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The Phone Call with Lisa Guerrero

celebrities MasturbationSuperstar 2018-12-01

He starts moving his right hand up and down the shaft while he looks at Lisa with an expression of lust and hunger in his eyes. Make me feel how that hand of yours makes you feel." Brad starts playing with Lisa while his penis stands at full attention at seven inches. Lisa takes her left hand and wraps it around Brad's penis and starts stroking. OH MY GOD LISA YES YES." Brad's penis begins to shoot and then pump cum, hitting his thighs, his pants and begins running down the shaft onto Lisa's left hand. Lisa gets out of the car and heads into the building as Brad watches that body and that beautiful ass walk.

L.A. Weather Girls Pt. 01

celebrities MasturbationSuperstar 2018-11-28

KTLA's Liberte Chan and KCBS2/KCAL 9's Evelyn Taft are two of the area's most beautiful weather girls, and they are best friends. While I put on my stroke show for Evelyn and Liberte, both of them start slowly removing their clothes to show off their heavenly bodies to me. Evelyn puts her right hand between her legs and starts playing with her pussy lips and shows me her clit. Evelyn: Do you like how my body looks Brad? Brad: Liberte...Evelyn...you're both beautiful. Liberte takes her right hand off her clit and puts it between Evelyn's legs and starts to play with hers. Evelyn leans her head back and moans as Liberte starts playing. Evelyn leans forward towards Liberte, looks over at me, then smiles.


celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-08-12

I won't be at the station long, then we can have a beer together when I get back and chat," said John as he finished up with the sandwich, handing the plate over to Todd. "Okay, have fun eating your sandwich," John said as the two guys walked back into the livingroom together and Todd plopped himself back down on the couch. I think we should talk about this..." Todd said as he tried to get Marty to tell him more about this mystery guy she was hung up on. "Marty, I think it would help if you told me about these fantasies, get it all off your chest so to speak," said Todd, once again almost forgetting to disguise his voice, considering he was feeling surging desire at the thought of Marty's kinky little fantasies.

Charity Case

celebrities TavernKnight 2018-06-09

Her back arching up almost painfully as she clawed at her breast and she bucked and gasped her way through one of the most intense orgasms of her life, finally ending with a long, drawn out, "Fuck," as her legs slowly released her hand and she collapsed on the seat, fingers still tracing along the sensitive flesh of her pussy, small shudders rippling through her body, watching him come closer and closer to the edge as she stared at her.

Pure, Keen And Nicely Pleasured

celebrities LadyAntebellum 2018-01-06

Hearing her sigh, Rick Castle felt somehow happy, kind of even giddy that she let him know she wasn't too grown up to get tenderly caressed by her old dad. But before he could react on this thought, she grabbed his hand once more and now started to pull it up to her breast. Alexis slowly but straightforwardly pushed his hand down her body till his fingers reached her Venus Mound. This whimpered request of his highly aroused little girl, begging him to touch her, was voiced so freely, so openly, so without any doubts or repulsion, so without any kind of uncertainty that he hardly couldn't deny her what she wanted.

Enjoy it!

celebrities alwayswild 2017-12-28

As he then heard her moving on his bed, he opened up his eyes and watched her taking a pillow while she dragged her fingers through her pussy again. Feeling the pressure that was put on her fingers, his little girl groaned out loud in sexual frustration. Alexis lecherously squirmed on that pillow in her need, now the noises of her fingers in between her sopping pussy lips were all he heard except of her aroused moans. No wonder, had he been sexually aroused by the sight of his little girl getting herself off on a pillow calling him "dad". He focused on his daughter, noticed a deep blush on her cheeks, shiny lips, a beaming smile at him, piercing eyes, radiating sexual heat all over her face.

After The Poker Game

celebrities LadyAntebellum 2017-11-01

Beckett suddenly pressed herself at Alexis's back, sliding her hands up the girl's front, and by reaching her globes, she squeezed them seductively. Alexis, totally engrossed, couldn't react as fast as Beckett expected from her, so the woman set her hands on the girl's waist and pulled her into her body. Hearing the lust-filled order Kate whispered in a throatily passionate tone, Alexis slowly opened her eyes to merge with Beckett's. And it was so hot to see the sexual heat shooting through Alexis's system, her lips shiny, her eyes fixed on her, the sweet little mouth parted to pant in delicious joy every time she hit her clit with the prominent seam of her pants.

She Wants To Feel It!

celebrities LadyAntebellum 2017-10-29

Beckett now knew that the young woman didn't mind and let her right hand slowly sliding down under the edge of her slip and pushed her fingers even further down to Alexis´ crotch. And while she was pushing her fingers down in between Alexis' damp folds, she watched her closely and saw how the girl looked like in her sexual instinct. Beckett grinned and bit Alexis in her earlobe, sucked on it till the girl craned her head, raised her hand to Beckett´s face and arched herself with upright standing nipples right into the direction of Kate´s open mouth. And right this moment the younger woman sensed it, too, how incredibly aroused even Beckett was and when she grunted these words into her ear, Alexis started to buck and to twitch vividly.