face. Todd looked at the dress a moment, catching Marty's sweet scent wafting from the soft fabric.

The Doppelganger Ch. 04

celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-02-03

"Marty, we need to talk," said Todd softly, almost hesitantly. "Tell me about the baby," Todd encouraged, trying to watch the road when all he really wanted to do was hold his gaze on Marty. Todd continued to gaze at the teenage girl who was the perfect blend of himself and Tea. Immediately he wanted to go to her and introduce himself as her father and get to know her, but Marty held him back. Todd let out a frustrated groan, looking at Marty as he knew she was right. "But I haven't seen Hope yet," Todd said regretfully as Marty tugged on his elbow as though to drag him away. Todd looked down into Marty's face, knowing they had been here long enough.

The Doppelganger Ch. 03

celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-01-22

It looks like The Banner got to the story before we did," Jack said as he plopped down in a chair in his father's office. John and Natalie were looking at The Banner too in John's office, reading the front page which told of Marty's escape from St. Anne's. "What does this mean?" Natalie gasped, still in shock because the man who had helped Marty in her escape looked so much like her Uncle Todd. How much cash do you have left?" Marty asked, knowing that she hadn't a penny to her name, and like Todd, she couldn't possibly access her back account or go back to her apartment. "Who knows what he thinks," Marty said with a heavy sigh as she got out of bed and sat upon it's edge.

The Haunted House

celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-01-08

She was feeling slightly tipsy when Megan and Jason approached, asking her if she felt like going to a Haunted House a fraternity had set up across campus. Ever since that fiasco night Todd had left her after making passionate love to her, refusing to stay and hold her in his arms all night long, Marty had gotten drunk often to forget his rejection. Somebody help me!" Marty said with a fearful sob, going to every door and window in the room and attempting to pry them open. I'm going to hold you close to me for all eternity," he said huskily as he slowly parted the material of her long dark coat, finding that she wore a sexy red dress underneath which clung like a second skin to all her curves.

Todd & Marty's New Beginning Ch. 06

celebrities ImmortalRomance 2017-10-31

"Nice to meet you," Marty said as politely as she could to Tina, yet she didn't like the fact that Todd would be getting out of jail so easily. Come on, Jess, let's go show Marty the room right beside yours," said Vicki. "I have a message for Marty Saybrooke, a house guest in Llanfair," said Todd, slipping the man some cash. "Tell me about my Uncle Todd," said the little girl as she went to sit on Marty's bed. It was so nice that Jess was making her feel welcome in her house as it took Marty's mind off all the unpleasantness that was going on regarding Todd and Tina.

Todd & Marty's New Beginning Ch. 10

celebrities ImmortalRomance 2017-10-25

The police are looking for Todd, and they are going to find him," Vicki said in reassurance. You could even take it out on the balcony; you need some fresh air,' Vicki kindly suggested, watching as Marty lay a loving hand upon her tummy. "Uhhhh...yeah, right," Todd said, half-grinning at the little boy. lots and lots of chocolate," Todd said, thinking he was about to experience a great-big sugar rush. "Ali, you were very hungry," Sarah said as Todd then began sipping his chilled cola. "Okay, let's pink-swear you won't tell anyone I'm here," Todd said to the youngsters. After the children left, Todd relaxed upon the lounger chair, eating chocolates and daydreaming about the moment he would see Marty again.