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Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 02

celebrities HandcuffGirl 2018-10-04

Seventy-Two was pretty sure—very sure—that Master Durron knew what she did as an Imperial ProCorps trooper. "And yes, that's basically what a ProCorps trooper does." Seventy-Two stepped forward, and looked Master Durron in the eye. "I want to, Master Durron," Seventy-Two replied with a smile as she walked around his desk and set it down. The next day, Master Durron tried to re-train Seventy-Two to use the Force like a Jedi. Awhile later, Seventy-Two arrived at her desk wearing her spectacles and earpieces, as well as her ProCorps durasteel chastity belt, corset, and collar underneath her Jedi tunic and pants. "Master Durron, you and Moff Fel agreed that I could wear them to the Embassy if I wanted to, and I like to wear them," Seventy-Two replied politely.

First Meeting

celebrities Selene 2018-08-24

However, I knew that he wouldn't mind if I looked unsteady on my feet - he'd said how he wanted to see me teetering on too-high heels, dressed and painted like a whore, when I came to meet him. Sitting there, displaying myself, my naked cunt, my face and hair dripping cum, my make-up smeary and ruined, knowing I looked every inch the pathetic whore I knew myself to be inside, knowing and seeing that perfect strangers were nudging each other and whispering about me, pitying me, lusting after me perhaps, wondering what had reduced me to the trashy-looking, well-used creature they saw before them, took all my resources.

The Monk Ambrosio Ch. 02

celebrities livinglines 2018-08-13

"My dear Matilda," the lust-demon's voice filled her ears, warming her body with the debauchery it promised, "why not give up your design for this monk?" Matilda's eyes floated closed, her energy growing wild in her body, coursing to where Asmodeus' fingers drew soft patterns on her neck. Do not fail me, or your Master will know of your stupidity," Matilda said, her angry gaze settling into Asmodeus' burning eyes. Matilda faltered in her admiration of the Devil, frowning as her eyes closed, at the very thought of Ambrosio being with another. "I am going to reveal to you, Matilda, why he is not won and what you must do next." Satan clapped his hands together and a small sofa appeared, onto which he reclined, eyeing the young witch with a new idea.

Southern Delights Ch. 02

celebrities SassyGal84 2018-08-08

I found myself seated at the head of the table, with Thales on my right hand, and Gabrielle on my left. I made it a point to say one last 'good night' to all the employees present, then looked around for Gabrielle. She shook her head 'no', then closed her eyes as my fingers returned to the buttons of her blouse. I moved my hand over to her left breast, running my fingers along its underside. Gabrielle gasped as I did so, then moaned as I cupped her breast, caressing it lightly. Gabrielle turned her head, still having a hard time looking at me. When I ran my finger lightly over them, Gabrielle's hands went to my shoulders to support herself.

When I Fall Ch. 03

celebrities Chantal Marchon 2018-08-05

They are fucking bastards and right now I don't want to see them." Ken's face no longer showed the emotional pain that Aya had put him through. I am so easily ordered around by Farfarello and I don't know why I let him.' Most people would never have considered Ken a submissive personality, but then most people did not bother to look below the surface. "I think I want you in a different position." The master removed one of his slave's ankles from its restraint and placed a pillow under his hips. "Look at the gates of hell, slut and know that I could have chosen the metal ones." Ken looked down at his painful erection, surprised to see a series of leather straps fastened together and wrapped around his cock in a tight chain.

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 01

celebrities HandcuffGirl 2018-07-29

Underneath her uniform Seventy-Two was wearing her durasteel ProCorps chastity belt, corset, and collar. Seventy-Two was also allowed to have sex with any of the Jedi if she thought it would help the Empire, and its ally, the Galactic Alliance Chief of State, Natasi Daala. So even without her chastity belt, she had no desire to touch the Empire's pussy outside of her duties as an Imperial ProCorps trooper. The standard color for the collar, chrono, and comlink was also changed from silver to black for all ProCorps troopers that served in high-visibility posts—like the Jedi Temple.

Star Wars: Dark Angel's Embrace

celebrities Wltdnfaded 2018-07-26

Now was the time to imprint his visage on Vader's mind, as his apprentice's one and only friend, his confidant, as his parent and teacher, as his whole reason for existence...raising his hood ever so slightly, Palpatine prepared himself for the final mental caress... Murky and unfamiliar, it slithered across Sidious's mind's eye: Pale tones of ivory flesh, slender hands with tapered fingers snaking down his apprentice's scarred, tube-implanted chest, a caress of lips, a ragged cry, eyes clenched closed and mouth agape with passion, the undeniable rhythm of human coupling, and a brief flash of scarlet hair thrown back in sexual fury and dire need...And when Vader spoke again, a web of want, desire, and doubt spun over Sidious's psyche, and the Emperor wrought his brow in angered bewilderment.

TNG: Phasing into Orgasm Ch. 03

celebrities Sinful G. 2018-07-18

Deanna wanted to scream as the cold cock was pushed inside her; her pussy was stretched to the limit to accept the thick, long rod, but it felt so damn good that she didn't care about the slight pain?. "I..." The incredible sensation of having her husband's cock thrust up her ass for the first time was too overwhelming she couldn't speak and when he slowly pulled back until only the tip of his penis remained in her painfully expanded anus she lost all strength in her arms. Deanna began moaning louder and louder and was enjoying being fucked in her ass more and more as the pain gave away to mind-blowing pleasure as the cock sank deep into her bowels, time after time and the walls of her pussy where rippling along the buzzing toy.

Jedi Stowaway Ch. 03

celebrities Yshomatsu 2018-07-05

It had been a whole standard year since young Achilles had fought for his life against a mighty Sith Lord on the Wookie home world of Kashyyyk. Lord Montagu felt the sudden surge in the Force created by the young boy. The small grin upon Achilles's face gave away the slight tremor in the Force that the Lord would never have noticed otherwise. Both Jedi lunged forward, three sabers descended towards Lord Montagu's pure blooded face. Lord Montagu towered over the crew on the bridge of his star destroyer; desperate to hear any news on the young boy's location. A few moments later, the Lord stood in a dark room before the blue tinted hologram of his Master on the Dark Council, his face covered by his unique hood.

My New Best Friend Ch. 02

celebrities UniqueWWETales 2018-06-13

I let her know I wanted soda since I didn't like drinking alcohol. I loved Nattie, I'd do anything for her, but Alexa was somebody I shared something very special with and I wasn't quite sure what that was. I placed the ball in her mouth, walked behind her, caressed her hair a couple of times and tighten the knot behind her head. If I feel like watching Trish, Nattie or whoever on TV I will be face fucking them in the mouth, not you understood? "Take my cock Trish, take it!" My slaved moaned as the anal plug fucked her ass with vibrating sensations. Alexa, the good friend that she was reached out and hugged me like the first time.

A New Birth of Freedom Ch. 03

celebrities estragon 2018-06-10

"Sounds like Rupie's gone crazy," someone said from the other end of the table (Valerie was thinking so hard that whoever was speaking didn't register). "Valerie," said George Falstaf, just slightly patronizing, "very interesting, but what's that got to do with Delgrasi Publications, Incorporated? We're having dinner with Master and Lady Nadine tonight." Sally was still in bed when Valerie came home. Charles Arthur Jameson Vanquil II ("Chip") was in the middle of his dinner when Valerie and Sally walked into the livingroom. "You know, dear Sally, subs want to try to 'top from the bottom', dictate how their Masters must treat them, make rules beyond their contracts.

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 09

celebrities HandcuffGirl 2018-05-18

Chief Daala called Seventy-Two into her office, and told her that some Jedi, including Kani, would be going to the Empire, to become ProCorps troopers. "Seventy-Two, how do you think Master Durron would react if I put in a display case in my office for the lightsabers the Jedi have turned over to me?" When Ta'tan'ia told him that Kani could be about to leave, he immediately had the Main and Hanger exits to the Jedi Temple secured as well, and and non-human Jedi placed as guards inside all the entrances. Once the affected Jedi were secure in the Detention Center, Kyp went into his office to comm Ben Skywalker, to give him, and Master Skywalker an update.

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 08

celebrities HandcuffGirl 2018-04-13

Cilghal knew that Master Horn was also working with Wedge and Tycho, and Luke, but since Chief Daala's exile agreement forbid Master Skywalker from contacting other Jedi, neither of them mentioned Corran's name. "Master, we should tell Chief Daala about this as well," Ta'tan'ia told him after a moment's thought. "I know, Ta'tan'ia, but Master Cilghal is positive," Kyp replied. "So all this time you've been taking advantage of what you thought was a helpless, brainwashed sex slave?" Ta'tan'ia asked as she stood and strutted around his desk. "Oh, Ta'tan'ia, don't ask DJ if Daala can tell from your tracking collar that you're having sex, okay," Kyp told her as she licked their cum off his dick.

Dracula's Return Ch. 03

celebrities alucardi 2018-03-18

A the girls body underwent the TRANSFORMATION, Gwen slowly pulled her hand out of her cunt with a wet slurping pop and licked the pussy juice from her fingers. "That's a beautiful name for my new fuck pet." Gwen said, reaching back around Maria to cup and knead her breasts while Ayesha kissed and licked her way down to the woman's neatly trimmed muff. Twenty minutes later the lord of the vampires came into the bedroom where Gwen, Mei Lin, Ayesha and Maria were using the strap-on dildoes on each other while the giant Russian removed from fucking all four vampire women in both holes one after another.

Ahsoka's Jedi Training Ch. 01

celebrities Boxtears 2018-03-18

Ahsoka again closed her eyes, eagerly taking her master's leather-clad finger into her mouth, softly enveloping it with her moist lips as Anakin's other hand made its way towards her soft, moist slit. With eyes tightly shut, Ahsoka clenched her teeth against the gloved metal digit as she sensed Anakin's real fingers entering her convulsing nether lips. Her lips parted but before she could even breath, Anakin forced his member into little Ahsoka's mouth, both of his hands pulling her towards him as she gagged and struggled against the overwhelming force of her master's grip. But before Ahsoka had time to consider the meaning of these words, she felt the force of her master's shaft as it spasmed and convulsed in her mouth, filling her with his essence.

The Fortress of Solitude

celebrities Crystal_L_Veey 2018-03-12

In addition, he did use condoms but not for the reason any thinking woman (had they been capable of thought by that time) would imagine. His super powers could easily pin someone against a wall with no physical supports, as he had done to Lex Luther a few times (hardly the same thing), but he was sure women would prefer a method of restraint that they could understand. Superman had been laying on his too-small bed at the boarding house, hands grasped behind his head staring at the ceiling as he let himself think (and tried to dim his super hearing to avoid distraction from all those sexy sounds in the rooms and buildings around him).

Gray Jedi Ch. 01

celebrities auguy86 2018-03-07

Good to see you!" Malik Ran said as the Jedi Master approached. Let me know if you need my presence before the Council," Malik said. A few days later, Malik Ran reported to Master Vokara Che, the chief Jedi Healer of the Order. As the apartment came into view, Malik was shocked by what he saw: Master Windu was fighting the Chancellor, and both had lightsabers! As he looked back, he now saw that the Chancellor was attacking Master Windu with Force Lightning. Feeling a sudden burst of dark power, Malik looked up just in time to see Master Windu being blasted from the apartment window by the Chancellor's Force Lightning.

In the Shadows of Duskwood

celebrities Verynna 2018-03-02

She burst into hearty laughter as she witnessed the male's eyes roll back, his limp body slowly tilting back before falling off the cliff, a sickening crack sounding as it hit the ground. "What brings you here tonight, master?" she whispers breathlessly just as another hand comes to rest on her other hip, making her back arch in delight. As she lay there in the dewy grass, her eyes took in the sight of the male she loved and worshipped so; his ebony hair and beard, enthralling body, and the runic patterns across his skin on his chest and arms. Cirandiel lowered her torso down onto the cool, dewy grass and gasped as she felt the tip of her master's cock brushing against her weeping slit.

Doctor Who: Panic Moon Ch. 30

celebrities Kurokami 2018-02-06

Fiori nodded gently, and without looking away Amy opened her mouth again, closing her eyes as she accepted his cock once more. The woman wielding the crop brought it down again, bringing tears to Amy's eyes as she jerked, desperate to get away from the hot pain that came in its wake. 'Isn't it strange, the places your mind returns to when I give it a pleasure stimulus?' Fiori taunted, the words lost on Amy. She was already gone, drifting on tides of memory... In the darkness backstage, Amy ruefully ran her hands through the short bristles of what remained of her hair, the auburn fuzz that Fiori had allowed her, because he found it pleasant to look at.

A New Birth of Freedom Ch. 01

celebrities estragon 2018-01-16

As soon as Lady Nadine had thrown the backpack on the passenger seat and driven off, Herman called Charles Vanquil. As they sat quietly, Charles with the Rémy Louis Treize and Lady Nadine with her water bottle, she looked down at her tightly folded hands and began. Valerie had taken the doula birthing assistant course the previous January, when Lady Nadine's pregnancy had been confirmed. "I'll just get a few vitals and take a quick look." The assistant following him, a short, stocky woman (Might be fun to play with her, thought Valerie) started taking blood pressure and pulse, and had Lady Nadine give a quick urine specimen as Valerie watched.

Ahsoka's Jedi Training Ch. 02

celebrities Boxtears 2017-12-31

Ahsoka awoke the next morning still naked under her master's arm, his hand lightly fondling her small, supple breasts. At last Anakin released his grip but before little Ahsoka could react, her lithe form was pushed against the wall with her back to her master. As Anakin finally released his seed, he held his padawan tightly, pulling Ahsoka from against the wall and collapsing atop of her down on the floor as her womb quickly filled with his precious essence. There they remained for what seemed like an eternity, locked in a world all their own, their bodies like one as Anakin held Ahsoka firmly, his Jedi robe thick with human sweat and Togruta tears while his hands still clasped the young girl's breasts...

Southern Delights Ch. 03

celebrities SassyGal84 2017-12-25

"Anyway, you're going to need your sleep tonight, because I guarantee you, you won't get any tomorrow night," I said as I scooped Gabrielle into my arms. I think my body couldn't handle more than one cup of that kind of coffee in a day." Helena laughed again as she poured me a cup, and I was reassured by the aroma drifting up towards me. I was later to learn that the household I had inherited kept bags of different types of coffee beans for different parts of the day, and that Helena could have put the best baristas of my world or hers to shame.

Ahsoka saves Barriss

celebrities paularanor 2017-12-17

Boba walked up to the front looking at the Wookie pilot, a close and loyal friend of Ahsoka's Chewbacca, and gave him the coordinates. The final two fighters, the ones who were going after Barriss in this fight were a Zabrak male and Twi'lek female. The Twi'lek glared at Ahsoka as the announcer said, "We know you're not ready for the Action to be over just yet. The Twi'lek smiled as she grabbed Ahsoka's upper lekku pulling her up to her feet and began kneeing her in the stomach. When Ahsoka stood up, the Twi'lek's face was not only a bruised mess, but there was blood coming from her mouth, nose and above her eyes.

Dark Angel's Embrace

celebrities Wltdnfaded 2017-12-05

Now was the time to imprint his visage on Vader's mind, as his apprentice's one and only friend, his confidant, as his parent and teacher, as his whole reason for existence...raising his hood ever so slightly, Palpatine prepared himself for the final mental caress... Murky and unfamiliar, it slithered across Sidious's mind's eye: Pale tones of ivory flesh, slender hands with tapered fingers snaking down his apprentice's scarred, tube-implanted chest, a caress of lips, a ragged cry, eyes clenched closed and mouth agape with passion, the undeniable rhythm of human coupling, and a brief flash of scarlet hair thrown back in sexual fury and dire need...And when Vader spoke again, a web of want, desire, and doubt spun over Sidious's psyche, and the Emperor wrought his brow in angered bewilderment.