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My New Best Friend Ch. 02

celebrities UniqueWWETales 2018-05-08

I let her know I wanted soda since I didn't like drinking alcohol. I loved Nattie, I'd do anything for her, but Alexa was somebody I shared something very special with and I wasn't quite sure what that was. I placed the ball in her mouth, walked behind her, caressed her hair a couple of times and tighten the knot behind her head. If I feel like watching Trish, Nattie or whoever on TV I will be face fucking them in the mouth, not you understood? "Take my cock Trish, take it!" My slaved moaned as the anal plug fucked her ass with vibrating sensations. Alexa, the good friend that she was reached out and hugged me like the first time.

In the Shadows of Duskwood

celebrities Verynna 2018-03-12

She burst into hearty laughter as she witnessed the male's eyes roll back, his limp body slowly tilting back before falling off the cliff, a sickening crack sounding as it hit the ground. "What brings you here tonight, master?" she whispers breathlessly just as another hand comes to rest on her other hip, making her back arch in delight. As she lay there in the dewy grass, her eyes took in the sight of the male she loved and worshipped so; his ebony hair and beard, enthralling body, and the runic patterns across his skin on his chest and arms. Cirandiel lowered her torso down onto the cool, dewy grass and gasped as she felt the tip of her master's cock brushing against her weeping slit.

Ahsoka's Jedi Training Ch. 02

celebrities Boxtears 2018-02-01

Ahsoka awoke the next morning still naked under her master's arm, his hand lightly fondling her small, supple breasts. At last Anakin released his grip but before little Ahsoka could react, her lithe form was pushed against the wall with her back to her master. As Anakin finally released his seed, he held his padawan tightly, pulling Ahsoka from against the wall and collapsing atop of her down on the floor as her womb quickly filled with his precious essence. There they remained for what seemed like an eternity, locked in a world all their own, their bodies like one as Anakin held Ahsoka firmly, his Jedi robe thick with human sweat and Togruta tears while his hands still clasped the young girl's breasts...

Ahsoka's Jedi Training Ch. 01

celebrities Boxtears 2017-12-25

Ahsoka again closed her eyes, eagerly taking her master's leather-clad finger into her mouth, softly enveloping it with her moist lips as Anakin's other hand made its way towards her soft, moist slit. With eyes tightly shut, Ahsoka clenched her teeth against the gloved metal digit as she sensed Anakin's real fingers entering her convulsing nether lips. Her lips parted but before she could even breath, Anakin forced his member into little Ahsoka's mouth, both of his hands pulling her towards him as she gagged and struggled against the overwhelming force of her master's grip. But before Ahsoka had time to consider the meaning of these words, she felt the force of her master's shaft as it spasmed and convulsed in her mouth, filling her with his essence.

The Fortress of Solitude

celebrities Crystal_L_Veey 2017-11-24

In addition, he did use condoms but not for the reason any thinking woman (had they been capable of thought by that time) would imagine. His super powers could easily pin someone against a wall with no physical supports, as he had done to Lex Luther a few times (hardly the same thing), but he was sure women would prefer a method of restraint that they could understand. Superman had been laying on his too-small bed at the boarding house, hands grasped behind his head staring at the ceiling as he let himself think (and tried to dim his super hearing to avoid distraction from all those sexy sounds in the rooms and buildings around him).

TNG: Phasing into Orgasm Ch. 03

celebrities Sinful G. 2017-10-10

Deanna wanted to scream as the cold cock was pushed inside her; her pussy was stretched to the limit to accept the thick, long rod, but it felt so damn good that she didn't care about the slight pain?. "I..." The incredible sensation of having her husband's cock thrust up her ass for the first time was too overwhelming she couldn't speak and when he slowly pulled back until only the tip of his penis remained in her painfully expanded anus she lost all strength in her arms. Deanna began moaning louder and louder and was enjoying being fucked in her ass more and more as the pain gave away to mind-blowing pleasure as the cock sank deep into her bowels, time after time and the walls of her pussy where rippling along the buzzing toy.

Southern Delights Ch. 02

celebrities SassyGal84 2017-07-22

I found myself seated at the head of the table, with Thales on my right hand, and Gabrielle on my left. I made it a point to say one last 'good night' to all the employees present, then looked around for Gabrielle. She shook her head 'no', then closed her eyes as my fingers returned to the buttons of her blouse. I moved my hand over to her left breast, running my fingers along its underside. Gabrielle gasped as I did so, then moaned as I cupped her breast, caressing it lightly. Gabrielle turned her head, still having a hard time looking at me. When I ran my finger lightly over them, Gabrielle's hands went to my shoulders to support herself.

Southern Delights Ch. 03

celebrities SassyGal84 2017-07-15

"Anyway, you're going to need your sleep tonight, because I guarantee you, you won't get any tomorrow night," I said as I scooped Gabrielle into my arms. I think my body couldn't handle more than one cup of that kind of coffee in a day." Helena laughed again as she poured me a cup, and I was reassured by the aroma drifting up towards me. I was later to learn that the household I had inherited kept bags of different types of coffee beans for different parts of the day, and that Helena could have put the best baristas of my world or hers to shame.

Dracula's Return Ch. 03

celebrities alucardi 2017-07-13

A the girls body underwent the TRANSFORMATION, Gwen slowly pulled her hand out of her cunt with a wet slurping pop and licked the pussy juice from her fingers. "That's a beautiful name for my new fuck pet." Gwen said, reaching back around Maria to cup and knead her breasts while Ayesha kissed and licked her way down to the woman's neatly trimmed muff. Twenty minutes later the lord of the vampires came into the bedroom where Gwen, Mei Lin, Ayesha and Maria were using the strap-on dildoes on each other while the giant Russian removed from fucking all four vampire women in both holes one after another.